Gregory Polanco Placed on Disabled List; Elias Diaz Recalled

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed outfielder Gregory Polanco on the disabled list retroactive to yesterday. They have recalled catcher Elias Diaz to take his place on the active roster.

Polanco hurt his left hamstring while chasing after a fly ball during Saturday’s game. He has already been on the disabled list this year due to a hamstring strain and told the media afterwards that this one felt worse than the previous time. He missed exactly ten days during his last DL trip.

The Pirates went to Diaz instead of an outfielder, because Francisco Cervelli has been nursing an injured hand for some time and it caused him to leave Sunday’s game early. Cervelli won’t require a disabled list trip at this point, but having Diaz there will allow him some time off. Placing him on the DL and making it retroactive is still a possibility at this point. The Pirates also have an added outfield option for right field now that Sean Rodriguez is back with the team.

  • I’ve been steadily on the Polanco bandwagon. I’m about to jump off.

  • Meanwhile Polanco got lost in the stadium elevator trying to get the math book that he lent Marte. Polanco was looking for Marte but instead found the DL. Please sign #22. Great guy reliable and brings a really nice approach to life and family.

    • My thoughts are shifting in this direction also. The question is what should we offer and what would he accept?

      Facts are facts concerning aging ballplayers so I wouldn’t want go too long or too high.

      I would consider:
      – 4 years $80 million ($20 for years 1-4)
      – 5 years $96 mil (above plus $16 for year 5)
      – 6 yrs $108 mil (above plus $12 for yr 6)

      They could spread out the pay evenly but the logic would be paying smaller amounts for decreasing production.

      • If all were right in the Pittsburgh baseball world Cutch would get a 5 year deal this offseason, buying out his option and 4 more years for at least 85 million with the first two years at 25 million each. Essentially re-paying him upfront for past performance due to grossly outproducing his last contract while still maintaining bargaining power/contract value on the back end of the deal.

  • Well, I was wrong in another thread about one thing. They actually did call up Diaz ! Great, right ? But sorry, he ain’t playing anyway. We got to get the veteran with the .195 bat into that lineup. SMFH….

  • Sign #22

  • Kind of a lost year . Wouldn’t be surprised if they keep him out rest of season . 18 will be crucial . Must come in in great shape !!

  • Got a feeling the Pirates are going to end up with Curtis Granderson. Just $’s, no one traded, similar to Bruce to the Indians

  • justinblain1996
    August 15, 2017 5:26 pm

    I understand that with Diaz, they want him to develop more and that its beneficial to play everyday in the minors instead of maybe one start a week as a backup. But when Cervelli is injured and your two options are Stewart and Diaz, it doesn’t make sense to me that Diaz doesn’t replace Cervelli as the starter and Stewart stays the backup.

    • It all comes down to veteranosity, you silly boy!

    • The Chris Stewart thing baffles me . Fine as a backup because they hardly ever pinch hit and he is ok behind the plate . But he can’t start and get at bats more than once every 10 games . He’s close to an automatic out with NO POP !!

  • cervilli for meadows book it. yea right.

  • and, once again we go with only two legitimate OF’ers.

  • And Stewart is getting the start today and tomorrow while Diaz rides the bench….genius move

  • Was in person on a road trip to TOR sitting 1b side not far from the action. It seemed like it happened when he was coming to the ball unsure if he was going to dive or slide or slow up, and then stayed with the play long enough to limit the damage.

    • He really made a heck of a play to keep the ball from flying over his shoulder off the bounce.

  • looked like on TV he pulled it while throwing. Weird play.