INDIANAPOLIS – Adam Frazier’s return from his rehab assignment with Triple-A Indianapolis has not been released, but it might be safe to expect him back fairly soon.

Frazier played the entire game of Indianapolis’ 1-0 win over Charlotte on Wednesday, going 2-for-3 with a walk and stolen base. He started in left field after playing seven innings at second base on Monday.

“I feel pretty good,” Frazier said. “I tried to push it as much as I could and I had some good opportunities today.”

Frazier is recovering from a hamstring injury that has kept him out of the Pirates’ lineup for about two weeks. He feels ready to return to full speed, but nothing has been told to him about if he has another rehab game in his future. He’s more than ready to get back, and the Pirates could use the return of his .306/.370/.449 slash line.

“You kind of feel guilty in a sense because you’re not there for the guys,” Frazier said. “You don’t want to ever be hurt, but you don’t want to let your teammates down either.”

Typically, rehab assignments will include a pair of 7-inning games followed by a pair of 9-inning games. Frazier seems to be on the fast track version, playing one of each so far.

“I’ve only missed a couple of weeks, so I was trying to push it pretty hard with base running before coming here, to get a feel for it,” Frazier said. “I felt better today than I did two days ago. I’m going to do everything I can to get back up there as quickly as possible.”

Frazier singled in his first at-bat and stole second without a throw. He looked good in the outfield, though, he didn’t have to make any non-routine plays. In two rehab games, Frazier is 3-for-6 at the plate.

Indianapolis manager Andy Barkett didn’t have any indication on when Frazier would return to the major leagues, simply noting he would send an email to Pirates manager Clint Hurdle after Wednesday’s game.

“I’m going to tell him that he played nine innings, looked comfortable, swung the bat well and moved well,” Barkett said. “That’s their decision. That’s above my high pay grade.”

Whenever he returns, Frazier will give a boost to an offense that has struggled lately with multiple injuries and other issues keeping players out of the lineup.

“He gives you attack at-bats, attacks on the bases and even attack defensively,” Barkett said. “He plays as hard as he can all of the time and he’s a good player. I think other players feed off of that. He’s looking to steal a base when he gets on base, he’s looking to go from first to third. That’s a sickness that we want infectious over all of our players.”

Frazier looked good in the field and at the plate in his two rehab games against Charlotte. While nothing has been made public, it’s likely he will be returning to Pittsburgh sooner than later, especially considering the boost he could provide an offense that is struggling.

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  1. How long before the article “Are the Pirates Tanking?” Is written you think? Does super 2 matter for relievers? If not there is no reason changes should not be made in the pen. Frazier is ready to return but hasn’t. I guess you can’t justify trading Cole and Cutch with a team that’s competing. Yea they have had a lot of shit luck but, the Bucs personnel,decisions and play have been questionable at best.

    • Um…the struggles for this season are only related to 2017, not beyond. Therefore trading Cutch makes sense, but not anyone else. Would you want to trade Cole and hurt the team for what seems to be a pretty promising team (assuming you have Taillon, Marte, and Kang) along with Meadows, another year of development of Bell, Newman….etc….in 2018? No, of course not. You can’t replace Cole in free agency….he goes nowhere.

      • Short answer: Yes. Trading Cole is the right move, the return would be exponentially better than having Cole for one more year.

        • no… wouldn’t. He hasn’t actually regained the value he lost last year yet, and we NEED him for a run in 2018. None of the parts we would get will be parts that would replace a ace pitcher which is absolutely imperative for a playoff run to go anywhere. If you trade him, you value “value” over winning. I’m a baseball fan, I’m tired of competing, I want to win. It’s been nearly 40 years since our last championship, you can’t trade your best pieces before your young pieces are old enough to reach their potential, you HAVE to keep the guys who become great, long enough to have the other players progress to be good………or else you are perennially hoping for a wildcard spot. Is that what you want?

        • Who cares about the return. We built this team to compete for a championship, not to trade pieces like a baseball card collection. If we can’t compete this year fine, all of these pieces are built to win in 2018 anyways

          • I don’t think the organization said “2018 is our year”. I think they said “2016 is our year”….It is time to do what the good teams now have done and do in every sport…it is a well known sports term called “rebuild”.

            • Uh…..not to be argumentative, but “no, they didn’t”. You don’t rebuild when you have this much talent, you have patience.

              • Not with aging contracts and players signing with Scott Boras. This is no argument but, I wager Cutch, Watson and Cole are all gone by the end of 2017

            • They did nothing do go all in for a championship in 2016. The success that year was actually a surprise, so I would have to disagree with your statement

              • Who was that Left handed pitcher we signed at the trade deadline who became basically our ace? Also didn’t we fill huge hole at third base by signing Aramis Ramirez? Also didn’t we trade Jacoby Jones to sure up our bull pen that year at the deadline? In Pirate world, that is doing something my friend. Too bad we ran into the NL Cy Young award winner again who happened to play in our division. At that point, I believe war room discussions began about rebuilding options (obviously Melancon and Liriano were first on the chopping block). To say the Pirates were just building for 2018 as opposed to 2016 is a bit difficult to justify. I could argue that they are building for 2020 as opposed to 2018 at this point although, if all goes well (which given the shit storm of karma surrounding this team at the moment, I would not count on)The 2018 team could be nice but, now that the “monster” is in the NL central the window has been missed and that window was 2014-2016. Pirates new that, the MLB new that. Not to mention the Brewers have been stock piling insane talent for 4 years now, they are coming as well. All I am saying is we have pieces coming too but, we need more which requires moving guys that will not be around very long or will not re-sign (i.e. Cole, Watson, Cutch). You have to move Cole because he will yield you the most in return. I am sorry, that is just the fact of the matter. This is kind of silly anyway, let us just agree to disagree anyway.

                • I thought you were referring to us coming into 2015 going all-in. I’m not really arguing that we didn’t buy at the deadline, but that’s not what I’m talking about. We didn’t set up that 2015 team to be a championship caliber team, we simply tried to take advantage of the good season we were having towards the end. That is VERY different

                • I’m not going to agree to disagree, because a baseball team’s goal is to win championships, not to trade assets like its the stock market for future gain.

  2. Any update on Newman? Just saw that he was hit in the head with a fastball today and was at the hospital.

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