Pirates Acquire Joaquin Benoit For Seth McGarry

The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired Joaquin Benoit and cash considerations from the Phillies for minor league relief pitcher Seth McGarry. Ken Rosenthal was the first to break the news, and Meghan Montemurro of The News Journal in Philadelphia has the details.

Benoit is making $7.5 M this year, and will be a free agent after the season. He has $2.58 M remaining on his deal, although I’d expect the Phillies would be picking up part of that. He has a 4.07 ERA and a 4.66 xFIP this year.

McGarry was drafted in the 8th round in 2015 as a reliever who could reportedly hit 97 MPH. He never showed that velocity after turning pro, and his control problems with the four seam fastball led to his switch to a two-seam fastball in the low-90s. He’s been more effective with that pitch, posting strong numbers in Bradenton this year. However, the stuff doesn’t project for a lot of success in the upper levels, and his stats come with the disclaimer that he was a college pitcher, and is still in A-ball in his third pro season.

It sounds like this deal gives the Pirates an affordable reliever for their stretch run, with the hope that they can catch lightning with Benoit, while trading an organizational reliever in the process.

The Pirates have already made the move official, announcing that it includes cash considerations.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    July 31, 2017 7:05 pm

    This trade makes zero sense….although the cost was minimal

  • The dodgers gave up a legit prospect and the 4th of type in Van Slyke for cingrani and we get two bums from them for Watson. Oh wait ones a “lottery ticket” so we should be excited. Then we decide to replace Watson with a worse older version. What a joke. It’s time for Huntington to move on. It was a buyers market, many top players went for not that much that weren’t even rentals and we do nothing. It’s time for a new gm.

  • Assuming the option is not exercised on Cutch, Watson, Jaso, Nicasio, represent 28,5 million off the books. Still stuck with J Hay at 10 next year But young pitchers, young infielders, Frazier, maybe Newman and who ever is the third outfielder is low cost player as well. In short, Bucs see there is really little difference spending 70 million or 100 million.

    • well, they’re exercising the option on Cutch. period.

      it’s just a matter of if he’ll be dealt.

      good point on the savings thought. i just hope anybody’s takeaway from this is “hey! that’s 30 million they can spend on the FA market and trades!” as opposed to “hey! they can still be mediocre even with a 70 million dollar payroll!”

      • Actually, the payroll might even be lower.

        I count 4 Pirates going through Arbitration.

        Mercer, currently making about $4.3M, let’s give him a million more in arb.

        Cole, getting $3.75M now…let’s bump him up to $6M

        Hutchison is making $2.3…we’ll assume the Pirates keep him and his salary stays the same.

        and Rivero who’s a Super 2 guy…I’ll put him at $1.5M for his first trip through the process.

        If the Pirates get Kang back next year and keep Cutch on the payroll (his option will be exercised…but whether his is a Pirate long after that is unknown), assuming the arbitration figures are close and Stewy and LeBlanc aren’t brought back…I’ve got next season’s payroll at…


        Nicasio and Jaso will have to be replaced, but those appear to be internal fixes and at the ML minimum.

        The question is…where do you spend money to get better?

        It won’t be in the starting 8 unless Cutch is traded…but then you’ve gotta figure Meadows is in the wings so it’s not like the Pirates are going to make a splashy long term commitment to anyone there.

        Rotation? Meh, probably not. With Nova, Taillon, and Cole in the top three slots, there are a ton of guys to round out the bottom two slots…including the resurgent Glasnow.

        Bullpen? Maybe you can drop a little there…but the team will already have Rivero, Hudson, and Schugel…with a whole bunch of up-and-coming guys who are relievers or who won’t be good enough to crack the rotation.

        Really, the only place the Pirates could upgrade a position of need is 3B…because…really…Kang has probably taken his last swings in MLB. So, take $3M off the already low payroll and this is the FA class next year:

        Andres Blanco (34)
        Yunel Escobar (35)
        Ryan Flaherty (31)
        Todd Frazier (32)
        Jed Lowrie (34) — $6MM club option with a $1MM buyout
        Mike Moustakas (29)
        Eduardo Nunez (31)
        Jhonny Peralta (36)
        Trevor Plouffe (32)
        Jose Reyes (35)
        Danny Valencia (33)

        Outside of Moustakas….nobody on that list is all that exciting.

