Hard-Throwing 2016 Draft Pick has Tommy John Surgery

Pirates Prospects has learned that right-handed pitcher John Pomeroy had Tommy John surgery and will miss the rest of this season. Pomeroy underwent successful surgery on April 19th. After resting up for nine days, he returned to Pirate City this weekend to begin the rehab process. With the timing of the surgery, Pomeroy likely won’t return to game action until the 2018 GCL season begins in late June.

Pomeroy was the 13th round draft pick in 2016, signing for a $100,000 bonus. He was considered a very raw pitcher, who put in 14.1 innings at Oregon State in 2016, getting limited mound time due to control issues. His appeal was a fastball that sat mid-90s and a big 6’5″, 225 pound frame. He went to Bristol after signing, where he showed the same fastball and control issues, with 19 walks and 18 strikeouts in only 13.2 innings. During the Instructional League, we saw him hit 98 MPH, as the Pirates stretched him out a bit to get him some extra innings.

Pomeroy noted that the arm issues didn’t begin until this spring. He also knows the Pirates have had some successful returns from Tommy John surgery, with players such as Angel Sanchez, Jacob Taylor and Eduardo Vera returning recently with more velocity. He acknowledged that success and noted the hard work he has to put in during his rehab.

“Yes I’ve heard that as well [regarding the successful returns]. I just have to attack my rehab every day and have confidence in myself that I will come back better than ever. There’s no other way.”

We noted numerous times that the Pirates had the most Tommy John surgeries between March 2014 and the end of 2015. They had just one last year though, Nathan Trevillian. He had his almost exactly a year before Pomeroy, so we could finally see him make his first appearance this June/July for the Pirates since being drafted in 2015. Pomeroy is the first Pirate since Trevillian to have TJ surgery.

Another mid-round 2016 draft pick has been out since the start of Spring Training. Right-handed pitcher Adam Oller, who was taken in the 20th round out of Northwestern, had a shoulder impingement, which happened on the first day of Spring Training. Oller also pitched at Bristol last year, where he had some success, albeit as a college pitcher in a rookie league. He put up an impressive 46:9 SO/BB ratio in 54.2 innings. He also pitched in the Fall Instructional League, so Oller ended up putting in a lot of innings last year between Bristol, the FIL and 109.2 in college.

According to Oller, he has been throwing for the last couple weeks and he will get on the mound for the first time this week, so this is a bit of good news in the wake of Pomeroy’s surgery.

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Kevin P

Wasn’t this the kid with the very violent delivery who looked like he was asking for TJS? Strangely this could be the best thing that happened to the kid. He will have all the time to tear apart his whole motion and delivery and rebuild it from the ground up. He would have never been consistent enough to make it doing what he was. Now he has a chance.


Just when I thought they made it through April without a tjs!!!


but at least it is not a Top 30 prospect for once.

Matthew R

Just curious — is there a particular reason why the club might not be forthcoming about a Tommy John surgery in the organization that would warrant the news being delayed nearly two weeks?

And perhaps more importantly, is there a precedent for a pitcher with command problems getting the surgery but able to improve his control issues after returning?


Any update on Kingham’s return from the DL?

William R. Maloni Sr

Franchise just should schedule all of their young pitchers for this process, meaning only a few won’t need it!!

Who did the Bucs pick first when the Yankees drafted thri RF who has 10HRs??? Ditto Machado?

See where I am headed with this?


No, where are you heading? Seems to be a place that makes no sense.

Robert J

Judge was the last pick of the first round, out of college. You should get on every team about it. Oh – Many in baseball like that Meadows guy we picked a few slots ahead of him.

Taillon is starting to look like a top of rotation guy, if not an Ace.

You sound like a real idiot when you say stuff like this.



I wanted them to pick machado especially hope by that he could stick at SS. But the kid had some ARod potential with the bat too. Huntington has still said that he would have picked taillon over Harper. He was wrong then and he is still wrong today but it’s tough not to be happy about taillon.


Is it a coincidence that your last name rhymes with “baloney”? Please, this world has enough second-guessers with wonderful 20/20 hindsight.


I think Jameson Taillon is the answer for Machado, Are you saying the Pirates have been unable to identify power hitters and/or unwilling to draft power hitters? That the Pirates have been unable to develop power?


Let’s hope….I REALLY wanted Machado at the time, but I hope JT’s time has finally come.

But give me the everyday good player, uh, every day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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