On the same day Jim Callis posted a new mock draft for MLB Pipeline, Keith Law posted his first mock draft. He has the Pittsburgh Pirates going for prep pitcher Trevor Rogers, a lefty out of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

This is a player we haven’t mentioned here yet. Rogers is very old for a high school player, turning 20 in November. For comparison, a number of prep players will still be 17 on draft day. He has a 6’6″ frame, with plenty of room to fill out at 185 pounds right now. Rogers has rare velocity from a lefty, touching mid-90s, although he works mostly in the low-90s as a starter. He has long arms, deception in his delivery and command of his fastball, which helps it play up. There could be even more velocity in there as he fills out. His slider has potential to be a consistent swing-and-miss pitch, while the changeup needs work.

While Law says that he has the current stuff to be successful, MLB Pipeline believes he has some work to do with his secondary pitches. Prep Baseball Report called him an athletic player with a repeatable delivery and clean mechanics. Rogers is rated 23rd by MLB Pipeline and 28th by Baseball America.

As you can see from the video posted by Baseball America, there seems to be a lot of potential.

For comparison sake between the mock drafts, Law has Florida RHP Alex Faedo going 18th to the Detroit Tigers. Jim Callis had Faedo going to the Pirates in his draft. I could see the Tigers taking him if he slipped that far, but that might be too low for a workhorse college starter with control over a nice three-pitch mix. Some rated Faedo in the top 1-4 spots early this season, so that would be quite a drop for someone who has put up strong starts all season.

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  1. I just want to say one thing. The kid in that video has some very smooth mechanics, especially for a HS lefty. Very clean delivery, little effort and repeats it every pitch that was shown. He is 6’6″ with plenty of room to fill out. Maybe he can add velocity, but at 20, maybe he won’t.
    Now, lets go draft some bats.

  2. Yes, high upside position player is nice. But high upside anything is nice to. Whoever we draft, I’m hoping for high upside. Also, people seem to be forgetting this is a week hitting class and some experts have called it very average overall.

    A run on the few college hitters early would not surprise me, leaving some very high quality arms available at 12. If that’s the case, I WANT A PITCHER, especially if one has dropped like Meadows did a few years back instead of us reaching on a 20-30’s hitter.

  3. The Pirates need high quality, with high upside position players desperately. I sure hope any mock that shows the Pirates taking a pitcher before the third round are wrong…

  4. If he’s available at 42, ok take him, but at 12 they need the best power OF bat available to replace Marte in 3 years or so.

    • I tend to question whether these draft pubs are not dialed into each org’s needs or the position players the bucs could use are lacking in upside at 12 slot. I’ve scratched my head to see all the pitchers and a 1b (picked by 2 separate pubs). The OF from UVA has made the most sense to me so far I’d be curious if his stocking rose or fell since.

    • Very much in agreement with Scott’s take. A power bat of any sort may not be available, but a HS bat with some potential power might be best.
      What is the talent level in N.M. and does Rogers being older affect his performance?

  5. You can’t have enough pitching but that process can leave a system void of impact position players that play every day. The cubs focus on everyday players and augmenting pitching through trades and FA is simply not affordable for the Pirates. That is the true cost of being a small market limited revenue franchise. Draft aside, I think selecting the best bat/position player is Ok with the depth of pitching in the system.

  6. If he was a finished college pitcher at age 20 then sure grab him, but still in HS, you have to ask why is he still there? Maybe he is the next great thing but the age is working against him. They need hitters as the major league club shows a lack thereof.

  7. I don’t like drafting old HS players, especially when they aren’t from a baseball hotbed. He could be 5 years older than the competition. I don’t like Faedo’s delivery. He has the dreaded inverted W. I would like to see a HS bat picked.

    • I think it’s possible because they will most likely be sellers at the deadline. They would have the fifth pick right now, but we are still talking about 126 games left, so a lot can change

    • Why you breakin my heart so soon? Nahhh, you’re probably right Foo. There’s little help this year, no matter what organization or situation when you lose 2 of your top bats…Not saying there weren’t some tweaks and things we could have added even without those knowing about those issues.

      Think we should have traded Cutch now this off-season for that Nats package we were rumored about? How many less wins could it really be right now??

    • That’s realistic. That game last night was really tough to watch. Baseball’s primary goal is to entertain. I don’t find much entertainment with the Pirates this year. Even Hurdle looks like he in “endure” mode. Maybe some can tune out the bigger picture and get excited about development of individual players. That’s sort of like focusing on the quality of the music while the titanic is sinking. I just find them depressing. Whatever plan they’ve been employing for position players is unfolding before our eyes and it’s not appearing to be successful. Their pitching development is out of sync with where they are as a hitting and fielding team. I don’t see the two facets of this team being on the same upswing for a while. If that’s the case, then we aren’t really going to contend for much for a while.

      • And the great thing about this sport is that it can change just that quickly. Hurdle needs to go, regardless.

        Position development? NH keeps claiming MI’s and then trading prospects to get them. Alen Hanson is named the Best Defensive 2B in AAA in 2015 and 2016. Steals 35 bases a year. He has been with the Pirates a combined total of about 3 months and has about 12 starts – extremely well separated so as not to allow any type of familiarity in the lineup.

        Hanson is not well liked by CH. Instead of playing him and trying to develop him more, he has become a steady pinch hitter and pinch runner while CH goes with guys like Gosselin and Moroff? If that is how the Pirates want to play, then just put Hanson on waivers. If not, put CH on waivers.

        • Bucco’s road trip for this year is Detroit then Toronto, I’ve already told the guys if Hurdle is fired by then I’m buying the beer in Detroit.
          I wonder if Hurdle’s stat geeks have a stat on how long he makes it this year.

        • Hurdle should be held accountable for his veteranoisty, favoritism, and lack of fundamental sound baseball that has been played by his team.

  8. However It’s tough to not want some high potential bats for this system. Think drafting of Walker Cutch and Alvarez who by the way amazing to me is in the minors this year.

    • Pedro in minors and hitting terribly too. You’d think he would at least .250 with a bunch of HR. Ohhh Pedro. What can you say.

      • Walker and Cutch are at least in the show batting south of league average however. Never imagined being in a position to say this but JHay’s eating their lunch.

  9. I love lefties with mid nineties stuff if they don’t cut it as starters there is always demand for them as relievers.

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