Cole Tucker Out with Broken Left Hand

Cory Giger from the Altoona Mirror is reporting that Cole Tucker has a broken left hand and will be out for 4-6 weeks. That eliminates him from the rest of the playoffs obviously, but could also affect his placement in the Arizona Fall League. The AFL begins on October 10th, so the low-end estimate for his time missed would have him back in time, but the league doesn’t normally allow rehab players to play in the league. As with all AFL rules for participation, there is plenty of flexibility, so we will see if Tucker can play in the league or if he gets replaced on the roster by someone else from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Tucker hit .257/.349/.377 in 42 games with Altoona this season. He went 3-for-5 in the first game of the playoffs for Altoona, then was hit by a pitch on his foot during the first inning of last night’s game. The injury likely occurred when he was thrown out stealing third base in the first inning, although he did play an inning of defense and fielded a grounder before leaving.

This is the fourth injury for Tucker that will cause him to miss development time. During his draft year (2014), he injured his left thumb during the GCL season and missed the Fall Instructional League due to surgery for a torn UCL. The next season, he had labrum surgery near the end of the season, which had him out the last month and also cost him time at the beginning of 2016. Earlier this year, he fractured his right thumb, but ended up returning quicker than expected. He missed 22 days total, though he did take days off between games after his return, so he wasn’t full strength right away.

With Tucker being placed on the DL, Kevin Kramer will take his roster spot. Kramer wasn’t eligible to be added to the playoff roster until the second round, unless a player was placed on the DL to create an open spot. He played rehab games with the GCL Pirates and Morgantown over the last eight days, going 3-for-15 in four games, three of them at second base. Kramer had been out since early June with a broken hand.

  • I would guess the reason the AFL doesn’t allow rehab players is they don’t want teams to use it to give established players extra at bats. The purpose is to give prospects an opportunity to develop their game. If Tucker is well enough to play he should keep his spot.

  • Nicasio really looks good in the red & white….andybody want to take bets on the cardinals back in the playoffs in 2018 and the bucs not making it to .500 for the third straight year?

  • Kramer’ call up is at least one positive thing…

    I’d like to see him get a week’s worth of games in.

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  • frustrating

  • quick question.
    Is Tim Ok and Safe?
    Dr. G.

  • So much for my expectations that the AFL would put him on everyone’s radar. Now, if anything, it will be used almost like a rehab assignment. Oh well, just a slight delay to any hype build-up.

    • Most knowledgeable scouts have already checked the box on this kid. He could easily be seen as the best defensive SS in the Pirate system, with only 16 errors in 110 games played as a 20 year old at Hi A and AA. That kind of stuff is off the charts.

      A combined .350+ On Base, .400+ Slugging, and .760+ OPS and then toss in the 47 SB’s? 19 doubles/11 triples/ 6 HR, 50 RBI in only 430 AB.
      Awesome offensive numbers for a kid this young and still maturing and adding muscle.

      The future is very bright, and he has a whole off-season to recuperate, and prepare for a sold start at AA, with, I hope, a well deserved promotion to AAA.

  • Well the injuries mount and the development time dwindles. Seems like he has a few more spots on his body that he can injure so there is reason to believe that he continues to be hurt and languish in the minors. This is a shame. He is the pirates future shortstop but has to play to get there. All the luck is bad for this player and the Pirates as well.

  • If it wasn’t for bad luck….

    What baseball gods did we tick off, when did we tick them off and why were they ticked off?

    Since 1979 this org has had few things to cheer about but plenty to be ashamed/embarrassed about.

    • Maybe the baseball gods didn’t like the use of Stargell Stars, the stars being their property.

      So what do the gods do to punish us? Drug trials to heartbreaking loss in the NLCS to 20 years of losing to facing Cy Youngs in back-to-back WC games…I think we’ve paid our debt.

      • Looks like karma has finally caught up with the A’s for cheating there way to the 1989 WS. Now, if the Baseball Gods would do the same to the cheating Cards and consider time served for the Buccos, I would be a happy guy.

    • Does Penn State get revenge, or do my Panthers get the upset?