Cole Tucker Out with Fractured Right Thumb

Shortstop Cole Tucker has been placed on the 7-day disabled list with a fractured right thumb. As mentioned in our Prospect Watch from last night, Tucker jammed his thumb during Friday night’s game and then was a late scratch from last night’s game.

Back in his rookie season, Tucker had surgery on his left thumb due to a torn ulnar collateral ligament, which caused him to miss the Fall Instructional League that year. This current injury was on his right thumb.

Tucker is hitting .271/.359/.420 in 51 games this year. He leads the league with 27 stolen bases.

While the Pirates have not given any possible return date, a quick check on the internet says that a simple fracture of the thumb requires a cast to be worn for 3-6 weeks before returning to normal activities. Since baseball isn’t a normal activity, that means Tucker could be out for a significant portion of the remaining schedule. The Bradenton regular season wraps up on September 3rd. We will post an update once we have a better estimate of the time he will miss.

Expect Alfredo Reyes to receive the majority of the playing time at shortstop for the Marauders. Both Stephen Alemais and Adrian Valerio are on the DL for West Virginia, so I wouldn’t expect either of them to be an option any time soon, and no other player with the Power would be a good fit at shortstop in High-A.

  • derailing the season that could have moved him ahead of newman on the org chart……must be so frustrating for him

  • He’s the Pirates version of the Steelers Senquez Golson, a new major injury every year! (Never liked the choice to begin with.)

  • Talk about bad luck? Last year when the Cubs had a starting five make about 95% of their scheduled starts, the Pirates had a flood of starting pitchers due to injuries and inconsistency. This year it’s position players not showing up for work, starting with McCutchen and including Polanco, Marte and Kang. Those four are just the heart of the Pirates offense, so yes, big deal. It’s why we are in last place at the moment.

    Now Tucker joins the list? Bad luck!

    • Cutch has showed up to work this year. Not fair to lump him in w Kang, Marte & Polanco. He wasn’t good for first 7 weeks, but it appears he has found his timing again. I say look out NL, Cutch is back and he’s swinging his bat with bad intentions!

  • Well, I guess if he can get back by early August he could still pick up 60-70 AB in AA this season and then go to Arizona. Nice that he was averaging 4.69 PA a game batting leadoff for a great hitting team so he already got 239 times up this year. 543 PA at High A the last two. I was looking forward to the Pirates getting a SS to AA before his 21st birthday. Just keep the one named Meadows healthy. He may be the most exciting thing that happens this season other than Taillon coming back.

  • Just when you think you have a strength and don’t need a position you find out it’s not exactly that.
    This was supposed to be the dream outfield and our minors overflowing with ss talent… mmmurp. No, sorry.
    Draft those outfielders and ss prospects all day.

  • My question is whether it occurred because of a headfirst slide. With every ballplayer that misses time because of a headfirst hand injury, I cuss Pete Rose for popularizing that method.

    • John Dreker
      June 4, 2017 4:36 pm

      Tucker does slide headfirst, which isn’t allowed at the lowest levels of the system

  • piraterican21
    June 4, 2017 1:52 pm

    €£#%€¥$&@, excused my language

    • piraterican21
      June 4, 2017 3:00 pm

      Is the AFL an option?

      • John Dreker
        June 4, 2017 4:33 pm

        He can make up playing time in the Fall Instructional League and the AFL, although I think both were strong options before the injury, so it wouldn’t really be extra time.

        There is no word on his return time, so right now it’s just speculation. I looked up baseball injuries and return times from a fractured thumb. There are other variables that would ultimately factor in and that’s severity and the possibility of multiple fractures.

  • That stinks! Tucker’s had a rough time with injuries. Hope it heals well so as not to affect his grip on the ball or bat.

  • I simply cannot believe how unlucky we are this season.

  • Incredibly unlucky. Silver lining is he showed enough at Bradenton that he should get a push to AA next year despite missed development time.

    • The bat has been better than expected and he is fielding at SS at a .971 fielding percentage – only 6 errors in over 200 Chances. For comparison, Newman at AA has 4 errors in 185 Chances, and Moroff has 9 errors in 129 Chances. Still only 20 and the level of competition does not faze him.

      Definitely has done enough at Hi A already to earn his promotion to AA either late this year or out of ST 2018. He has proven himself to be the real deal.

  • So much for the pressure to promote Newman so that everyone behind him can move up – there is no one behind him now.
    It’s weird as if they are picking them off one at a time, working from low A on up.

  • The only luck the Pirates have is BAD. No way he moves up this year.

    • Awful year for short stops. Alamais, Valerie, and Tucker all dealt with major injuries, and Newman hasn’t hit.

  • The SS line didn’t seem to be moving anyways