        The off-season will be interesting…to say the least.

    • That will not be enough to meaningfully rebuild the bullpen let alone find an infielder. Melancon Jansen Chapman contracts and Justin Wilson trade are obvious signs that the market for relief is the new bull market and other teams have nullified the pirates advantage had for a few years by throwing a lot more money at the right relievers.

  • Loving these parallel moves by Neal! Say what you will about NH, but the man has guts!

  • Hope Phillies ate his whole salary. I seen his picture in Baseball America under definition of a tomato can!

  • Hidden in this mess is that McGarry was a 3rd round pick who basically amounts to a throw-in on a trade for an old geezer. THAT draft is turning out to be fruitful . . .

  • With the first deadline over…let’s just hope Cutch stays healthy and continues putting up big numbers in advance of the Winter Meetings.

    • So they can sign him to a 6 year extension and have the best player in Pirates history – since 1992 – finish his career as a Pirate.

  • Watson returns two real prospects. Benoit is better than watson this year and we get him for nothing because we probably are paying most of the remaining $2.85M. Brault becomes 2nd LHRP and our pen is better plus two prospects. I’m fine with it.

  • justinblain1996
    July 31, 2017 4:51 pm

    As being a subscriber of this site, and following updates on progress of our prospects, I got excited to see us trade Watson, because it gets us more prospects but also because I thought it would give someone like Santana a chance in the bigs. Getting Benoit ruins those chances right now, barring any other late moves that come out.

  • Why make this move and take on salary? I am sure the Phillies would have wanted to trade him to any team willing to give something up and the Bucs jumped. Not sure if that makes them the head of the smart or stupid move line.

    • Why didn’t we do to the Phils what the Jays did to us in the Liriano deal? We need prospects back? NO the answer is we needed to have the appearance we added and we would rather have cash than prospects anyway….its all bullshit

  • Geof Hileman
    July 31, 2017 4:42 pm

    I, for one, welcome Benoit, as for the first time since Vogelsong’s departure, I wouldn’t be the oldest man on the roster. There’s still hope for this lefty who topped out in the first season of coach pitch.

    • Well I’ll give you that, he’s older than me too… Guess at 37 I still have time

    • Pete Cepulis
      July 31, 2017 4:55 pm

      Benoit is older than the two prospects acquired for Watson combined

  • So, in effect, the Pirates are worse than yesterday and Nutting gets money back… Awesome.

    #becausepirates #nutted

    • how does nutting get money back?

      • The only way would be if the Dodgers pick up all of Tony’s salary and the Cash Considerations coming with Benoit pay most of his salary. Could be a net reduction in payroll.

        • I think you forgot about the obvious lie that they would use the Kang / Marte savings…..who knows maybe they bought some more pitching machines or a new chalk spreader for the Dominican academy ?

  • The point of this trade is? Why not just call up Angel Sanchez or Neveraukus? Isn’t the team better off giving innings to younger players? This seems like one of those appearances trades, don’t want to appear like they are giving up on this season. Just like last year trying to have it both ways. Should have chosen one way or the other, buyer or seller.

    • Would much rather give youngsters a chance but not what Clint likes.

      • Nothing to do with Clint the GM makes the moves and creates the roster. To many on here like to blame Clint for everything from not hitting enough HRs to the meaningless trades we make. Fact is he creates the lineup and not much else and if the team has lousy players, his line up is going to look lousy.

      • Only if they strike out their first 20 times at the plate do they get a shot…Frazier, needs to sit on the bench and think about all that great situational hitting he has been doing and going 3 for 4 most nights…playing well? not allowed on this team…Luplow and Moroff play the game the right way…..Pirates are trying to tank like a tank filled with tanks being rolled into the Atlantic.

