Pirates First Round Pick Shane Baz Expected to Officially Sign on Thursday

According to Mark Berman at FOX26 in Houston, Texas, right-handed pitcher Shane Baz has agreed to sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Baz was selected 12th overall last night and was reported to be a tough sign due to a commitment to TCU, but the Pirates were quick to come to an agreement with him. As further confirmation, Baz “liked” the tweet from Berman and another source from the Houston media confirmed the agreement. In case you somehow missed it, here is the article on the Pirates taking Baz from last night.

A local article on sixth round pick Cody Bolton also says that he has agreed to a deal after some negotiating with the Pirates. He too was supposedly going to be a tough sign, but it looks like that was taken care of before he was selected. He had a commitment to Michigan. You can find the article on his draft pick from earlier today here.

UPDATE 10:36 PM: Alan Saunders reports that Baz is expected to take his physical and officially sign on Thursday.

  • Any chance Baz gets to Morgantown this summer after
    a short time in Florida? Love to see a young kid that
    can throw that hard.

    • Stonecipher
      June 14, 2017 8:57 am

      The NCAA picks are usually the ones that play in that league after the draft.

    • Probably not.. Guys like Keller, Hinsz, Supak have all gone from GCL to Bristol to WV Power. Wish they would but unlikely. The only chance would be for one start at the end of the year or something like that. They did that with Glasnow in State College a few years back.

  • Have to give MLB & MLBPA credit for taking a cue from NFL and fixing the financial aspect of the draft. Now these players can get their careers started right away, and not lose a season as was the case for most of the top draft picks in years past.

    • That had a lot to do with them moving the signing deadline up a month as well.

    • You’re one of the few I’ve seen that want to give them credit…it was the only opportunity for small(er) market organizations to grab premium talent and have it on the roster for 6-7 seasons. I’m sure most organizations from 12-13 on down in terms of organizational payroll would still gladly put up with contract negotiations in order to have no capped spending on the draft.

      No opinion is right or wrong…hence why it’s an opinion, but I think the majority of guys didn’t miss a whole season.

      • Scott Kliesen
        June 14, 2017 3:04 pm

        No capped spending on draft. How is that a win long-term for small market teams? Sure the Pirates got Bell, but what are the chances they can repeat this scenario again and again?

        The current system is clearly the best way to take financial advantage away from those w the biggest revenue stream.

        • Because no capped spending is still saving mid to smaller markets 10s of millions dollars in top tier talent on the major league level (if it panned out) if they so chose to go that route back then. The Pirates did it over and over again.

          The Pirates were the highest spending team in the amateur draft for multiple yrs under Huntington and Nutting as the principal owner…those are facts, not opinions.

          • Scott Kliesen
            June 15, 2017 3:27 pm

            I understand your point and agree Pirates were taking advantage of the system better than others. However, I contend it was unsustainable.

            As for the money you contend is now available to high revenue teams b/c of the system in place being able to be put into FA, there are penalties involved in having highest payroll at ML level. Not realistic to disregard the draft and just spend on FA and have success. Just look at Yankees for an example.

            • I’d contend that while you still have organizations that are well over $110 million apart in ML payroll there is really no penalty and the issue is still in the “win” column for those top 8-10 revenue organizations. Until there is a mandated floor and ceiling and it’s much closer than $100 million, I will continue to believe that you have to give the bottom 20 organizations ways to combat ML salaries and be able to obtain premium talent. I find it interesting that MLB wants to put restrictions on the amount of money that we can pay our own American born and raised players, but organizations can still outbid one another for international talent and that athlete may choose his organization because we want to be led to believe it’s too hard to have an international draft. Can you be taxed and lose money for future years? Yes…but there’s no cap on the year(s) organizations decide to go all in on that international market nowadays.

              I’d be personally interested to see the information showing that the draft spending wasn’t sustainable or if that is only an opinion based on your gut feeling. I’d contend that the track record was being built that they’d continue to spend freely in the draft due to how the financial ramifications would bear out better fruit for the organization down the road (both in terms of W’s on the field and W’s in the pocket) as long as they continued to get more hits than misses.

              *Enjoying the banter btw*

  • I really like the new draft rules. Hated all the drama in the past. Pedro, Cole, Appel—Get drafted get signed and play ball.

  • BallHeadWonder
    June 13, 2017 11:59 pm

    Again….NH will get NO CREDIT for this!!

  • So I know we have a draft pool of $10.however many million. Im curious as to how much actual money we normally spend on the picks, since only over 100k counts towards the pool after the 10th round. Sorry if this has been covered

    • The first 10 rounds, for the most part, are all that count towards the bonus pool. The Pirates can spend roughly $500K over their pool. That includes all picks in the first 10 rounds, and anything over $100K on picks in rounds 11-40. If they go more than 5% over their Draft pool, they would start to sacrifice future draft picks, that is something I don’t foresee any team doing.

