Pirates Designate Antonio Bastardo For Assignment; Recall Phil Gosselin

The Pittsburgh Pirates designated left-handed relief pitcher Antonio Bastardo for assignment on Saturday afternoon. They recalled infielder Phil Gosselin to take his place on the active roster.

Bastardo has pitched just nine times for the Pirates this season, posting a 15.00 ERA and a 2.78 WHIP in nine innings. He spent most of the season in Pirate City and Indianapolis, trying to get back on track after a few poor outings to start the season. It’s highly unlikely anyone will pick him up on waivers, so the Pirates will owe him the remaining part of his $6,625,000, with an unknown percentage of that money coming from the New York Mets as part of the trade for Jon Niese last year.

Gosselin is hitting .287/.330/.378 in 43 games for Indianapolis this year. In two stints with the Pirates, he has a .135/.158/.162 slash line in 37 at-bats over 24 games.

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Haven’t we seen enough of Gosselin? Give Bostick a shot.

joe s

He will get another chance with some other club. Relief pitching for most teams is not very good, so someone will take a chance that they can fix him.

Richard C

Now might be a good time to update the 40 man and the future payroll pages on the sight, eh?

Bill Harvey

Fans: This team can’t possibly be worse than with Antonio Bastardo in the bullpen

Pirates: Hold my beer.

Scott K

Thanks for the good you contributed to the organization…in 2015.

Brian Z

Goose at least has a career ~270 average. He played poorly here this season but he should be much better than what he showed


so basically goose for diaz and shugle for bastardo.

Scott K

For now


Someone tell me Gosselin is the best option for this promotion? No way.
I get it but again are we trying to win or just fill empty holes with bad investments?
It’s a real disappointment that common sense doesn’t have some role in these decisions.


So, who do you bring up?



Dirk H

Swap one turd for another


After a series of bad moves it ends. Mets probably paying 3 million of the 6.6 so not a big hit, but still a waste. Correct this should be the first of many moves to establish who will be the players who will lead to wins. TDL should be interesting as NH jettisons players who have no future here. Jaso, Cutch, J Hay. Cervelli has no appeal with his health history and suspect power. But by the end of next year he will be down to one year on that panic contract extended by NH.

mitch t

Time to weed the garden. Goose is a MLB commodity who should fetch a B- prospect after which Bos will come up. Certainly more valuable than Caminiero was so hope for equal or better return. New/cker are ready to move up. Also expect another MLB reliever goned, prolly Nicasio, hopefully Watson making room for AAA BP arms. Big decisions coming up for all our (successful) rehabbers (too many to list). Taillon shows us u can spend 2 yrs on shelf and still be 100%


goose will get you a bag of nothing.

Blaine Huff

Actually, the Pirates wouldn’t even get the bag unless they sent back some money in the trade.


It’s an embarrassment that at 28 we think he has a future. He should have been DFA’d as quietly as possible.

Bobby L

Hopefully, this is the first of quite a few roster changes in the upcoming days.


let the fire sale commence

Ron W

This could have been avoided earlier if not all about money. You would still have Webb and look at those numbers- no way Bastardo was going to be coveted by anyone else. So long and who is next?


Finally the Pirates accept that they made a bad trade. Would have wished Bostick would have been called up instead of Gosselin, especially after Brian’s article on him today.

Darren G

Bostick would have rode the pine anyhow. Might as well let Gosselin do that and let Bostick continue to develop at AAA.

Bobby L

Gosselin has the veteranosity Clint loves so much and Bostic is really shy in it. Maybe Bostic comes up after his all star appearance and Moroff is sent down.


I think they want Bostick in milb asg


Good point! Didn’t consider that when I thought about it.


Yeah that should always take priority over fielding your best major league team roster….Gosselin provides no value…Weiss would have been a better choice.


If they’re just going to rot on the bench there isn’t a difference. They’really just going back down 7.18 when marte is back


Moroff is rotting in the field!


so he can ride the pine? weiss wouldn’t even play

Darren G

I don’t know if Weiss would have been a better choice but would still be interesting to see what he would do with the opportunity.


Replace one NH mistake with another…..

Bobby L

At least Gosselin has some upside. Ba$tardo was only kept around for one rea$on.



Bobby L

Freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose. Janus Joplin?



Bill Harvey

Word, not name.

Mike G

Kris Kristofferson.

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