The Texas Rangers have claimed infielder Phil Gosselin from the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday. The Rangers also claimed reliever Jhan Marinez from the Pirates on Thursday. Gosselin had three stints with the Pirates this season, hitting .150/.190/.175 in 28 games. He has been with Indianapolis since July 20th, and had a .266/.304/.336 slash line in 63 games. The 40-man roster now has one open spot.

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  1. Rumors are really picking up…I heard the Pirates have in fact claimed Kinsler and Harrison is going to Detroit? Which makes no sense….Also, Walker going to Milwaukee?

    What the hell is going on here?

    • My guess is that this was not necessarily planned. Most teams will put most players on the 40-man on revocable waivers at some point in August. So the Pirates put Gosselin on, and since he has an option and 550 PA of ML experience, Texas figured why the hell not.

      But for the Pirates, who now have Serpico signed through next year, Frazier beyond that, and Bostick, Moroff, Wood, Weiss and Newman at AAA, Gosselin is superfluous and potentially taking development time away from younger guys. So when Texas claims him, you let him go.

      That said, having an open spot on the 40 man does make adding a waiver claim easier. Like, I don’t know, an outfielder with two healthy legs maybe?

    • I fervently hope so. This team, even after adding S-Rod, desperately needs another bat–Brandon Phillips, Jed Lowry–in my opinion. If they acquire a starting position player to fill that bill, then the bench would be that much stronger. Brandon Phillips cleared revocable waivers. He’s available for about $300 grand for the remainder of the season. While he sometimes is like Marte with his bonehead play, he also can be very dynamic. I say go get him in the hope that being on a team that has the potential of going deep into October will get him to keep his head on straight. What do we have to lose?

  2. I will never quite understand why, with a 40-man roster that already included Moroff, Gift, Bostick and Hanson, Gosselin was a consideration in the first place. At least the other guys could (mostly) fake it at short.

    • Very stupid to trade a AAA SP for a 28 year old MI. Of course, CH never had a good thing to say about Hanson, but praised Gosselin for his professional approach. If you are looking for a goat, NH and then CH right behind him – they were going to get a clone of the 2016 SRod.

      Either way he had no future with Pittsburgh and Moroff, and Bostick will follow close behind. Newman will be the 2B to Mercer in 2018 and Tucker will take Mercer’s place shortly thereafter.

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