    • Well-put, Darren. I could not agree more. I am so thoroughly disgusted at this front office/ownership.

    • I agree. I really don’t understand the Benoit trade. I’d much rather see Sanchez, Santana, Neverauskas, or even Kingham.

  • Scratching your head? Really! Pirates basically stand pat. They aren’t out of it so they keep the team to give it a run but don’t get involved in major additions. Watson was desired by dodgers and Benoit fills the hole. Not hard to understand really.

    • How would you like to be one of the players knowing that your GM did nothing to better your team while you go out and play the teams that did. No chance against Cubs but look Brew and Red Birds did squat also.

      • What moves did you think they could have made to truly give them a better team than the Cubs. The reason the cards likewise did nothing was that you can’t be a fan you have to be a realist.

        Not trading nicasio and getting Benoit are their “moves”. Not earth shattering but they didn’t make wholesale dumps.

        • SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! What planet do you reside on?!?!?! Are you saying that over these past few weeks, as the Pirates got back into legitimate contention, that the two components that they needed the most–a bullpen arm and another bat–were not obtainable, so as to just give them a realistic, legitimate shot at both winning the Central division or garnering one of the two wild card slots?
          The Pirates front office, whether it was Neal H. on his own, or Bob Nutting controlling the puppet strings, has just punted the remainder of the 2017 season. They did nothing to address the absence of Kang. They did nothing to address the absence of Marte. The team positions itself to have a chance to play in October, and the front office goes three for three in doing NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA, to help fortify their chances in 2017.
          WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I am sure NH will come out and tell us that we are still looking to upgrade and if an opportunity presents itself in August. Then he will remind us all of all the good players he has picked up after the trade deadline. This looks to be another really bad year for NH/BH as our mini playoff run gets further and further into the rear view mirror.

          • If the pirates were legitimate contenders they wouldn’t have an atrocious record on the road while continuing to lose against poor teams. They stand pat and have better odds of making the playoffs next year while the cubs sold their entire farm to push for another title that may not be obtainable this year.


          • A 2-6 road trip is not legitimate contention.

            • 3-6 road trip.


          • 1971 you should realize by now the Nealists will always buy whatever he is selling.

      • If I was a Pirates player, I’d be mad at my own defense, my own situational hitting, my own relief pitching and my poor play against the doormats of the NL to be mad at the GM.

    • I guarantee you the Pirates start losing games instantly because they can’t hold leads..First game against Cincy tomorrow…let’s watch. I bet you will be saying, “I wish we didn’t bring in Benoit and still had Tony”. Meanwhile Tony Watson throws a clean 8th and the Dodgers close with Jansen to win by 2.

  • Michael Sanders
    July 31, 2017 4:28 pm

    I’m scratching my head on this one. Why?

    • he’s basically as good as Watson. But i guess the argument against it is that so are Neverauskas, Brault, Santana, etc.

    • I’m pretty indifferent about the pen moves they could help. Could care less about outfielders. Can they not at least swing Jed Lowrie?!

  • Darkstone42
    July 31, 2017 4:28 pm

    This makes the Watson trade roughly a lateral move for the season. Benoit has been about the same pitcher as Tony in 2017. So basically, we traded Seth McGary for two different prospects.

    • John Odermatt
      July 31, 2017 5:02 pm

      When you look at it that way it looks like a win for the Pirates. Trading Seth McGary, an org reliever, for Cruz, a 1b/3b who is at least a wild card to turn into something.

  • bad trade, no need for rentals. not a bad pitcher but why give up a human with a heart beat for him.

  • Were going to the world series!

  • Basically got him for nothing.. McGarry not even in Tim’s top 50 (or the others in tier 7). Needed someone for bullpen w/Watson trade I guess

    • I bought a subscription to this website because I like reading about the Pirates but the way a lot of subscribers take the word of the writers as gospel is just wrong. McGarry is good and young, Benoit is not and old. The only reason the deal was done is because the Pirates had to appear to add something. Let us not forget the Pirates are not strapped for cash or anything given suspensions of two of their more salary demanding players. NH is doing his slight of hand bullshit again, this time the act is just stale.

