Francisco Cervelli Placed on Disabled List; Max Moroff Recalled

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed catcher Francisco Cervelli on the disabled list with left wrist inflammation. To take his spot on the 25-man roster, the Pirates recalled infielder Max Moroff, who was pulled from today’s Indianapolis game in the second inning. Moroff is still en route to tonight’s game against the St Louis Cardinals, but is expected to be there on time. He was playing in Buffalo today and was removed around 1:30 PM.

The DL move for Cervelli was made retroactive to August 14th, so he is eligible to return in one week. Elias Diaz was already with the team, so there was no need to add a catcher.

Moroff hit just .160 with one double in nine games since being sent down two weeks ago, but he drew ten walks, to give him a .417 OBP.

  • Wabbit_Season
    August 18, 2017 4:02 pm

    “Why do you like him?”
    Billy Beane points at Pete.
    “Because he gets on base.”

  • Why don’t they just call up Stallings… he can sit and watch as well as Diaz

  • Time to DFA Benoit and Leblanc and call up some of the youngsters who are our future: Santana, Dovydas or maybe Holmes. Give Luplow some experience in RF because Lord knows what we really have in Polanco.

    • I’m gonna keep beating the Angel Sanchez drum until Tim or John tell me why he’s bad!

      • Lots of spots available next year. Really just Rivero and Hudson being the only locks (even though a lot of fans hate Hudson the only way he’s going anywhere is via trade). I would very much prefer to see Glasnow and Brault win rotation spots which would leave the following to fight for 5 bullpen spots – Kuhl, Williams, Santana, Neverauskas, Sanchez, Holmes, Schugel. I might leave Holmes in AAA to groom him as a starter. Not a lot of proven vets in there but definitely a lot of young promising arms. Getting back to your point people always seem to ask about Cumpton and Sadler post TJ and no one seems to mention Sanchez. Fans I mean.

        • Even on the site the last article he was tagged in was from way back in March. Just doesn’t seem to be drawing much attention.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    August 18, 2017 11:44 am

    Benoit, Hudson, and LeBlanc….all recent NH acquisitions, all with ERAs in the 5.00 range, and all abysmal failures and very weak links in a bullpen that costs the team yet another game last night….time to sell off some more pieces if reasonable value in prospects or International signing money can be had….start with Nova, Nicasio, Jaso, Freese, Cervelli, and even Mercer….and the 3 listed above….

  • I saw Mcguire has an 838 OPS for Toronto in 75 Abs. i know he has been hurt all year but if the powers that be don’t believe in Diaz then why trade Mcguire? Also even if the pitchers love throwing to Stewy I bet they hate seeing him up at bat

  • I don’t get a chance to see the Pirates play but I heard a couple of guys over at DK’s site (not DK) commenting on Diaz’ poor defensive performance while with the Buccos. They were shocked to poor pitch framing, poor pitch sequencing, and outright missing pitches on occasion (although they did mention cannon of an arm).
    That is not the Diaz I have been reading about. Are they wrong? Or was Diaz not settled yet in the big leagues?

    • I don’t know that you can really get a feel for those sort of traits after only 17 starts, but Diaz isn’t the type of defensive catcher that immediately sticks out. Thick body, marginal athleticism, good-not-great arm. It’s more the sum of the parts with him, and I don’t see any reason not to trust scouts that he’s an above-average defender. Probably not more than that, but no reason for “shock”.

      We’ll forever be spoiled by seeing Russell Martin in his prime.

      • Well then let me ask – wouldn’t you at least split time with Stewart at this point while Cervelli is hurt? Do pitchers carry any clout when they say “I want to pitch to Stewart, not Diaz” and does something like that really go on? I know pitchers have their favorites but after a while isn’t it time we got a good look at Diaz, especially when Cervelli is hurt? None of these questions are rhetorical. I’m asking literally.

        • Oh I wouldn’t “split” time with Stewart, I’d give Diaz every single inning and at-bat he could physically handle. The amount Stewart is playing right now is just as preposterous as giving Ryan Vogelsong 12 starts in the second half last year.

          Pitchers definitely have catcher preferences, but in this case 3/5 of the rotation were throwing to Diaz as early as last year and raved about him. I can tell you’re looking for explanations but I think you’re dead-on. This makes no sense.

  • Be careful Bob Walk, Max wants your nickname.

  • Why is Stewart starting again ahead of Diaz?
    What is Hurdle thinking (assuming he thinks at all)

    • The experience that Diaz is getting……..talking to his teammates on the bench during the game……is much better than the actual game experience…..I dunno. I have no idea. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stewart start up until Sunday. I get why they never cut Stewart. The pitchers seem to love him. But to not give Diaz some starts mixed in is just ridiculous.

      • Stew can’t start 3 games in a row w/o sustaining an injury so don’t worry, Diaz will get his chance.

        • See this is where I like to think I’m openminded. I’m listening to Steve Blass talk about how comfortable the Pirates pitchers are throwing to Stewart. Ok. That doesn’t show up in the box score. Fair enough. But at what point do the make the transition to the catcher of the future? They’re not in the playoff race. Start breaking in Diaz. For Gods sake he’s not some raw kid. He’s 26.

          • Showing 2% playoff odds, yet it is vitally important to start Stew. I don’t know what they don’t like about Diaz, maybe they’re penalizing him for violating team rules or something. So very frustrating to not know what the real problem is here.

    • Stewie’s a great guy, great teammate, etc. etc. but man oh man we’ve got a more than competent young catcher in Diaz who deserves his shot to be the #1. Couldn’t agree more.

    • #BackupQuaterbackSyndrome

  • Are we sure Jaso/Osuna/Frazier/SRod can be our RF for a while

  • forrestal59guy
    August 17, 2017 6:35 pm

    why not the mascot?

  • Why not Luplow?????