The Pittsburgh Pirates have recalled right-handed relief pitcher Dovydas Neverauskas from Indianapolis. To make room on the 25-man roster, Steven Brault has been optioned to Indianapolis.

Brault came up yesterday to provide the Pirates with a long reliever out of the bullpen and he ended up going four innings last night, throwing 64 pitches. That made him unavailable for the next 4-5 days, so they recalled Neverauskas, who last pitched on Wednesday when he threw 21 pitches.

This will be the fourth stint for Neverauskas with the Pirates this season. In six appearances for the Pirates, he has allowed three runs over nine innings, with one walk and seven strikeouts. With Indianapolis, the 24-year-old from Lithuania has allowed just two runs over his last 15.2 innings.

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  1. Why has Santana become so hit able?(auto correct does not allow for words it does not recognize). I thought he would be the first and best reliever to bring up. What happened to him?

    • All I can hope for is that September will be given over to looking at the kids (Luplow, Brault, Santana, Diaz.)
      Jaso and Stewart will hopefully be nailed to the bench!!!

    • He’s got great movement. But when I saw when his ball broke it went right over the plate. That being said when Neverauskas came up I wasn’t very impressed. But the second time and third time he was much sharper. It’s early. Give him time. Santana can follow suit.

  2. Please help me with the business side of things with Benoit???? Why isn’t he gone??? He has not had 1 positive outing since he has been here!! Shouldn’t he be gone already?? The team moral goes down when he trots on to the mound!!! The team is thinking “This is the upgrade for Tony??”

    • Morale means nothing to this management team. They acted upset that they were questioned over fans questions about being committed to winning during the winter. They have stated time after time that if supported there would be money dedicated to improvement.
      If anyone hasn’t read Paul Ziese’s column about the issues, you should look at his Post article. There’s also a good article from Jason Rollins (I think I got his name right) on Pirates Breakdown.
      Benoit should never have been acquired. Is it coincidence that his arrival closely parallels this losing streak?
      IMO there is no hope for the Pirates to win their division anytime in the near future. The guys who call the shots are content to continue as is. Need a third baseman? Nobody trades until July they say. Need an outfielder? Use a M.I., there are plenty in the system. Can’t afford money to apply on resources? Easy to pocket the suspended players savings to an appropriate time , which hasn’t come yet.
      Jaso starts in RF tonight. Stewart starts game after game while Diaz sits (at least there is a glimmer of hope that is changing).
      Cutch may well be the modern day face of the franchise, but he deserves to be traded, hopefully to a team which can contend.

      • The chances of winning this year with 3 rookie starting pitchers in the rotation were probably very slim. Really missing the power of Kang’s bat. Marte just beginning to get back to normal. Still have a chance this year, but realistically, not much of a chance. Will have to wait for next year.

    • I see a bit more promise in Benoit, but can’t understand why they attained them to begin with. Honestly, the one I’ve really been struggling with even before he was signed was Daniel Hudson. I can’t understand why other teams were in hot pursuit of him over the off season.

    • I think the act of signing a middle of the road reliever to take one of the bullpen spots (in a bad bullpen) was a good idea. He was pitching well and his only downside (age) doesn’t matter over the next two months. Also, if he tanked, we could cut him at that price.

      Now the fact that we couldn’t find a late inning guy to pitch in between Rivero and Nicasio, that was a mistake.

      Also, the fact that we consider our bullpen to be better With Benoit than with Santana, Neverauskas, Kingham, Brault, or Glasnow – that’s really scary.

    • Watson has given up 4 runs in 5 innings for the Dodgers. Both he and Benoit aren’t very good. And how do you know what the team ” moral ” is with or with out Benoit ? Is it any better or worse when Hudson comes in ?

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