PITTSBURGH — Pirates outfielder Starling Marte will begin a rehab assignment with the Bradenton Marauders on Sunday, the team announced. The Marauders will host the Florida Fire Frogs at LECOM Park at 1 p.m. Sunday. Tim Williams will be providing live coverage, and will talk to Marte about his suspension prior to the game.

Marte has been serving an 80-game suspension for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. He is eligible to return to the major-league roster no earlier than July 18. He is expected to have a 15-game minor-league rehab stint. Marte’s rehab stint will most likely end with four home games with the Indianapolis Indians from July 13 to 16.

When Marte was suspended on April 17, he was hitting .241/.288/.370 for a .659 OPS, which would be the worst season-long stats by far in his six-year major league career.

Manger Clint Hurdle said earlier this week that Marte will either play center or left when he returns to the Pirates lineup.

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  1. Like several of you, not happy that Marte let the team down. However, he’s one of our best players. He was suspended, and I’m sure he lost pay – they have to play him.

    • Why?

      He’ll still be paid. If he does go crazy and leads you to the playoffs he can’t play in them. I’m not saying to not play him at all – if that’s the plan option him to Indy and be done with him – just saying he doesn’t need to start for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2017.

  2. Manager Clint Hurdle said earlier this week that Marte will either play center or left when he returns to the Pirates lineup.

    Now THERE is a scoop!!! Either LF or CF? We had NO idea.


    • Why should we care because we are fans but we don’t have to cheer for him he let us down he let the team down
      The first pirate major league player to fail pid test that’s what he is and deserves to be booed for it the same as all the others
      Awful example to our children who looked up to him I think expulsion from the game is the only solution to stop the use of drugs in the game

      • Meh… I’m not looking to ban him from the game – I’m just not that interested in him being a Pirate anymore.

        As I’ve said countless times, I’d sit him on the bench as the 4th or 5th or 6th outfielder the remainder of the year and then trade him in the offseason. If he isn’t traded, make him earn his spot back next year in an honest to God competition next spring.

        He’s owed nothing… earn it.

  3. If Juice Boy comes back and plays lights out Pirate Nation will fall in love with him again. If they somehow stumble into the playoffs and find out Juice Boy can’t play they (Pirate Nation) will abandon their new found toy. Fire Hurdle

  4. I’m doing a 180 here, but I will leave cutch at cf. nothing to do with the ped suspension, more to do with cutch improved play and focus.

    • His metrics defensively are terrible in center, despite improved play. I move him back to RF

      • I believe that, Cutch has never been a good defender, but the SS on Marte there this season wasn’t much better. Polanco proved to be a disaster in LF, so the improvement that Marte might provide Is nullified.

    • Cutch has never been able to play the wall in center. HR yesterday was catchable with a step on padding. So many balls missed at wall by Cutch.

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