Francisco Cervelli Activated from Disabled List; Leaves Tonight’s Game Early

The Pittsburgh Pirates activated catcher Francisco Cervelli from the disabled list on Friday afternoon. To make room on the active roster, Elias Diaz was optioned to Indianapolis. Cervelli was placed on the disabled list last Thursday due to left wrist inflammation. The move was made retroactive to last Monday, so he was actually eligible to come off the DL yesterday.

The timing of him coming back means the Diaz won’t be recalled on September 1st, unless someone else is placed on the DL in the meantime. That would make Jacob Stallings a likely September 1st call-up, since a third string catcher is always among the first group of players recalled when rosters expand. Diaz played six games since being recalled, going 4-for-21 at the plate.

UPDATE 8:55 PM: Cervelli’s return didn’t even last half of a game. He left early with left quad discomfort according to the Pirates. His status is listed as day-to-day. I mentioned Diaz being able to come back earlier if someone went on the DL and it might just be Cervelli again. We will find out more tomorrow I’m sure.

  • Cervelli is a backstop. He gets hit by more pitches than he catches. Any baseball person knows than Diaz is a better catcher. I still don’t know what “pitch framing” is..NH has a $21 mil problem. Stallings has also made himself a #2. CH has to realize that young players are as good or better than washed up veterans.

  • For what it’s worth, I don’t think that NH needs to go. He needs to be able to spend money without worrying that it’s going to cripple his budget for the next 3 years with a bad contract. Giving contracts to players who have performed well for the Pirates is nothing to be angry about. Did Cervelli have a lengthy injury history, yeah. But the Pirates(or Hurdle) are very good about making sure he gets time off. Just turned out they bet wrong, and he’s hurt a lot. Therein lies my first point about NH now being crippled with this contract and his budget.

    • Cervelli was signed to his extension when Diaz was lost to injuries for a year, and it was uncertain whether he could return as one of his injuries was his throwing arm. The signing seemed prudent for that reason. The alternative would have been another trade, or Stallings, a decent FA catcher would have been too expensive.

  • One season of bad performance is one thing, but this team is in need of a over haul in all areas. But I suspect nothing of consequence will or can happen. Who in their right mind would consider working for this ownership and President.

    • Are you kidding ? If they open up that GM position you will find out pretty fast just how many people ” in their right mind ” would like that job ! There are only 30 of those jobs and they will receive more apps than you could think of.

  • This game was a microcosm of the season. Cervelli gets hurt with another muscle strain. Nova is terrible on the road. Joggin Jaso trots to first watching his fly ball then doesn’t even run harder when it drops. J-Hay does the same on a ball to right then turns it on around first and is almost thrown out. Josh Bell, the Anti-Pedro, gets them back in the game, only to see Hudson give up 2. Stevenson strikes out 11 and the record vs the Reds falls to 2-9.

    • I think the locker room gave up at the deadline when NH did nothing except pick up two lottery picks for Watson and get a washed up 40 year old reliever! 2017 is over. No need to try. Cole knows he will be gone by August 1 next year and Cutch knows the same thing. Kris Stewart and his 3 RBI play, while Diaz rides the pine! I could go on but why bother. They’ve checked out for the year and I have as well

  • Enough with Cervelli. Like with so much of this team…time for new voices in the front office and in the clubhouse. Play the young talent. Trade off the valuable parts for young help and for god sake spend some money on players that are serious about winning and can be good role models for the young players. Too many current clubhouse leaders content with being average. The heart of the team left with players like Burnett and Martin.

  • And here is the problem with folks who fall in love with $/WAR

    Cervelli has a good season with the Pirates and signed an extension early into the second year and they say: “oh my…he’s put up so much WAR so far that, even if he doesn’t accumulate anymore, the Pirates win based on what they paid him!!!!”

    Meanwhile, he’s deadweight, always injured, and blocking a prospect. Yeah, $/WAR is a silly metric…

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    August 25, 2017 9:14 pm

    The incompetence of the management of this team and franchise is just remarkable….the team is out if the playoffs hunt (not mathematically yet, but in reality they are) and they send Diaz down and keep Stewart and his .200 avg and gumby arm. They start Jaso in RF, with his .215 avg and don’t play Osuna.

    If possible, they need to try to trade Nova, Freese, Mercer, Nicasio, Jaso, Hudson, and Cervelli and try to get some position player talent who can hit into the middle and upper levels (High A and up).

    Please fire NH as soon as this season mercifully ends – clean the front office and bring people in with some common sense and can judge talent and won’t block their own prospects with mediocre veterans and then complain about payroll.

  • So what else is new!

  • Indy to Cincy = 1 hour

  • The forecast for this organization: not good.

    • Do you consider yourself redundant?

      • Where you been my man? You disagree? Please expound.

