Updated Top 200 Draft Prospects from Baseball America

Baseball America posted an updated top 200 draft prospects list on Wednesday afternoon. With the draft just 18 days away right now, I wanted to look at two names we haven’t mentioned here yet.

BA has Virginia outfielder Adam Haseley rated 12th overall. They have also had him going to the Pittsburgh Pirates in a mock draft, plus D1 Baseball noted that the Pirates are interested in a college bat and they would have a tough time passing on Haseley if he dropped to them. So we have covered the player who lines up with the first pick for the Pirates, but there are two players just below him who are getting a lot of attention recently.

Sam Carlson is a 6’4″, right-handed pitcher out of high school in Minnesota who has really made a lot of noise recently. He has shown a nice uptick in his velocity this season, going from 90-91 last year, to 91-95, touching 96 MPH this year. He also has a changeup with plus potential, which would be intriguing to the Pirates (who love 6’4″ righties to begin with). BA notes in this article that he’s been throwing the changeup since he was 12 years old, so he has a nice feel for the pitch. Carlson also has a nice breaking that rates as a 55 according to MLB Pipeline, and BA also gives it a strong grade. He shows solid control of all three pitches already.

When the Pirates signed high school pitchers Braeden Ogle, Max Kranick and Travis MacGregor last year, they all had something in common. Each one of them began throwing their breaking ball much later than normal, concentrating more on fastball command and their changeup. Carlson did the same thing, waiting until he was 15 before he threw his breaking ball to help wear and tear on a developing arm. The fact that he checks all of the boxes they like, could make him someone they are interested in with that 12th pick…if he gets to them.

Here is a video from Perfect Game:

I also wanted to touch on the player just below Carlson on that list because he’s been close to that 12th overall pick of the Pirates a lot recently. David Peterson is a lefty from Oregon, who is a large human at 6’6″, 240 pounds. Out of high school, he was drafted in the 28th round, but he was listed as a top 100 prospect. He was raw back then and decided to go to college, where he has really blossomed.

Peterson has excellent control over a fastball that sits 89-94 MPH, with a slider that is above average and a changeup that is also above average, giving him a nice three-pitch mix, with the ability to throw strikes. Late last month, he struck out 20 batters against Arizona State. He’s also a high ground ball pitcher, so you could see why he would be appealing. You would basically be getting an advanced workhorse lefty, who shouldn’t need a lot of time in the minors.

Here is a video from Baseball America:

  • meatygettingsaucy
    May 25, 2017 9:53 pm

    I could get on board with someone like Jordan Adell or Austin Beck at #12 but doubt they’re going to drop. Not a big fan of the college bats. Faedo would be interesting at that spot because he’s not an ace but looks like he could be a staple in a rotation as a #2-3 starter. As for high school pitching, either Baz (hard sign) or Carlson would be great.

    Should be interesting over the next few weeks to see how things shape up.

  • I’ll pass on a high school pitcher from Minnesota that high in the draft. Some of those hitters couldn’t make a JV team in CA, TX, GA, or FL.

    • How about the hitters from Iowa where Mitch Keller was a HS pitcher in 2014? Carlson has three near plus pitches that he commands well and he is still in HS? I think we have to be all over HS talent with the No. 12 pick. We just do not promote quickly enough for the Pirates to seek a college bat, and they have absolutely no need for 21/22 year old college pitchers.

  • BallHeadWonder
    May 25, 2017 3:22 pm

    Hey John, are there any Wish List kids that are Top 5-7 that MAY fall to us at 12??

    • John Dreker
      May 25, 2017 4:38 pm

      I don’t think so right now, although that did already happen with Jeren Kendall, who didn’t look like a possibility for the Pirates before April, but now they might pass on him.

      It seems like everyone in the top ten on that BA list, should go in the top ten. It rarely ever works out like that, but I don’t see anyone who I’d confidently say could be available. I may have said Alex Faedo, the Florida starter, but he just had a great outing in front of a packed house of scouts.

      It honestly seems like there is a top 11, then a bunch of players who could go #12. Like I said though, it almost never works out like that and someone unexpected will fall a few spots, possibly a HS kid due to bonus demands like Daz Cameron in 2015. There was zero chance he would slip to the Pirates, then he went well below their pick into the comp round because he had a ridiculous bonus demand.

  • Can’t have enough pitching but the Bucs need to focus on offense as well. How many Bucs will still be a Pirate in 4 to 5 years? Meadows, Bell, Tallion, Glasnow, Keller. The point is you draft the best player but if a very good hitter is there take him.

  • I really like Adam Haseley. That is the pick I’m hoping for. The Bucs have been pretty good at finding pitching in the later rounds. Lets go with the college bat with good contact numbers. Hiura is my second choice. Just say “no” to the whiff machine Kendall.

  • Haseley to me feels like a safe, if not uninspired pick at 12 with the risk of being a bit of a tweener; not quite good enough defense in center, not quite good enough power to stand out in a corner.

    Despite the injury, Keston Hiura would be the guy that seems likely to be available and fit the college bat profile that has the most chance to be special. Love that bat at 2B.

    The more interesting part of the draft this year looks to be how the club will manage their draft pool, which should give them plenty of flexibility after R1.

    • I agree about Haseley. Frankly, I don’t see him as anything more than a
      #4 outfielder. I hope they are at least considering Heliot Ramos (HS OF)
      and Trevor Rogers (HS LHP). Granted their floors are probably lower than
      Haseley’s but I believe their ceilings are considerably higher.

  • petersen is what he is , concern about velo when he has to pitch every 5 days and his stuff looks average. like the kid from minnesota way more upside than petersen,also looks more athletic.