Gregory Polanco Activated from Disabled List; Danny Ortiz Optioned to Indianapolis

The Pittsburgh Pirates activated outfielder Gregory Polanco from the 10-day disabled list on Thursday morning and he is available for today’s afternoon game in Atlanta, though he isn’t in the starting lineup. Outfielder Danny Ortiz has been optioned back to Indianapolis to make room on the 25-man roster.

Polanco was hitting .252/.336/.370 in 34 games when he went down with a strained left hamstring on May 15th. He missed the minimum amount of time, which is one of the benefits of the new, shorter 10-day disabled list that began this season, as opposed to the 15-day DL in the past.

Ortiz played in all eight games while Polanco was on the DL. He made two starts and went 1-for-12 at the plate. He also had a brief one-game stint in April.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    May 25, 2017 10:51 pm

    A split in a 4 game series salvaged the embarrassment of losing the first two – this should have been 3 out of 4 if not a sweep.

    Cole shows again why he is not an elite pitcher – he struggles for 4 innings against a Freeman-less Braves lineup. He’s a good starting pitcher, sometimes very good, but is seldom dominant. If the Yankees want to give the Pirates 3-4 top prospects for Cole, I’d strongly consider it. Cole can be replaced….we need dynamic position players – especially at SS and 3B.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    May 25, 2017 10:47 pm

    Its becoming more obvious with each game, that the Pirates young players are their best run producers, with Harrison being the one exception. Osuna needs to get more at bats, and Jaso less.

    NH – do the obvious thing…bring up Diaz and get rid of Stewart – he is useless.

  • I still have no idea how they missed on Frazier….especially considering how much higher Hanson was ranked.

    • There is a gap between potential and execution. Hanson has the potential to play higher, but has not shown the execution to play at a higher level. Frazier has hit 300 at every level but one. I’m not sure if anyone missed on him. Doesn’t Frazier fit the mold of the pirates last two First round picks? Newman and Craig. I think they are expecting or hoping for more power out of Craig.

      • They missed on him, plain and simple.

      • I think one of the lessons is that when a player has such a short/simple swing and good command of the strike zone, hitting skills typically translate better from the minors to MLB with less drop off. I think the Meadows story will be similar, but with more power, more speed, and better defense.

  • Things have a way of fixing themselves. But i love speculation anyway. With Harrison, Freese and Frazier all hitting well. I wonder if platooning Cutch and Polanco in RF is in the cards down the road when Marte comes back. Still about 49 games to go in Marte’s suspension, too soon for this speculation, but I was bored. .

    • With 267 PAs, the sample size is getting to the point where it’s becoming statistically useful. I don’t think he’ll finish the season with anything close to a .370 BA or a .958 OPS, but Frazier is definitely looking like someone who has earned a starting job.

      If he continues contributing, the question of who plays where when Marte returns is valid…just as the question of what happens when/if Meadows is ready this season?

      Ironically, Cutch could make this easy on the team by hitting well enough over the next eight weeks to make himself a valuable trade piece…but, if he does, the team is probably winning and won’t have a need to trade him…so, yeah, if Meadows progresses and Frazier continues playing well, this OF is about to become jumbled.

      • I think or wonder if Frazier playing so well will keep Meadows down longer. NH talks about how many PAs Cutch and Marte had between AA and AAA compared to Polanco and now Meadows. Its possible that Meadows might be a Sept call up.

        • I can see that…and Meadows hasn’t lit it up consistently, so that doesn’t help his case either. But he looks like he’s starting to find his grove, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens if he goes on a mid-season tear

    • With Hurdle in the dugout

      • Frazier has a track record of hitting. So I believe Hurdle will use him. Just like Hanson has a negative track record on his back. Hurdle won’t trust Hanson, so he doesn’t play much

    • I was thinking the same thing earlier about Polanco / Cutch platoon. I wrote a few days ago about Frazier. He has earned or is at minimum in midst of earning a starting role. With his on base ability, how can he not be a starter. This Frazier thing reminds me of Freddie Sanchez and J Hay and how they played themselves into every day players despite their nay-sayers.

    • Frazier seems like the baseball Gods giving us a Brock Holt 2.0 and one chance at doing it right this time around…lol