On Wednesday morning, Baseball America posted their updated list of the top ten prospects for the Pittsburgh Pirates. This list includes the recent 2017 draft picks for the first time, with two of them debuting on the list. BA released their top 100 prospects list a couple weeks ago and had Mitch Keller (#15), Austin Meadows (#22) and Kevin Newman (#87) in their top 100.

The team list on Wednesday has the same order for the top three, followed by (in order) Shane Baz, Ke’Bryan Hayes, Steven Brault, Elias Diaz, Steven Jennings, Cole Tucker and Clay Holmes round out the top ten. The BA article also contains players on the rise/fall, as well and some notes on injured prospects and players who graduated from the list.

Our top 50 prospects list will be posted around noon today.

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  1. Interesting that BA is higher on Brault, I remember either a BA prospect report or Hot Sheet from earlier this year that he showed up on. They basically poo pooed his chances of making the majors, basically just calling him a guy.

    Have to assume that Craig, Luplow and Kramer are just on the outside of this list. It will be interesting to see the PP list. All in all, the system is still very deep. Even if they lack the sort of top 5 that they had in recent years with Meadows, Glasnow, Bell and Taillon. What they have are a lot of guys progressing through the system that could blossom.

  2. I was surprised (borderline shocked) when Cooper said Brault had touched 97.
    Since when? Tim, John… have you heard anything like this?

    Also said that Bell needs work on his fielding. I realize there are probably no Gold
    Gloves in his future, but I thought Josh had made some major strides with the glove
    this year. Perhaps I have just seen him at the right times.

    • Agree on the assessment of Bell improving. His stretch and pick on last night’s in-the-hole throw from Mercer was fun to watch on both the throwing end and the receiving end.

    • His defense is definitely better. And he’s clearly more confident with it, too. I especially love his commitment to throws. They’re not always great throws, but he never hesitates.

  3. I think it is premature to say that Will Craig won’t deliver power, 6 foot 3 and around 215 lbs is not a weakling, his swing seems compelling, will (pun intended) take that and let the power come as he progresses… Never understood the naysayers on this pick, to me, he is money in the proverbial bank, patience…

  4. Also what the hell has to happen for Espinal and Craig to get promoted? Is Terdoslavich blocking this? He’s having an ok season but he’s 28 and a career minor leaguer.

    • I agree, especially on Craig. There is nothing left for him in Bradenton. He needs to add some power but that’s hard in the FSL.

      • The Pirates have a clear need for middle infielders who can’t really hit (or so it seems based on their roster movement). But even with a rash of injuries – Jaso can play first, Freese can play first, Osuna can play first. No need to keep Terdoslavich as organization depth.

      • All true, but with Bell in MLB, what’s the rush? I expect they will one year at each level at a time Craig in MiLB while Bell burns through his early pre-arb years.

  5. No Craig. I wonder if he was mentioned later in the article. Wasn’t a huge fan of the pick but he’s starting to grow on me.

    • Only thing I can think for a reason on Craig is BA may not rate 1b as high as other positions. Especially if they don’t have the HR power…so far…

      • There’s certainly validity to that argument and it’s why I wasn’t a huge fan of the pick at first because once he moved across the diamond his only value would be his bat. I can understand why he’s not in the BA top 100 but I think he’s hit enough to at least get in the Bucs top 10.

        • I’ve never understood that argument, mainly because here in Pittsburgh we’ve seen what bad defense at 1st can do to a team

          • It’s not about the *importance* of defense at 1B, it’s about the availability.

            Far more guys can adequately play 1B than 3B, or any other position for that matter.

            • I understand that but I just think that is somewhat offset by the 3X more chances at 1st. Bell has done a very good job this year on scooping balls out of the dirt.
              Last few years that was a major problem for this team. It even caused Hurdle to IMO screw up & start Srod in playoffs the year he couldn’t hit anything, but Pedro came off major success hitting in Playoffs.

  6. I like tucker over newman and where is graig? hayes slugging % needs to improve to be that high and jennings is not that high on his talent.

  7. Surprised they have Hayes so far ahead of Tucker. I think kind of highly of Tucker. I sure don’t see Brault ahead of Tucker either. Sure Brault has probably risen his stock a bit this year, but Tucker has the upside of a pretty good starting SS.

    • good post, as piraterican21 said maybe something to do with knocking on the door in comparison to continued development, not sure, impossible (to me) to get it right for everyone….

    • It’s likely more an indication of little separating a whole slew of prospects. The actual placement probably means little.

    • I am surprised no Will Craig. You cannot keep the guy off base. Cole Tucker to me is our SS of the future and should be higher. Tucker especially with his speed has given that extra dimension to his game that should catapult him over Newman but, for some reason, major outlets think Kevin Newman is the next coming of Jesus. If the knock on Tucker is durability, look no further than Austin Meadows, I don’t think he was born with hamstrings.

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