Pirates Send Matt Frawley to New York Yankees in Johnny Barbato Deal

The Pittsburgh Pirates acquired right-handed pitcher Johnny Barbato from the New York Yankees back on April 17th in a deal that was described as a cash considerations deal. Apparently it was cash considerations or a player to be named later, because the Pirates sent West Virginia Power reliever Matt Frawley to the Yankees today to complete the deal.

We noted in Spring Training this year that the 21-year-old Frawley looked good, pounding the bottom of the strike zone with a low-90s fastball that had great downward plane. He carried over those spring results into the regular season, where he has a 1.62 ERA in 19 appearances, throwing 33.1 innings with 32 strikeouts, a .184 BAA, a 1.52 GO/AO ratio and an 0.75 WHIP. He profiles as a future middle reliever in the majors if he reaches his upside. He was drafted in the 17th round last year.




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Not excited about Barbato!! I will give him a pass and give him another shot in Pitt if he can do well in Indy!!


don’t get all the love for barbato, just clogging the system for pirate drafted pitchers.


I’m actually mildly disappointed to see Frawley leave the organization. I’ll be hoping for his success in NY, I suppose.

Doug W

Cue all the yinzers complaining


This is one of those low impact trades that very occasionally do well. Fringe middle reliever for a possibly better than fringe reliever in 3 years.
Worth the trade every time.

joe s

I guess they need to hold onto the money to get the picks signed. Barbato is not very good and Frawley might exceed him in ability.


I’ve been wanting to make a list of all the Pirates minor league pitchers that were picked after the 10th round the last 3 years that are pitching really well. Whether or not a few are a little old for their level the number is staggering. I bring this up because Frawley is one of them. I hoped he would have stayed in the system because Frawley is a Pittsburgh kind of name if anyone remembers Dan Frawley, who was a fighting dirty work guy for the pens in Lemieux’s early years. I want to say he was a right winger but it’s been 30 years. I was just a kid.


You got the RW about Frawley the hockey player. Came to the Pens on waivers in 1985. Appointed Pens Captain in 1987 for the first 2 months of the season when he got hurt. They then appointed Mario as the captain and we know what happened after that.

Kerry Writtenhouse

Your insight is amazing!!

joe s

I guess you guys take this much too seriously. the money was done as a joke but I do think Frawley might turn out to be better than barbato. Take a breath and relax. Robert J, Ken and Kerry.


It would not take much for Frawley to be better than Barbato…although a very minor deal, it made little sense given all the internal bullpen options available.

Robert J

The same joke over and over again loses it’s humor and becomes stupid.

Kerry Writtenhouse

We’re just used to this sort of thing from the bash nutting crowd, that’s all.


This deal is completely totally irrelevant to money needed to sign picks. The Bucs have a cap and they will spend every penny of it or more.

Robert J

This has to be one of the most stupid Nutting-Bashing posts I’ve ever read, either here or elsewhere.

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