INDIANAPOLIS — Austin Meadows is having trouble staying on the field this season and it appears he will miss more games with an oblique issue.

Meadows missed five games that led into this week due to what was labeled as “slight oblique tightness.” And he was taken out of Indianapolis’ game on Sunday with “oblique discomfort.”

There’s no timetable for Meadows to return, though it appears this latest issue will cause him to miss more games.

“I wouldn’t say serious, but I would say we’re going to probably take a little harder look at it than we did last time,” Indianapolis manager Andy Barkett said.

Considering the first oblique issue led to Meadows missing five games, if this injury is given a “harder look,” one could assume Meadows may miss several games if not more.

Meadows started three consecutive days this week after returning from the oblique discomfort, but had Saturday off and told the coaching staff he felt fine prior to Sunday’s game.

In the first inning Meadows fouled off six pitches before striking out in a 9-pitch at-bat. In the third inning, Columbus left fielder Daniel Robertson made a diving catch to take away an extra base hit from Meadows.

“I think he might have aggravated something (in the long first-inning at-bat),” Barkett said. “(Meadows) said he felt it when he hit the ball in his last at-bat.”

Meadows declined an interview request as he left Victory Field.

“I haven’t spoken to him, but I would imagine he’s super frustrated,” Barkett said.

Meadows was hitting .461 in his four starts since returning from the original oblique issue, and he could have had two more hits if not for spectacular defensive plays that took those away.

A hamstring injury suffered in late-June cost Meadows almost two months of his season.

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  1. Curious where this organization rates relative to others in terms of hamstring injuries and recurrence(yes I know this was an oblique). But while hamstrings are known for recurrence, many argue they are one of easiest injuries to prevent with proper maintenance.

  2. Conditioning should be the word for Meadows, Polonco and the entire organization. Nutrition, stretching and exercise. This should be done throughout the year. Too many injuries of this nature.

  3. Doesn’t Indy’s regular season end in about 1 week? If so, he might be done for the year.
    Prediction- Jordan Luplow will make an impact with the Pirates before Meadows.

    • Know? No.

      Should be? Yes.

      I think Meadows’ health/performance are irrelevant to the Pirates as it relates to McCutchen being here in 2018 and beyond… it all comes down to money and if Bobby deems the money to be too much it then turns to how many A-ball prospects the GM can fetch.

      • Well, if Cutch is not here on opening day, it won’t be Meadows replacing him. (Meadows won’t be coming up until mid-June.)

        • Meadows, Marte, Polanco. This has been a terrible year to be an outfielder not named Cutch.

          If the Pirates aren’t at least *talking* to Cutch, they should think about it.

          • Even Cutch didn’t perform the early part. This is the season anything that could go wrong did go wrong. I’m surprised Coles arm didn’t come off in freak kitchen accident. What went right? Kuhl, Williams, SRod, Rivero, Harrison, Bell and Frazier. The way to end it would be Hurdle and Hunnington are offered a contract extension beyond picking up the options and both refuse to come back next year.

    • Nah, sign Jay Bruce. trade Cutch for a prospect haul.

      The money shouldn’t be that far off from Cutch and there will be years of control that definitely will be needed because it’s highly unlikely that all from the group of Meadows, Polanco, and Marte will be forces at the ML level.

  4. If this kid is really a future cornerstone of your organization, why not shut him down for the 2017 season at this point?

    I’d send him to whomever the finest nutritionist is or have that person sent to him – I’d send him to the finest personal trainer as it relates to baseball activity that their is or I’d have that person sent to him. THEN – after a couple months of clean health I’d let him pick up a baseball bat and glove.

    These constant injuries are ludicrous for a young man and it’s absurd to rush him back for ANYTHING this year. See ya in 2018, kid.

  5. I bet the Pirate Brass is beginning to wonder if Meadows will ever make it to PNC Park. The hamstring and now oblique injuries are the types of injuries which could be something he must contend with for his career. If that is so then he will not be the player they projected whenever he was drafted.

    • Your first sentence is ludicrous. These injuries will NOT keep him from ever making it to PNC park and to think they might be bothersome for his career is a little bit of a stretch.

      • My two cents:
        – He will play with the Pirates in 2018 – one hot/healthy streak and he will be called up
        – I would think the Pirates would be foolish to assume he will be able to stay healthy for a whole season until he proves he can do it
        – I would keep Cutch/Marte in CF/LF and I would platoon Meadows with Polanco starting in June – and I would bet that not all four of them will be healthy at the same time. If by some miracle they are then give Cutch some more time off

        • LLOYD agrees in principal to having all four dudes on the roster at some point…..but Richy Rich, you cannot platoon two lefty swingers!!!

        • Let’s see what happens with Cutch in the off season. If he is dealt then the day after Meadows passes Super 2 he will be called up. Unless he is out with an injury. I’m nearing the end with Polanco. If he doesn’t improve next year then he becomes a fourth OF. I’m not opposed to resigning Cutch and putting pressure on GP with Meadows. Perform or go to bench.

  6. Not sure the window for Meadows. But I think many had him as competing next year for a spot in the Pirates line up. Maybe winter ball and spring training will allow him to continue his development.

    • At this point, I consider him injury prone, although the label part would be subjective.

      People were calling Elias Diaz injury prone last year and one of those “injuries” was an infection and another happened during winter ball and may not have been reported if I didn’t look into it. Before that, he had no injury past in his career. So he’s someone you would consider far from injury prone, yet people were putting that label on him. I considered that ridiculous, but there’s no set amount per year that makes someone injury prone, so who is to say what is correct.

      As for Meadows, you can’t have that many issues, with all but one of them (getting hit in the eye with a throw) being game related injuries, and not have people say he’s injury prone. I wouldn’t consider this issue today any different than the oblique injury last week though. It’s the same problem and not far from when it originally happened.

      • There is no comparison between Diaz and meadows. Meadows has had injury issues dating back years. Whatever one calls it, he gets injured a lot. The eye injury was the only one that seemed flukey.

  7. Ugh I was really hoping it wasn’t an injury…he was hitting so well too. I wish he takes more days off (even when he thinks it’s fine) so this doesn’t recur again

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