Austin Meadows Out With Minor Oblique Tightness

INDIANAPOLIS — Austin Meadows has missed the past three games and is not in Monday’s lineup due to slight oblique tightness, but it appears he will be back in the lineup soon.

The tightness is not due to a specific play, Meadows said, but speculated it might be due to the heavy work he’s done in the cages over the past few weeks as he returned from a hamstring injury.

“All I’ve been doing is swinging a lot in Florida coming back from the hamstring,” Meadows said. “I had a good amount of swings, so maybe it’s just got a little tight from that but I think it’s really nothing more than precautionary.”

Meadows took swings in the indoor cage on Monday and said he felt fine afterwards. He could be back in the lineup as soon as Tuesday.

“It’s obviously a precautionary thing,” Meadows said. “I don’t want anything else to happen because I’ve already dealt with the hamstring but for me I felt really fine. I definitely feel ready to go.”

Meadows suffered a hamstring strain in late-June and just returned to Triple-A during the most recent road trip, hitting 2-for-5 in his first game back with Indianapolis before going 0-for-5 in his next two games. He never left a game early with his oblique tightness, but did not play when the team traveled to Syracuse over the weekend.

After missing almost two months with a hamstring injury, the oblique injury, albeit it a small bump in the road, is frustrating.

“It’s tough because you just don’t know why but you have to realize there’s a plan in place. For me, coming back from the hamstring, working hard to get back on the field for six or seven weeks. The frustrating part is trying to keep your body healthy, but sometimes it doesn’t.”

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Michael Sankovich

when he went on that tear at Altoona early last season which led to the Indy promotion, I think few thought he’d be in this situation more than a year later. It really has been a wasted near season and a half. It’s been commented on here by some already, but the pedestrian performances of Newman & Meadows probably biggest minor league disappointments for the organization in 2017.


China doll, not a good sign… Certain athletes break down more than others and looks Like Austin will be one of these types. Some injuries are legit and some players can’t play through minor injuries and a little discomfort. No excuses, it’s time for him to step up and show his worth.

Jack Reddick

Number one prospect with a 254 career avg and 5 home runs doesn’t take much to be number one!

Bill Harvey

Not disagreeing with you, but pointing out a couple things.
1. He is the #2 prospect on this site.
2. Prospects are ranked on potential and not results so much.

That being said, continually missing time with injuries will kill a prospects ranking. Also, multiple leg injuries is going to slow him down, making his bat even more important.

Dale O

Color me unenthused with this prospect.

joe s

At least Barnes is playing again.


I wonder if he could of been the trade chip to push over the top in 2015? One stud arm or bat. Never know but I’m awfully tired of hearing about this farm system when we struggle upstairs.


Brian, Is he getting that injury prone label?

Dale O

How in the world could he NOT be?

Travis P

I think we’re all frustrated if we’ve been following things, but even he said he was back to taking swings. It looks and sounds about as precautionary as can be to me.
I’m not defending management, but I’d imagine every organization would be taking similar steps in their handling.


Glad to hear he’s fine and could be back in the lineup tomorrow. Hoping he starts hitting quickly.


Just over-compensating for injury resulting in another injury…

Mike U

Sure sounds that way. I tweaked an oblique while biking a few years ago, it can be a doozy of an injury. Such a seemingly minor muscle group will hurt like hell if upset…

Mark S



Really starting to worry

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