Jordan George is the Pirates Prospects Player of the Month for July

Jordan George was promoted to Altoona at the end of July, playing his final four games of the month at the new level. When looking over his numbers leading up to that in Bradenton, it’s easy to see why he was so deserving of that promotion. He only continued putting up strong results in Altoona. The combined effort made George the Pirates Prospects Player of the Month for July.

George hit for a .364/.440/.659 line with six homers in 102 plate appearances for Bradenton in July. What makes that more impressive is that he had a hit in 22 of the 23 games played during the month. He started the month with a 19 game hitting streak, which was snapped only by an 0-for-1 day at the plate where he walked twice and had a sacrifice bunt.

George picked up right where he left off after that, going 4-for-11 in his final three games in Bradenton, with two doubles, a triple, and a home run. He didn’t stop there, going 6-for-14 with two doubles and a home run in his first four games with Altoona.

In total, George hit for a .373/.448/.676 line with seven homers in 118 plate appearances between Bradenton and Altoona, getting a hit in 26 of his 27 games played, and reaching base safely in all 27 games.

From a prospect standpoint, the production from George in Bradenton does come with the disclaimer that he just turned 25 this past month. He was drafted in the 35th round as a college senior in 2015, and spent the 2016 season between Morgantown and West Virginia. The jump to Altoona will give a better indication of his skills at the plate. A strong final month could give him a shot at Indianapolis next year, at which point his age would be less of a factor. If he continues his hot start in Altoona, that type of move next year could very well be possible.


Indianapolis – Jordan Luplow, OF (.324/.395/.563, 81 PA, 5 HR)

Altoona – Pablo Reyes, 2B (.304/.379/.543, 104 PA, 5 HR)

Bradenton – Jordan George, OF (.364/.440/.659, 102 PA, 6 HR)

West Virginia – Clark Eagan, OF (.318/.362/.518, 94 PA, 3 HR)

Morgantown – Bligh Madris, OF (.314/.406/.523, 103 PA, 3 HR)

Bristol – Edison Lantigua, OF (.338/.466/.479, 88 PA, 1 HR)

GCL Pirates – Mason Martin, 1B (.413/.542/.978, 60 PA, 7 HR)

  • Well we need outfielders….

  • Glad to see Madris raking. He put up video game numbers in college but it’s hard to see if it would translate coming from an obscure conference. Maybe Captain Bligh will be the real deal or at least the next Jordan George.

  • I think you need a catchier name for these awards. Maybe the Adam Hyzdu Pirates Prospects Player of the Month?

    Who wouldn’t want to win a Hyzdu?

  • Tim, how good a chance does Pablo Reyes have of becoming a super-utility guy at the major league level?

    • Reyes has a chance to make the majors, but I’m not sure about being anything more than a bench player at his peak. He has some power, speed and the defensive versatility you want to see from that type of player. He is at times, his own worst enemy. I’ve been hearing better things this year, but in the past, he would take things hard. If he looked bad on a strikeout, you could almost guarantee he would do something bad on defense. Or a ground out to second base, he might half-gas it down to first base. Not being lazy, just getting mad at himself. It was an issue for years with him, but he seems to have matured as a player this year and he’s having a solid overall season.

  • With all due respect, Mason Martin had the best month of any hitter in the system. Not really debatable based on statistics posted in this article.

    • It’s about the level and time. Martin had about half of the plate appearances that George had, and was doing this in rookie ball, compared to High-A and Double-A.

    • piraterican21
      August 3, 2017 1:22 pm

      Who I see Mason Martin?

      I kid.

    • George had 118 plate appearances compared to 60 for Martin. Martin had the best half month of anyone, but that’s a huge difference in playing time