Gregory Polanco left Friday night’s game against the Colorado Rockies early after running out a grounder in the fourth inning. The Pittsburgh Pirates announced shortly after that he left the game due to left hamstring discomfort and his status is day-to-day. He was on the disabled in mid-May this year with a left hamstring strain, but this one didn’t appear as bad.

Polanco was 1-for-3 at the time of the injury and was replaced on the bases by John Jaso, who remained in the game in right field.

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  1. Trading deadline is a week from Monday. Might be a good time to strengthen the bench. And get a good 4th outfielder

  2. Do you think it might be time to designate Jaso and have Jordan Luplow take his place? He’s raking in AAA, but that’s only a small sample size. Jordan has a bit more diversity for the bench.

  3. Always hard to tell from a distance (that between the real life player in Pittsburgh and my TV screen !) but Polanco appears to be having many issues with his legs last year and this, keeping him from realizing his massive potential. The kid hits like Ted Williams throughout the Minors until reaching Pittsburgh; getting the big contract and, last but not least, shedding some of that baby fat for a more adult sized body. Put all of that together and the guy isn’t on the same set of legs he had in the Minors. Training department and Polanco have some work to do, it would seem, to get this guy into shape and his career restarted.

    • He is definitely not a quick-twitch guy at 6’5″, 240, and has had his share of boneheaded baserunning gaffes in 2017. However, the 50 EBH as a 23 year old in 2015, and 60 EBH as a 24 year old in 2016 were with the Pirates so I cannot understand your “until reaching Pittsburgh” statement. It insinuates that Polanco had hit in the minors but not in Pittsburgh?

      He is struggling this year, as have many other more mature Pirates, but if you pull up MLB Stats for OF, you will find him at No. 30 Offensively, and No. 20 Defensively (6 Assists, 1 E). His 5.1 WAR in his first 2.5 years is worth a value of $43 mil, and I think he is well on his way to another 2.0+ WAR in 2017. 18 doubles, 9 HR so far and just warming up – hopefully he does not miss much time.

        • This one did not look minor. His reaction and the look on his face while limping off painted a bleak picture. He actually looked close to tears and was gesturing in frustration. May be much more important than the big win.
          Hope for the best. This team deserves some additions now. The heart and the starting pitching is there.

      • TN.

        Nice post.
        For me, I seem to remember Roberto Clemente getting the “lazy” comments. I’m not saying anyone is shooting out racist posts here at all, but what looks like a lack of hustle can often be deceiving.

        A giraffe looks slow and languorous when it is running 35 miles per hour.

        I think because people see his size he just doesn’t look like Cutch when he’s running. But I have seen Polanco hit a slow grounder to second and beat it out with that long stride. Because Gregory has this boyish round face, you get the impression he’s chubby. I don’t think any of this is true or fair.

        I’m sitting at Legends sports bar in Clearfield Pa watching the 4th game of the Brewers series when Polanco goes into the corner on a sure double and kicks the ball and gets it in a second or two later.
        No less than Jack Lambert, sitting a few chairs to the left at the bar mumbles something like, “Polanco kicking the ball around…” Next inning, Gregory goes deep and I look over and smile at the beloved Mr. Lambert and say. “That one went far.”

        Point is, you can focus on shortcomings and the great ones do. I’m sure Polanco focuses on his physical self. If he is focused, he will be able to overcome the big hammy pings of the future and even prevent them.


    • If a player can’t go full out, he shouldn’t be playing. Just as easy pulling a hammy going after a fly ball as running the bases. Yet nobody would accept not going full out for a fly ball.

      • 162 games + spring training-lots of players can’t go full out but they play because they are the best the team has. Did you watch Cutch run the past two years. How many stolen bases did he have last year? He shouldn’t have been playing on a lot of days by your criterion. Polanco loses his focus at times and has a tendency to showboat and “dog it”. Hurdle is working on this. However, he competes as hard and wants to wings much as a Cervelli or a Pete Rose.

      • With the 10-day DL, don’t be surprised if that’s where Polanco is headed.

        As for Luplow, I highly doubt he would be called up. I’d bank on Gosselin…unfortunately.

      • Please, for all that is good in the world, please let Osuna get the starts over Jaso and Frazier.

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