Pirates Activate Antonio Bastardo from Disabled List

The Pittsburgh Pirates have activated left-handed pitcher Antonio Bastardo from the disabled list. As we reported last night, Jacob Stallings was optioned to Indianapolis to make room on the 25-man roster.

Bastardo was shutdown on April 25th and placed on the disabled list. He immediately went to Pirate City and began to work on making some adjustments. He stayed there for over a month and began pitching in Extended Spring Training games after the first couple weeks. On May 27th, he was sent Indianapolis, where he made 12 appearances, posting a 3.18 ERA in 11.1 innings, with 11 hits allowed, eight walks and nine strikeouts.

  • Let’s just hope he performs at a high level over the next few weeks. Maybe he will raise his trade value so we can move him by the deadline.

  • Perhaps Bastardo is the missing piece to get the bullpen back to dominating.

  • This will end well.

  • Magic Dust and Fire Hurdle!

    • Rather than fire CH, how about just stating that his Option will not be picked up by the Pirates for 2018, and that they are relieving him of on-field duties immediately so that the new Manager can use whatever time is left to prepare for 2018. This team has dealt with a lot already in 2017, and they will deal with this just as professionally as they have dealt with everything else.

      • Ever hear of the Maloik or as it is properly spelled malocchio? Maybe somebody has the “evil eye” on El Bastardo. We need to find some way to remove this curse. Heard a lot of old tales on the subject, but the best I heard was a woman in our part of town who would open her 2nd story window, throw a bucket of water out into the street as she screamed Baciami il culo three times. Don’t know if it worked, but it made her feel a helluva lot better.

  • Darkstone42
    June 27, 2017 3:44 pm

    As bad as he was, there just aren’t enough capable arms in our bullpen right now, with half of them slumping. If he sucks again, release him, but he’s worth another look, and no reliever not named Rivero or Nicasio has really done that much to be irreplaceable, even by Bastardo.

    • Very well stated. I cannot even stand to watch him on the mound – like watching paint dry, but he has been MLB capable at various times in his career and $6 mil says we have to try to make him look like a new shiny penny before the AS Break.

      Then if all fails, we can just send him to the White Sox and eat all of his salary – they seem to do well with folks we DFA/Waive.

      • I would not describe his pitching as paint drying more like the forth of July for the oppo6net

    • Bill Harvey
      June 27, 2017 7:15 pm

      As eloquently as you state your point, there are many options in AAA that have proven to be more major league ready than Bastardo. Also, I think the time has come that we can leave Nicasio from that type of statement, Jhan Marinez has been better than Nicasio since we got him.

      But to the actual point of interest here. Bastardo’s WHIP in 11 AAA innings is almost 2.0. I’m pretty sure he isn’t worth a look. However, since this season is wasted anyway, may as well get your money’s worth.

  • Why not just take a flyer on Jeanmar Gomez instead?

    • Because the Pirates actually took on far more of Bastardo’s salary in the Niese swap than they should have and letting him pitch is the only way they can possibly unload him at the deadline.

      • They’re under budget Bastardos contract is a sunk cost I’d just move on from him.

  • Mike Dinger
    June 27, 2017 3:11 pm

    My God, isn’t the bullpen bad enough!?

  • This is sad. He did nothing in spring training, through the year, nor on rehab to earn an MLB roster position. You could say showcase for someone else but everyone has seen him and no takers. Just eat whatever salary the Mets are paying and promote someone deserving of spot.

  • Ugh, Just no.