The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed outfielder Gregory Polanco on the disabled list and recalled left-handed pitcher Steven Brault from Indianapolis. Polanco left last night’s game with left hamstring discomfort after running down to first base. It’s the same injury he had back in May, which also landed him on the disabled list.

Brault was scheduled to pitch tonight for Indianapolis, but was scratched from the start earlier and he will join the bullpen. He gives the Pirates a long relief option for tonight’s game, which is always ideal for a weekend in Colorado. He currently leads the International League with a 2.06 ERA, and ranks in the top eight in the league in innings pitched, WHIP and strikeouts.

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  1. I would guess that Brault did his job last night
    (unfortunately not his best performance) but he
    did allow the Pirates to rest the bullpen.

    I guess he goes back today and we get a
    position player.

  2. This is par for the course for the Bucs this season. String a few wins together, then lose a few. Get a good hitter back and then lose another. Bummer. Glad that Brault was finally called up to bolster the bullpen.

    • They did not lose a few. They had won 9 of 10 and lost 1. If this is par for the course than let’s continue at par.

  3. Concerned about Polanco! All through the Minors, he was doing well but since signing big contract he’s injury prone? I suspect his off season conditioning past two years has been lax while he basks in the sun of the big money. He’s put on some muscle and fat in last two years also. He’s not the lithe wiry player who tore up the International League. Hope he can get over these constant leg injuries or he’ll never amount to anything. Witness how well he hits when legs are better!

  4. Why did they start jaso tonight….he needs to be gone. If you look at the numbers we have better options

    • So you think we had better hitters on the bench than Jaso who went into last night 0 for 19 in his last 9 games? Jose Osuna maybe?

      Some Managers look at stats and are guided by them. CH looks at those same numbers and thinks the guy is due.

    • It’s incomprehensible to me that the Pirates would trade Rivero anytime soon. And by that I mean not in the next three or four years as long as he is effective. Guy’s stuff is filthy. What have the L.A. writers been smoking?

    • If the Dodgers call about Rivero, I’d say ” Sure…for Kershaw, a?and we’ll throw in Watson.”

  5. It amazes me that more professional sports teams have not learned that extensive stretching before sports activities it detrimental, not helpful. I cringe when I see the entire team (baseball & football in particular), doing lengthy stretching before workouts or games… it’s a recipe for pulls & strains, and most other sports have caught on. But I guess baseball & football remain “old school”

    • I never believed in stretching. I always saw it as pure evolution. Back in the day, there wasn’t time to stretch before the lion ate you, and if you did pulled a hammy running away from a predator, the next predator would eat you.

      Unless the summer is really hot, then you better call Dutch to kill the predator

    • Agree! It’s all about raising the temperature of the tissues. Dynamic warmups and lots of foam rolling.

      • The alternative view – which I subscribe to – is that it’s probably best to unload TW when he’s pitching well….before he stops doing so. I’m not sure how much he’d get the Bucs in return (and that is probably the determinative factor in deciding to trade him), but now is better than later w/r/t TW.

        FWIW, I wouldn’t go full-sale mode. But, Watson…yeah, I’d do it if they liked the return.

        • I agree as it would be nice to get something before he leaves and use Brault to be lefty and go out and get someone with control by he 31st.

        • When you see the return your mind will change. Very little return for 2 months of Tony. More important to the Pirates.

        • Since his ERA hit its ceiling, he’s improved on that stat, but it’s been pretty hollow after that…still allowing too many baserunners and can’t buy a strike out. I don’t think there’ll be a team that is fooled into giving up something of value for him.

          He’s pretty much going to be the second or third option, at best, for any contender.

          • The Pirates future schedule is fairly soft, but so is the schedule of the Cubs. Tough decisions over the next week

    • To be fair all trades will happen this road trip as the deadline is the day of the last game

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