      Typically, the Pirates spend every last penny they can on their Draft. So take their bonus pool and add 5%, that is the amount you could expect them to spend.

      The one caveat to that is if they fail to sign a top 10 pick, they lose that slot amount, and the possible 5% overage that comes with it.

  • Four wins in a row and good news with early draft pick signings. Maybe this season can be salvaged after all.

  • The routine brinksmanship of the Alvarez era seems so long ago.

    I guess the next question concerns the bonus payout and what are the implications for signing the other top picks.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 13, 2017 10:00 pm

    Random thoughts on the Pirates draft (so far) and the present state of the team….
    In regards to the first 10 rounds….overall, I am pleased – as the Pirates seemed to focus on high ceiling (and high risk) HS prospects more than in the past – when they seemed to always opt for the “safe” college player picks. They still went very pitcher heavy. The first 4 picks speak for themselves….I also like the 3B prospect from FSU – he seems to have some power potential. The other two HS pitchers also seem to hold promise, if they can be signed. My only criticism is that I wished the Pirates took Riley Adams in the third round…that would have made for a very impressive first 5 picks. instead, the two catchers they did draft don’t appear to have well rounded games….
    Although the first 2+ months of the season have been a train wreck in so many ways (Kang and Marte suspensions; Taillon missing a month; Cole, Glasnow, and Polanco all major disappointments; Watson’s and Hudson’s bullpen failures, etc.), the Pirates find themselves in last place – but only 3.5 games out in the very weak NL Central. I still believe the Cubs will find themselves and will eventually run away with the division, but a second wild card is not completely out of the question. The Pirates will likely be competing with St. Louis, Colorado, and Arizona for the two wild card spots (Washington, Chicago, and LA are my picks for division winners) – and the Mets may also turn things around and get into the mix as well. To do so, Marte needs to return and be the player he was before the suspension, while Cole, Polanco, Watson, and Kuhl need to generate better results. Cutch seems to be on the verge of catching fire.
    As for the trade deadline….unless they have a complete collapse over the next 4-6 weeks, I don’t see the Pirates being big sellers. Their most tradable commodities – Watson, Hudson, Cole, and Cervelli – have not been very good and their values have taken a hit. Freese will likely be potential trade chip, that someone may overpay for – as is Nova and Jaso. I think the team needs to continue their transition to youth. I would not be surprised to see Glasnow earn another starting rotation shot later in the Summer – his stuff is too good. Guys like Brault, Kingham, and Holmes could earn looks as well.

    • I honestly think it’ll be easier to win the division than to get that second WC.

      • WEAK division, who would’ve thunk it?

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        June 13, 2017 10:14 pm

        It looks that way now, but something tells me that Arizona and Colorado are not as good as they’ve played so far and both will fade badly in the second half.

        • To measure a teams “for real ness” look at pitching above all else. Rockies in particular seem to be pitching over their heads. We will see. Dbacks have Greinke.

      • Yeah I think it would be great if the Bucs got some “karmic payback” for 2015 when they and the Cubs won 95 plus games and the Mets and Dodgers sat home with records that would have had them a distant fourth in the Central. Win the crappy division and let 2 of the 3 of LA, AZ and CO, fight it out in the stupid wild card game. Of course we all know that if the Dodgers lose that wild card game, then then MLB will change the rules immediately for next year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Stonecipher
      June 14, 2017 9:00 am

      I would like to see Brault get another shot at the rotation. Hopefully Glasnow and the Pirates have a clear agenda for Glasnow to work on in Indy to build him up so that his next ML stint is more successful . Based on the type of talent that Glasnow is, it was pretty hard to expect him to come up and have immediate success. I expect better results from him in the future.

  • Great chance to see him get off to a fast start instead of dragging things out

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    June 13, 2017 9:39 pm

    Great news….

    • Agreed! I hope we didn’t spend right up to or over the limits to get these guys because we always take an interesting over-scale guy in the 11th round.

  • Credit to this FO and the area scouts for the quick work getting him into the fold. Strong relationships were clearly formed prior to the Draft selection; due diligence was done.

    Kid seems to have a pretty vast and varied repertoire. I like his chances.

    • Negotiations are never won or lost at the table. As you said, relationships and trust. Great job to get this kid signed as quickly as they did.

  • lol. so much for being a tough sign, i guess

    • piraterican21
      June 13, 2017 10:46 pm

      If he felt to 12th because of it then the Pirates deserve lots of credit.