      • when have the pirates ever cared what the fans think, when it comes to making unpopular moves?

        if anything, people are more angry about getting Benoit than if they wouldve gotten nobody.

        • just… people always assume theyre these evil geniuses with PR. They don’t effing care about PR haha.

        • Benoit over the past five years has been better than Watson. Much better this year. Right now he is better than Santana or Neverauskas. Santana has been brutal recently in AAA. Neverauskas has been OK but not good. Bring them up only after there is no chance at all.

          • i don’t disagree. i’m just talking about fans like rjgrinde, who seem to be the pirate fan majority

        • Wrong, I am way more angry that they traded McGarry for Benoit. I would have been content with the Watson deal (although, they could have done better in my opinion). The outrage is over the fact that we are going to have to watch Benoit blow games and a former player grow into a legit prospect….that won’t be fun.

      • Exact-a-mundo

      • Bill Harvey
        July 31, 2017 7:22 pm

        Or maybe, just maybe, Neil is going to take all the money saved this year and sign Cutch to an extension. 6/$120 million then $1 per year for the rest of his life.

      • They replaced Watson with a proven setup man. From a baseball perspective it makes sense. They could have traded for a starter but you have Glasnow sitting at Indy with a 1.46 ERA and a healthy staff. You have a team that is completely healthy other than Polanco who will be back. They were winning before Polanco got hurt as he was on fire and they went on a tough road trip out west. Really, they are still in a position to have a 5-6 over .500 August and hope for some slumps in front of them and go into Sept. less than 5 out of a division and wild card race. Not bad considering they lost about 3-5 WAR with Marte and Kang not in the lineup.

  • He’s a 40 year old rental. He’s more expensive than Tony. Someone tell me why we did this?

    • Not more expensive, Phillies are supposedly taking some contract

      • Plus we have to add that cash to the Marte / Kang savings that was going to be spent

    • We didn’t trade tony to shed salary, we did it because we can get something for him we can use potentially

      • That is true and I read descriptions about Cruz and German, feeling a bit better since Cruz seems to have some upside.

        Okay, now I’m calm, reading things better. I guess Benoit’s just replacing Tony for the rest of this season.

        • Look at Cruz’s statistics and see how optimistic you feel.

          • Cruz was an 18 year old straight out of Dominican in full season ball. He was overmatched all of April with a .133 avg and 1xbh. He is at .274 in 259 AB since then with 9 doubles,1 triple, and 7 HR so he has shown some character in battling through a hyper aggressive placement. He also had a game recently where he was 0-6 with 6 K and he followed that up with 3 straight 2 hit games with 4xbh and 1k in 10 AB. He shows some signs. He probably will just start next season in full season A again and still be 19 all season but have 400 AB under his belt at that level. It’s gotta be interesting watching a 6’6″ SS out there.

        • and Benoit has been REALLY good until this year. He’s been one of the most reliable setup men in the majors since 2010

      • Use how?!?!?!?!? All this organization does is kick the can down the road year after year, and kick its fans in the gut in the process. Neither of these deals does anything to help this team make a legitimate shot at October baseball in 2017. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE

        • bucs1971…..I hate to tell you, but this year was done in April………not sure that now is the time to be mad about it. You should applaud them for not throwing away the future for a season where we have literally no chance of competing IF we got to the playoffs. The nats and Dodgers would probably both sweep us.

          • If the Nats or Dodgers or whomever sweeps us, as you put it, then so be it. LET THAT BE DECIDED ON THE FIELD, NOT BY AN OWNERSHIP/FRONT OFFICE THAT JUST DECIDES TO ARBITRARILY TANK THE REST OF THE SEASON.
            As far as the season being over in April, to a point you are correct, but in case you missed it, the Bucs hung in there, all season long, and as recently as July 22nd, were one game over .500, and 2.5 games out of first place. HOW DOES THAT EQUATE TO THE SEASON BEING OVER?!?!?!
            This ownership just sold the team and the fans right down the drain. By making a few reasonable and sensible deals, they could have obtained the bullpen arm(s) and the bat it would take to have a legitimate shot at competing. Instead they, like you, just simply concluded that they could not compete in 2017. News flash: THE GAME IS PLAYED ON THE FIELD, NOT IN PEOPLE’S MINDS.
            I am sure that before the four game sweep of the Brewers, there were damn few people that expected the Pirates to sweep, but, they did. Who knows when a team will get hot and catch lightning in a bottle?

