Monday Mock Drafts: Final Mock Drafts for Pirates Offer Many Possibilities

We are expecting numerous mock drafts over the course of the day leading up to the 7:00 PM draft tonight. Check today’s Morning Report for full details on the draft and upcoming coverage. Any new mock drafts that come up today will be posted in this running article and we will update the title each time one is added. I’ll also add any rumors that may come up over the day.

Baseball America updated their last mock draft with some tweaks and a new name getting buzz for the Pirates. I try to cover every possible name here during our coverage and with an earlier pick this year, many of the same names kept popping up for the Pirates. BA went with prep first baseman Nick Pratto with their pick for the Pirates in this mock draft, but they say there is buzz connecting the Pirates to Texas prep outfielder Tristen Lutz. He is someone who I haven’t mentioned yet because I haven’t seen his name near the Pirates. He’s usually in the late first round. Pratto has been mentioned often here as the top high school bat in this draft, who is also an outstanding defensive first baseman.

Lutz is playing center field right now. He projects as a right fielder due to average speed now, which could drop a tick as he fills out his 6’3″, 210 pound frame even more. He turns 19 in August, so that is high end for what you like to see from a high school pick. Most are turning 18 during their senior year and many are still 17 today, as they sit around waiting to hear their name called in the draft. Lutz’s bat fits the profile of the Pirates. He’s a contact hitter who uses the entire field with an advanced approach at the plate. He also has some pop in his bat, though they aren’t projecting 20+ homers a year at this point. He’s going to get on base, add some extra-base power and play a strong right field with an above average arm.

He would be a reach with the 12th pick, but the Pirates have never been afraid to think of their own and go for the player they like, so I could see them interested in a late first round pick at the 12th spot. I’d say that if they do pick him, they see him sticking in center field, even if he actually doesn’t play the spot down the line. There are a lot of players ahead of him with better projections, but they might see more in Lutz than everyone else.

Keith Law also posted his updated mock draft, which means we may not see a lot of new ones throughout the day, but we will be looking for them regardless. He has them going for projectable left-handed prep pitcher Trevor Rogers out of New Mexico. His biggest drawback is that he is a high school pitcher who turns 20 in November, making him nine months older than Lutz. He’s 6’6″ and touches mid-90s, but he has plenty of room to fill out still. His secondary pitches are all average, but he does show some decent control and he is all about projection.

Law also mentioned Shane Baz, Jeren Kendall and JB Bukauskas as possibilities for the Pirates from what he has heard. Bukauskas has just recently been a possibility due to one poor start in his last game, but while the results were bad, the stuff was still strong, showing his plus fastball/slider combo.

10:18 AM: I wanted to add in about Lutz that Prep Baseball Report has him rated 35th just among high school players. That’s all they cover, so they know Lutz well and their scouting report is almost dead on with MLB Pipeline, who has him rated 34th in the entire draft class. They are the highest on him, but Keith Law and Baseball America are very close, with all three putting him in the top 40.

Dueling Mock Drafts from Mayo and Callis

Both Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis provided mock drafts for MLB Pipeline. They also mentioned that they are going to do one final mock draft later today as they continue to search for information prior to the draft. Nothing new here from them like BA has with Lutz out of the blue.

Callis has them going with toolsy Vanderbilt center fielder Jeren Kendall, while Mayo has them taking Shane Baz if he falls to them. They also mention Trevor Rogers as a possibility, as well as Bukauskas if he falls and Florida starter Alex Faedo, who hasn’t lived up to the hype that had him #1 in this class early in the year for some people. Faedo has been all over the place recently in mock drafts, so it’s tough to get a feel for what his somewhat disappointing year (in the sense that he didn’t live up to the #1 hype) did to his draft stock. They have him going 10th and 17th in these mocks. I’ve seen higher and lower recently.

