The Pittsburgh Pirates announced on Thursday morning that they have placed catcher Francisco  Cervelli on the 7-day disabled list for concussion-related symptoms. Cervelli was originally placed on the disabled list on June 7th for a concussion and spent the minimum amount of time on the DL, getting activated on the 14th. Since returning, he has played just three games, last seeing action on the 19th.

Jacob Stallings was sent down just four days ago, but is eligible to return from Indianapolis due to the DL trip for Cervelli. Usually players have to wait ten days before they can be recalled, but that doesn’t apply to replacing players placed on the DL. The Pirates have yet to name Cervelli’s replacement, so it may not be Stallings. We will update this post when they make a corresponding move.

UPDATE 12:20 PM: The Pirates made the move official, recalling Jacob Stallings to take the place of Cervelli.

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  1. Such a shame what a mess this team is right now. Many problem, perhaps the biggest is this abysmal bullpen. Just a terrible job by NH.

    • Really? He’s done a terrible job? Yes, he should have had a back up 3 and 4 hitter…and why didn’t he check JaMos testies in spring training himself? Don’t forget he traded for that awful Rivero last year and just gave away Melancon for him! I just can’t stand the guy either, horrible job. Terrible contract for Nova too.

  2. I understood that with Cervelli not being completely healthy and a possible scratch at any moment – like he has been a few times this year – the need for three catchers on the roster.
    But after they removed the uncertainty of Cervelli, why would they still need three. This seems to imply that Stewart can’t be physically counted on to be a back up at the moment. If that is true, he should go on the DL too.

    • With Moroff already on the active roster why would we need another MI like Bostick who is being used at AAA more as a LF? Frankly, when Mercer needs a break it makes no sense to have anyone other than Ngoepe playing SS. Defense has to be the top priority for this team and that spells Ngoepe.

      The Pirates have started to hit their stride and can become competitive in the NL Central or not. This lineup seems to be working and they have to put in a little overtime if this team stands any chance to make the playoffs.

      • Nice exhibition of senseless and selfish baseball by Harrison being thrown out trying to steal 3B with Bell up and only 1 out, and trailing 3-2 in the 6th. Just hard to figure how a guy with his experience risks that in the first place with Bell and then Diaz to follow. All about him.

  3. I could understand carrying 3 catchers in the way the Cubs did last year. Where Contreras can play OF and Castillo isn’t a black hole as a pinch hitter. But Stallings and Stewart offer nothing with regards to position flexibility nor hitting ability.

      • uggggh that makes no sense. Play DIAZ!!!!!!!! He’s only batting ~.300 and has been gunning out runners. But nooooo lets keep playing Stewart and use Diaz as a pinch hitter.
        Sorry, I’m just still on edge from losing MAF last night followed by the blind umpire we had lol

        • Preaching to the choir my friend as far as the catcher and ump situations go. As for Fleury I am not as concerned about being a Capitals fan.

          • ouch…you cut me ajax…you cut me deep man. And after I just said this guy gets it. You get NOTHING lol

            • Ha I do understand why it is difficult to see a guy like that go. In many ways he marked the beginning of the franchise turnaround for them. Plus he seems like the nicest human being ever.

        • Why are you on edge from losing MAF? Murray is the better goalie, the Pens now have almost $20MM in cap space, and we knew they was going down for months.

          • Because there’s more to being a fan then just wins and losses. MAF was a great player for the team and great person. Of course we all knew it was going to happen but it doesn’t change the fact that he was a fan favorite. Just like it’ll be a sad day when Cutch is gone.

            • I guess being a displaced Yinzers living elsewhere for the past 20 years makes me less attached to individual players. MAF was a great guy and teammate but the series against the Flyers, and the choke jobs against the Rangers and Canadiens soured me on his play a bit.

        • Diaz will take the lion share of the catching duties…it just highlights how fast the outfield depth evaporated in the last 3 years. Should have been able to bring up an outfield bat.

        • Win the first two games of an important series and then put Stewart in the lineup for game three. Thanks Clint.

    • Saw on BD that Cervelli’s locker had been cleaned out and #58 (Stallings) has replaced it. Reported by Nesbitt per BD.
      Are 7 day DLs retro like the 10 day?

      • Yes but I don’t think that is going to matter they mentioned last night this “illness” had been bothering him since the end of May so I would bet he misses more than 7 days.

        • That “illness” thing is confusing. Concussions are not an illness (at least I wouldn’t think so) and Cervelli mentioned he’s had them and knows when he’s over them.
          I’m sure to be corrected, but concussions can’t go beyond 7 days, can they? And if his “illness” has been ongoing since the end of May, shouldn’t he have been on the 10 day DL?
          btw….not directed at you, just asking and commenting in general.

          • Concussion symptoms can last for much longer than 7 days. They can start to disappear and then rear their head again. So they could have thought they were treating who knows what…and turned out it was back to the concussion again. It makes me cringe when players say they know what a concussion for them is. Every concussion can be different, or maybe just 1 has different symptoms. You just can’t put a finger on them.

            • like minds…
              It is also important to add that the player takes them seriously and reports all symptoms. Athletes are so ultra-competitive that they don’t always do what is good for themselves don’t try to return too quickly. I think Cervelli is one of those types and is really trying to prove he can be that guy – something he wasn’t able to do in New York.

          • You can suffer from concussions for an almost indefinite time. (Crosby suffered through his for almost a year.) Sometimes they appear to be gone and recur with exercise stress.

          • Thanks for the replies. My reference for concussions not going beyond 7 days referred to the 7 day DL. I muffed that.

            With his concussion history, paticularly this time, should Cervelli consider a Jaso like decision to quit castching.

            • I think he has to retire if that’s the route he goes. Jaso at least had a bat. Now, it’s a bat many people in Pittsburgh don’t like…but still.He will get on base at an above avg MLB level when he’s on.

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