            • I didn’t miss it- we did hang in there. But hanging in there is all we can do, and hanging in there doesn’t get you anywhere. would you rather hang in there for the next three years or try to put together a team at least once in the next 3 years that has a chance to at least play for a pennant. It’s not this team…. and the game is won and lost on talent, and with your two best hitters not named Cutch down for 80-160 games, it’s just not going to happen. Polanco is beat up, Marte is ineligible for the post season, and Kang is basically done………what exactly would you do? I…..would sell. Not sell HARD, but I’d be removing all pieces that aren’t under contract through 2019. That’s just me though

              • “………what exactly would you do?” I think that I have made that abundantly clear, but I will try to explain it to you again. I wanted Neal to acquire at least one more bullpen arm, or a veteran starting pitcher, which would open up the possibility of then moving Kuhl to the bullpen. I also wanted Neal to obtain another bat, either for third base, or if a third basemen was unobtainable, then second base, thus moving J-Hay to third base.

                Now, would that have guaranteed October baseball in Pittsburgh in 2017? Certainly not. Nor did I ever use the word “guarantee”. I believe that it would have given the Bucs a very real and legitimate shot, which is all anyone can ask for. The rest SHOULD PLAY OUT ON THE FIELD, NOT IN SOMEONE’S, YOURS OR THE PIRATES FRONT OFFICE’S, MIND. WHAT WE JUST WITNESSED WAS THIS FRONT OFFICE QUITTING ON THIS TEAM!!

                I obviously have no way of knowing how old you are, but I can vividly remember 1978. The Pirates were 14 games out of first place in mid-August. However, they rallied to almost catch the Phillies. It was not until the next to the last day of the 1978 season that the Pirates were eliminated and the Phillies clinched the N.L East title. 14 GAMES OUT OF FIRST PLACE IN MID-AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one quit then. HOW ANYONE CAN CONCLUDE ON JULY 31ST, AT 5.5 GAMES OUT OF FIRST PLACE, THAT THE SEASON IS OVER, IS JUST THE ABSOLUTE HEIGHT OF LUNACY.

                I was the first to say after the Marte suspension that when we do the post-mortem on the 2017 season, that the reason for this team’s dismal year can be summed up in three words: Kang and Marte. That said, when the Pirates were able to hang in the hunt, albeit in a bad, underperforming Central Division, why not try to find some band aids to compensate for the loss of Kang and Marte?

                I was not expecting Neal to trade for Mike Trout and Max Sherzer this past Monday. That said, there is no way that suitable, helpful additions to this team were not available, and at a reasonable cost, over these past few weeks.

                What did the Pirates stand to lose to go out and get, say, a Pat Neshak from the Phillies, a Jed Lowry from the A’s, or a Brandon Phillips from the Braves. I mention those three players just as examples of players that in all likelihood would not have cost much in either dollars or prospects, and certainly would have provided a shot at competing with the Cubs, at least a far better shot than we have now.
                So what’s left now? Build for 2018 and beyond, I guess. The same old song and dance. And what makes you think that after this upcoming off season that the Pirates are going to be any better positioned to compete in the Central Division, and the N.L. overall?

            • ….and no, they weren’t attainable at a reasonable price. Which means….they weren’t attainable. You…please….wake up and smell the cat piss, before you drink it.

              • And just how do you know what players around MLB were and were not obtainable, and the cost the Pirates would have had to pay for the players that were on their wish list? Perhaps you can enlighten the rest of us with your inside information instead of resorting to petty, childish rants.

