The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that Jameson Taillon underwent surgery this morning at Allegheny General Hospital for suspected testicular cancer.

Taillon alerted the Pirates’ medical staff of an abnormality, then consulted with Dr. John C Lyne over the weekend. Dr. Lyne performed the surgery this morning. Neal Huntington issued the following statement:

“Jameson has again proven to us what a strong person he is by the way in which he has reacted to this development. We are appreciative of Dr. Lyne and the staff at Allegheny General Hospital for their invaluable expertise and efforts in caring for Jameson,” said Huntington. “We have told Jameson that our only priority is his health and well-being. His teammates, our coaches, baseball staff and entire organization will support him in his recovery in every possible way and we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.”

The recommended treatment plan is pending further testing. The Pirates will have an update on Taillon’s return to playing time “as appropriate.”

We here at Pirates Prospects wish Jameson a full and speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Taillon issued the following statement on Twitter:

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  1. Hope for a full recovery for him as a person first, baseball second. On the baseball front, Doug Fister might not be a terrible choice given our SP right now…

  2. Sad news for JT – but, I also hope and pray he beats this thing – regardless of his baseball future. He’s a fine young man.

  3. Sending Prayers to a full recovery to Jameson! Wish nothing but the best to him and hope he comes back( when its appropriate) stronger than ever!

  4. John Kruk battled this, supposedly after a lbs errant throw to first broke his cup. It was towards the end of his career and he played another year before retiring. Maybe Kruk, a West Virginian, will reach out the talllon. Prayers and best wishes for Jameson.

  5. If he nevers throws another pitch what matters most is he comes out of this healthy. Stay strong JT.

  6. This also makes me wonder how Andrew Lambo is doing? Haven’t heard anything about him.

    Update: Just checked and Lambo is playing at AAA. That’s awesome. He was able to get back to playing in less than a year.

  7. Man, the kid can’t catch a break. It seems they caught it early, so hopefully he’ll make as quick a recovery as possible. But no matter how early it’s caught, cancer treatment sucks. I feel bad for him.

  8. Praying for you Taillon. So much skill, so much hard work and he can’t catch a break. hopefully since he has spent so much time with doctors in the past few years, this is part of them catching this early!!!

    • His break might be catching this early. Perhaps someone who’s not expected to perform at an elite level or doesn’t have easy access to trainers and doctors wouldn’t catch something like this until it became much more serious. (Not that this isn’t already very serious.)

  9. Seems like such a great guy. Let’s just hope he goes on to live a long and happy life.

  10. Prayers to you, Jameson… Hoping for a speedy recovery and a clean bill of health for you going forward

    • And in much, MUCH less important news… 2017… Man, what a friggin year for the PBC so far.

  11. As a fan of the Pirates, I’m extremely disappointed in this development. As a human being, I’m hopeful JT will receive the care needed for him to live a cancer free life for many decades to come.

  12. As shocking is this is for us fans, can only imagine the shock that JT experienced when he was told this news. Praying for him and hope he recovers quickly.

    • Seriously. I’m an old Jets fan and this is worse than Chad Pennington. I just hope he never has a Dave Dravecky moment.

      God bless Mr. Taillon. He is truly made of the right stuff.

      fwiw, I had a friend who had this in his early 30s. He’s now 62, retired and living a fine life.

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