        • I don’t disagree. But, everytime I scroll through the comments it appears you’re getting off on the Pirates having a bad season.

          I used to enjoy your comments, then you just got extremely negative…

          • I hate the Pirates having a bad season. I can assure you of that.

            Been frustrating in Piratesland. I just don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel with this current Front Office. But losses are not enjoyable, ever.

          • BuccosFanStuckinMD
            August 25, 2017 9:16 pm

            On this site, describing the obvious is considered negativity….it needs some “safe spaces” for those who cannot handle reality….

            • I dunno man, do you need a safe space because you get tired of people calling you out on your persistent complaining? For what its worth, i agree with you. Hurdle needs to go, NH probably should go as well. But its the condescending way you tear people down. The, “if you have a different opinion than me, i am superior to you” statements. I had an ex girlfriend just like that. Getting angry because its pointed out is no better than snowflakes crying for a safe space.

              • BuccosFanStuckinMD
                August 26, 2017 12:08 am

                “if you have a different opinion than me, i am superior to you” statements.

                You want to show me something I posted that even remotely suggested such a thing?

              • BuccosFanStuckinMD
                August 26, 2017 12:09 am

                So, because I disagree with someone “I am tearing them down”?? Wow, that is amazing….

            • What you participate in is not obvious or being a *realist*

              You have this air about you of being a complete know-it-all, you never have anything good to say about the team, or the org. Even the smallest of moves and you’re throwing a fit and taking it out of context….You go on and on about Stew, but fact is, he’s the best defensive catcher on the team, look at ERA’s when he catches, look at Diaz’s. Look at framing metrics. Diaz is nowhere near the defensive catcher Stew is at this point in his career,

              • BuccosFanStuckinMD
                August 26, 2017 12:06 am

                Stewart best defensive catcher on the team? That is laughable….if you don’t count his fielding or throwing, yes he’s great defensively. Check the standings…who is the realist and who is the delusional kool-aid drinker?

                Framing metrics? This is baseball, not quantum physics.

                • Framing saves runs and pitches….Apparently, Quantum Physics and advanced baseball is beyond you….Then again, you were the guy screaming that Glasnow was ready in 2015 and he should’ve been part of the staff during the race. You also wanted Jared Lakind in the pen last year, among others.

      • If he isn’t redundant, you could say he is repetitive.

  • Down here in Texas we are asking the Feds to change the name of Hurricane Harvey to Kris Stewart so it won’t hit anything.

  • This is un-fricking-believable. I know the rationale will be that it’s only for a week or so, but if that’s the case, why couldn’t Cervelli simply have rested his latest boo-boo for another week while the team suited up a better player instead?

    Among other things, this is a clear signal that Cervelli — and Stewart — will get every start in September while Diaz collects splinters again.

    Did I mention this was un-fricking-believable?

    • Diaz is not a better player.

      • Depends on what your standard is. If you’re looking for offense and defense, it’s Diaz. If it’s amusing antics in the dugout and proposals painted on old bedsheets from frustrated spinsters, Frankie gets the nod.

      • Yeah watching Kris Stewart and his 3RBI play every day was a real thrill

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        August 25, 2017 9:20 pm

        You cannot be serious….if you are, you must be NH or related to NH – because only the Pirates FO believes that…

        • Well, I am. But seeing this come from you – If NH traded Jaso for Stanton and also got the Marlins to pick up the remainder of Stanton’s contract, you’d still criticize NH. So arguing with you ain’t worth my time.

      • Diaz is the best overall catcher in the organization. Better arm than Cervelli and Stewart, better bat than both of them too. His pitch framing isn’t as good as either. I’ll take someone to keep them from stealing bases all day and not a hole in the lineup

        • No Just no.

          • Check their OPS. Cervelli has a higher OPS than Diaz in the majors, and I’m pretty sure Cevelli’s OPS in the majors is higher that Diaz’ in the minors. I know at one point it was but I haven’t looked lately, and I really don’t care to.

            Yeah, Diaz has the better arm.

            Cervelli is a much better pitch framer, by far, and calls a much better game. I’ll gladly give up the occasional stolen base for that.

  • So Diaz will be eligible on September 3rd to be recalled?

    • Sept 1

      • Got to be 10 days or when the Indy season ends. So, if they don’t make the playoffs, he can come up Sept 1 when the rosters expand. If they do make the playoffs, it’s when the playoffs end or 10 days.

        So, it could be Sept 1 or Sept 3.

        • Their season ends September 4th and that’s when he would be eligible to come back. He has to be in the minors for ten days unless someone goes on the DL. So today would be the first day, September 3rd is the tenth day, September 4th he can be activated.

          They changed that season ending rule, when teams like the Pirates were sending down starting pitchers to Bristol because their season ended the soonest. It’s now just ten days

  • Is the over/under for Cervelli staying healthy one week?