                • the same way you do, obviously.

                • They weren’t available at a reasonable price, because the moves weren’t made…..That’s how. Business men make business decisions, and cost vs. price is something that everyone from a director upwards understands very well in the organization, I assure you.

                  • Unless you are Neal Huntington, or a member of his staff, you can only speculate that the players that it would have taken to make the Pirates better for the remainder of the 2017 season, were not, in fact, attainable at a “reasonable price”. The fact of the matter is irrefutable: Several other teams throughout baseball made many deals, starting right after the All Star break, acquiring players that came at a very reasonable price, a price that the Pirates could have matched from their farm system, and without having to part with their top prospects. Why didn’t the Pirates? Again, we can only speculate. But given their history, I think it a very reasonable inference to make that it has to do with ownership insisting on running the franchise on a budget that just is never going to be good enough to put a truly championship caliber team on the field.

                    Regarding your “You…please….wake up and smell the cat piss, before you drink it.” remark earlier, if that is the best that you can do as a response to your ridiculous argument being shot full of holes, perhaps your time would be better spent educating yourself about the game of baseball, both on and off the field. BECAUSE AT PRESENT, YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO CLUE REGARDING THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES, OR MLB IN GENERAL!!!!!!!!!!!

                    • You are so shortsighted you could be Mr. Magoo

                    • And you are so deaf, dumb, and blind, that you could be Helen Keller.

                    • Their budget is neither at the top 20% of the league, nor the bottom 20% of the league. This is not the 1995 Pirates that had one team below them in terms of salary. Quit talking in all caps, you aren’t 8 years old. My sarcastic remark is in response to an idiotic statement you made. Take a step back, look at the landscape. Look at what deals were made, by what teams….in what position in terms of talent and available cash. My speculation is purely meant to offset your speculation which is so far to the left that its quite honestly moronic. I know more about baseball than you ever will, but this isn’t about “baseball” this is about running a business towards meeting its goals. I’m an investment advisor with 9 years experience, have my own international small business, and actually went to school for business management outside having been a fan since 1986 and still playing baseball at 38 years old…..my yearbook statement is literally “baseball is my life” from when I was in high school. Now, I’m done arguing with you. You are making a fool out of yourself here and I’m not going to be a part of it going forward. You want a championship in 2017 like a little kid wants a candy bar at the grocery store when they are 5 years old, and now you are lashing out because you can’t have one. Get. Over. It. This was NEVER going to be our year.

                    • “Their budget is neither at the top 20% of the league, nor the bottom 20% of the league. This is not the 1995 Pirates that had one team below them in terms of salary.” I will give you credit for one thing: a highly developed talent for verbiage.
                      None of what you just posted has any relevance in explaining why no deals of any substance were made by Neal H.
                      Unlike you, I don’t pretend to know why the Pirates chose to stand pat. Also unlike you, I saw many available players out there throughout MLB and MiLB, that could have been obtained and could have given the Pirates a chance at October baseball in 2017. Would they have provided a great chance at going deep into October? Probably not, but you never know when a team will get hot and catch lightning in a bottle, so to speak.
                      The overall point is that there was a legitimate opportunity there, and the front office/ownership chose to punt. That is simply inexcusable.

                    • actually you did- you stated quite specifically (and I’m paraphrasing)that the reason they didn’t is because they didn’t want to win or weren’t willing to spend money that they had available in order to win. That’s the only reason why I’m even arguing with you. This general whiney, accusatory and honestly….ridiculous statements about things you don’t know. I don’t love our front office….at all, but there is no conceivable reason why anyone would intentionally fail in their job…..even the Pirates that piss you off so much. I have no doubt that NH isn’t very good at negotiating, but I can’t prove that so I don’t complain about it. If you want to complain, complain….but don’t throw it at us as a fact.