If you’re keeping track, it’s Shane Baz, Nick Pratto, Jeren Kendall and Trevor Rogers so far in the mock drafts. Basically, the players we have mentioned a lot over the year. Lutz is the only name who hasn’t been connected to the Pirates. Bukauskas and Faedo went to them in earlier drafts.

UPDATE: 10:50 AM: Very minor notes here for the second/third day watch, but the Pirates have scouted Forest HS heavily in Florida, where they have two noteworthy picks in the draft. Florida is always a loaded state for talent, so don’t let the rankings scare you here. Right-handed pitcher Hunter McMullen, who ranks 60th in the state and outfielder Andrew Eyster, who ranks 122nd, have both been scouted heavily by the Pirates. McMullen throws low-90s with a slider that has late life in the mid-70s. Eyster has a 6’3″ with room to fill out. He’s athletic, with a quick bat and solid approach.

UPDATE 5:35 PM: Eric Longerhagen, who has covered the draft for numerous years, posts his final mock draft over at Fangraphs. He has the Pirates taking Georgia prep lefty DL Hall. I’ve heard this name for the Pirates before and I just don’t see it. If the Pirates are going to go with a prep pitcher at this spot, I can’t see it being one with a 6’0″ frame, who doesn’t possess velocity or secondary pitches that blow you away. He mentions that he’s heard Jeren Kendall or JB Bukauskas here if either slips, but they didn’t in his mock draft.

5:55 PM: Expect final mocks from MLB Pipeline and Baseball America very soon.

Final Mock Drafts

John Manuel at Baseball America posted his final mock draft and he is sticking with Nick Pratto as the pick for the Pirates. He has Shane Baz, Jeren Kendall and Jordon Adell all being passed over for Pratto.

Just waiting on the last MLB Pipeline update that they promised this morning…and it’s in. Both Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis are going with Shane Baz for the Pirates. Callis had Kendall in the earlier mock, but now both of them have Kendall going to the Tigers with the 18th pick.




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Crap I wanted Burger bummer love the bat. Oh well pick the HS pitcher and hope for the best.


DL Hall again? I just don’t see what’s so appealing.


so is this another tony sanchez situation? lol

Daniel D

Could it be?

Hello from the other side……..

Daniel D

Anybody have any idea what that means? Perhaps it will make more sense at 8:15 PM tonight.

Daniel D

Draft composite

12. Pirates: 1B Nick Pratto (Manuel); LHP Trevor Rogers (Law); RHP Shane Baz (Callis); OF Jeren Kendall (Mayo)

All over the map.

Daniel D

If I read it correctly, Callis/Mayo have either Beck or Adell being available at 12. Wonder why the Pirates are never connected to Adell??
BA has Adell falling to 14…
Also, Rays supposedly taking Bubba Thompson at #4 could have the knock-on effect of making Haseley or Beck available for the Pirates at 12.


Do you think players ask teams different teams for different bonus amounts? Ex. player A tells the Cubs 1m and Pirates 2m.


Is Adell rumored to have a high asking price, or one of the other guys?

Pratto is a good pick at #12 because he has the ability to be a corner OF/1B which helps his stock.

Keston Hiura? I thought he would be a safe chance to get at #12 .

Jake Burger had a shot at the limelight and went 1 for 7 with 2 K’s against TCU. Maybe a possibility at 2 or 3 times 12 – somewhere between 24 and 36. Keep an eye on Eierman for 2018.


There’s going to be a fair amount of outrage about who the Pirates select without knowing anyone’s asking price which is a little ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is in about 6 hours I’m going to forget this post and make a full judgment on the Bucs selection without a clue as to what any of these high school/prep players are asking for.

Daniel D

Keston Hiura gone at #5 !!! Both Callis and Mayo have him going to the Braves at #5 . This is the first mock that I’ve seen that has Hiura gone before 12.

