The Pittsburgh Pirates signed their 42nd overall draft pick on Thursday night, right-handed prep pitcher Steven Jennings. They have also signed right-handed prep pitcher Jake Webb who was taken in the 19th round and had a commitment to Kansas State. They have now signed 22 players total, including ten of their 12 picks in the top ten rounds. The remaining unsigned picks are sixth round pick Cody Bolton, who has indicated he is signing, and third round pick Dylan Busby, who was involved in the College World Series until last night, so he will be at least a week before he signs.

You can find the player page for each player here:

Steven Jennings

Jake Webb

Just like yesterday, we could hear more signings before the night is through. Check back for updates, including possible bonus numbers later on.

The draft tracker has been updated. Jim Callis reports that Jennings received an over-slot deal of $1.9 M.

UPDATE 8:25 PM: The Pirates also added 30th round pick Manny Berejano, 32nd rounder Hector Quinones and 33rd rounder Ryan Valdes. Berejano was the only one with college eligibility remaining. There will be more signings tomorrow, well at least one that I’m sure of, but most likely another group. All five players have been assigned to the GCL.

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    • Lodolo was 6’6″ 180 LHP but threw in the upper 80’s and up to 92. BA described his Curve and Change-up ad “needing polish and additional velocity”. It sounded a whole lot like no plus pitches but a highly projectable frame.

      Jenning is a 6’3″ RHP & athlete (HS QB) who threw 90-96 mph in limited action this Spring due to an ACL injury in the Fall. BA describes his mid-80’s Slider and upper 70’s Changeup as “above average to plus potential”. I think the FB is plus and the others are damn close. I think this is the better guy.

  1. This probably isn’t going to get answered, because i’m sure there will be an article coming out eventually about this….. BUT

    Where does everyone think our top 5 picks land in the Pirates top 50 prospects?

  2. I knew Jennings would be over slot but didn’t expect this high. After Bolton there probably won’t be much bonus money left.

  3. Any update on Ryan Hoerter? He seems like an interesting lottery pick player in the late rounds.

    • If they sign both Busby and Bolton, it doesn’t appear there will be much money left to go over slot on anyone.

      • The Pirates had to sign the 42nd pick (Competitive Balance from 2016) or lose it completely, therefore it was clear they were going overslot for Jennings. I would not be surprised if they go overslot for Dylan Busby, Hunter Wolfe, and Cody Bolton with the 5% allowed before losing a draft pick.

        Where’s Smithville TN? About 60 miles east of Nashville and about 20 miles South of I-40 in the mountains and lakes country of Central Tennessee. Very rural, very picturesque – like the drive up to Warren and the country around the Kinzua Dam and the Reservoir.

        • I don’t think that is correct. Looking at this year’s version of the draft rules, it appears that a team can get a compensatory draft pick a second time if they fail to sign a player taken with a compensatory pick.

  4. Good work on getting all these guys signed
    Is the speed that it’s happening because of the new rules or the fact they took signable guys?

    • Just doing their homework before each pick. Knowing what guys want and getting their players

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