                    • ” I saw many available players out there throughout MLB and MiLB, that could have been obtained and could have given the Pirates a chance at October baseball in 2017. Would they have provided a great chance at going deep into October? Probably not, but you never know when a team will get hot and catch lightning in a bottle, so to speak. ”
                      – You have no idea who is available and certainly none at what price they come at, which is what makes your statements baseless in my opinion. Sonny Gray was available, but did we have what they wanted? Was the price reasonable? – there is no reason to think It was. I mean….are you trading Mitch Keller which may be the key for us going to 3 future playoff seasons for a chance at one when we CLEARLY won’t be better than the 3rd best team in the league no matter who we add? It isn’t a smart business move. Were there small opportunities to get better out there? Maybe— but if there were, what possible reason would we have to NOT take a good deal?

                    • Well, I guess that we agree to disagree. In closing, I never said that I knew what players were available and at what cost. Like every average fan, I can only speculate. That said, looking at the deals that were made across MLB, it places quite a strain on my credulity to conclude that Neal H. could not have done anything more than acquire two A ball players that we may or may not see in Pittsburgh in 2020, and Joaquin Benoit. Furthermore, whether we agree or disagree on what the Pirates did or did not do at the trading deadline, or could have done or could not have done, no one can refute the fact that nothing was done–with the exception of Phil Gosslein (probably not spelled correctly)-to address to loss of Kang and Marte. Again, do I know why Neal H. did not address those absences? No. I believe that someone–Neal H?., Bob Nutting?–needs to be held accountable though. Barring a significant improvement in the current roster over the next almost two months, which I don’t think is likely, the 2017 season for the Bucs will be another sub-.500 year. And that is a shame, because I think that with the right deals, the result could have been much, much better. Again, I never asked for or expected Neal H. to trade for Max Sherzer and Mike Trout. I do think that other less prominent, less costly, yet helpful, options were out there though. Why Neal H. did not pull the trigger, only he and his staff, and Bob Nutting know. I won’t hold my breath waiting for any one of them to pony up an explanation to the fans. After all, who are we to expect an explanation. We merely prop up the industry with our passion and dollars, and here in Pennsylvania, our tax dollars contributed quite significantly to the stadiums in both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. But, do the franchise owners care about that? I very much doubt it.
                      Beat’em Bucs!!

        • Bill Harvey
          July 31, 2017 7:19 pm

          Wait until next year when they are around .500 and trade Cutch.

    • I agree, its a real head scratcher. Why not just promote Brault? Is there some saving of control years involved in that decision?

      • No, just saving of runs being put up by other teams….Brault is not a long term relief option, if an option at all. He is a quad A player at best…Santana, Never and Khul will be in next year’s pen with Brault again in AAA. You cant throw essentially one pitch and be effective, I don’t care how many tatoos you have. I agree with you though, the front office is not trying to help this club. Why should they, it’s not like they had two of their higher paid players not get paid this year.

        • You may be right about Brault but if I had to choose between a washed up Phillie and giving Brault a shot, I’d choose the latter every time. If so, then the top of their minors is stacked with quad A players. That ain’t gonna make them successful and begs the question who they are hoarding such mediocre talent? What are they saving Brault for? I really don’t know.

    • What’s the problem? Yesterday the org had Watson and McGarry, today they have Benoit, German, and Cruz. German and McGarry are about at the same level of development and German appears to have ML caliber stuff if he can harness it, while McGarry looks to top out in AA ball. Benoit is mildly worse than Watson, but we could use another RH guy in the pen and they would both be gone over the winter since the Bucs can’t afford either. And we have Oneil Cruz, who could be a stud.

      • I’m more than okay with Watson deal. Just don’t think Benoit is worth it. I mean we didn’t technically give up but I also don’t think we have really good chance of winning the division either.

        Why not use this season to give Santana/Neverauskas some experience? Idk.

        • Amen on Santana/Neverauskas (and would transition Kuhl to backend yesterday)

        • piraterican21
          July 31, 2017 11:04 pm

          One thing that might be a benefit is him teaching his craft to the new guns. He was credited with teaching the mariners closer (Diaz) the grip to the slider that took him from an unknown to upper level closer. Williams, Brault and to some extend Kuhl could improve that offering.