Joseph Willis

When you say average secondary pitches, does that mean average for a kid drafted this year or average major league offering already?

joe s

Lutz and the other two who are old for the draft class are perfect Pirate targets, Why, you might ask, because they will come in at less then slot. Why not take Pratto or Baz? They may want more then slot to sign, so instead of bending a little and giving more to get the better prospect, they will chose a lesser prospect. Typical Pirate bullshit. Anyone remember Sanchez didn’t he go one to be a 5 time MVP or did he never make it? Lets hope they take the best available player when it comes their turn to pick.

Paul Rutledge

So now are you going to eat crow since they took Baz or just stick to your Mark Madden rasslin’ narrative?

Scott K

I highly doubt whomever they select will be viewed by you as the “best available player.”

Adam Y

This is a rediculous comment. They’ll spend all that they are “allowed” to spend, based on MLB rules. You found a guy that was drafted 8 years ago and make your case based on that pick?

joe s

Let’s see who they take. If they don’t take the best available player then it is a mistake and one they made previously. So they spend all their allotted money. Great but why not use it on the consensus best players? Do you really think they know more than anyone else?

Adam Y

Yes, I really think they know more.


Maybe the best player available to them is someone who John mayo didn’t rank that high? There is probably a reason why he doesn’t do this for a professional team.


I wonder what your drivel would be had the Pirates managed to sign Mark Appel. He was a “consensus top pick”, 2 years in a row actually. He’s pitching to the tune of 5.65 ERA in AAA, carrying a 5.8 K/9 and 5.7 BB/9. But I bet you’d applaud the Pirates for “drafting the best player”. They went after the guy with a high bonus price tag, over slot.

No, no. You wouldn’t, you’d use it as a knock on how terrible the Pirates scouting is.

Bill Harvey

Since you bring up Appel, if the Pirates had even so much as made a phone call to Boras, they would have known not to draft him and they could have taken Lucas Giolitto, or David Dahl, whom they already had a deal worked out with.


So, you prefer signability?

Bill Harvey

Lucas Giolitto was not a “signability” pick. David Dahl they had a pre-draft deal with. Either one would have been better than Appel. And either one was better than Appel at the time, that is my opinion, not industry consensus. It’s not a signability issue, it’s a talent issue.

Eric Marshall

Who is the best available player wiseguy? That seems to differ all over the place based on who you read. Also differs based on need and profile. Forget citing Sanchez and Moskos… try to be more current with your negative drivel.

Kerry Writtenhouse

It’s funny how you cite one draft where they did that as planned. But yet, no mention of paying out record bonuses for other rounds. Do you ever get tired from moving the goal posts to suit your argument?


Last year’s pick of Craig, when Devin Perez was available, is another example – as were the picks of Connor Joe and Cole Tucker – all reaches. Not surprisingly, a competent baseball team quickly grabbed Perez, after the Pirates blinked and passed on him. Perez is already a top 100 prospect, and he’s only 18/19….

Adam Y

Perez also failed a drug test leading up to the draft. Let’s see if he keeps his nose clean. He would’ve likely been gone well before either the Pirates or Cards picked, so clearly some teams, in addition to our Buccos (potentially), passed because of risk. You’ve made it clear that you don’t like Craig, but I think you would agree that he’s likely to see the major leagues. Maybe not as an impact talent that you hope for from a 1st round pick, but pretty safe.

Cole Tucker is probable rated higher than many of the players you were hoping the Pirates would take. I haven’t done the research, but I would if you ask nicely.


I cant argue the Craig and Joe picks. But Tucker was rumored to be going earlier than projected. Unless Joe becomes the second coming of Keith Hernandez, I hate that pick.

joe s

No. Let’s see if they reach like they have done in the past. If they don’t you are right. Paying larger bonuses to lesser prospects is absurd to me. Thanks for engaging.

Kerry Writtenhouse

Once again you cite one instance, and a plan was in place. They spend the money they can. The fact they gave josh bell 5 million as a second rounder is the reason they changed the draft. Just because their scouting don’t jive with yours doesn’t mean they’re reaching for a pick. I have a sneaking suspicion they watch these guys more than you or I.


Shhhhhhhhhh. Narrative

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