Ivan Nova Leaves Early with Right Calf Discomfort

Ivan Nova left today’s game against the Cincinnati Reds in the seventh inningĀ with right calf discomfort according to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Nova threw six shutout innings before allowing a lead-off homer to Jesse Winker in the seventh. The next batter doubled, then after retiring Joey Votto, Nova issued a one-out walk. After a visit from trainer Todd Tomczyk, Nova left the game.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that Starling Marte has been out of the lineup for the last two days due to multiple injuries suffered on a slide into third base on Wednesday. Adam Berry from MLB.com notes that Marte injured both his left shoulder and a finger on the slide.

It doesn’t sound serious, but there are only two weeks left in the season, the Pirates are about to be officially eliminated from both the division and wild card races (which could happen today with wins by Cubs and Rockies), and they have plenty of players on the bench who can fill his spot. So there is no reason to rush him back, which would also apply to Nova if he is questionable for his next start.

The Pirates lost today’s game 2-1 to the Reds. Andrew McCutchen hit his 26th homer. The loss dropped them to 68-81 with 13 games left in the season.

  • John, did you ever get complete information on this years Pirate’s international signings? I guess this is the only team in baseball that hides this information from the fans. Instead of getting some positive publicity from the signings they hide the information from the fans. Makes no sense at all even if they go cheap every year and do not go after the higher priced players in the market. The signings provide hope that the future will be brighter but I guess Pirate management doesn’t see it that way. At least provide a link to the signing tracker.

  • Marte hurt again… Man who could have seen that coming? Been a few days since Polanco last came up lame, guess he’s due too.

    Meh, better trade McCutchen… wouldn’t want a reliable star player in the outfield.

    Go Bucs. No seriously, go.

  • it’s a mistake to go into next year with roughly the same core imo. they had their success. now it’s over. gotta retool.

    but who knows. maybe everyone will start next year fresh, and push for a playoff spot one last time. doubtful though.

  • Bucs are in a divisional race. just the wrong end.

    • That’s a good one!
      Unfortunately its true. We’re a lot closer to be in a race with Cincy than with the top of the division, and the same will be true as long as NH is in charge. He’s not going to blow up this team because it would reflect poorly on him. Nor will he deviate from his past way of adding to the team in the off season, because he wants the perception that we’re a player or two from being right there.
      This team has so many needs that we the non-professionals can figure out, but the front office just counts the coins and stays the course. We’re being played!

  • I was really wrong about this team. I thought this was an 81-82 win team coming into this year. Not even close, even if Kang was here. Time to rip the band aid off NH.

    • Total lack of stars on this team. We have a lot of nice players but you have to have a couple of bellcows and we don’t have any true allstars, Our best player is our closer

      • Yes. With Cutch past his peak(and leaving soon) and other members of the 2013-15 team gone such as Walker you need impact, young talent and this team simply hasn’t acquired enough. All this talk about Josh Bell and he has .8 FWAR on the year…

        Mediocre drafting is catching up with this team.

      • Seems we are only developing a group of utility players and none who even look like an everyday player. Cutch is still a very good player, Harrison is above average and Bell is improving. After that, we have a group of nice men. Polanco is a super underperformer…maybe just average a hyped. Marte is a superb athlete but baseball brains no. It’s time blow this thing up. We may catch the Reds for 5th place. And Huntington gets 4 more years. Any other business and he’d have packed his bags.

      • Bell has 55 EBH and ‘Cutch has 54. One is a Rookie and the other is not real anxious about trying to assume a leadership position when he knows any day he could be gone.

        Our pitching is 13th of 30 in MLB with an ERA of 4,29. The Pirates can be a winner based on that pitching. But, our hitting is a putrid 28th of 30 MLB teams in batting with a .244 average, and our OPS is .706 which is also 28th of 30 MLB teams. With the natural hitters on this team, it is hard to imagine numbers that ridiculously low!

        • michael schalke
          September 17, 2017 11:29 am

          Speaking to Cutch’s leadership position, he’s never been a leader his entire career. He should have been anxious to do so a long time ago.

  • Nova needs one more start for a $750k bonus. Getting skipped in rotation last week cost him chance at $1M bonus for 32 starts. Do you think he’d file a complaint if Bucs shut him down?

    • Not with the way he was pitching. He had a 5.74 ERA in his previous 14 starts. Pirates have a much better case for removing him from the rotation and avoiding any bonuses than he has for being skipped. Despite the objections of numerous fans, he will start again this year and get hit his second bonus level.

    • Just to be clear on the components of that $1 million bonus, Nova made $250K for getting to 28 starts. He’ll make an additional $500K for reaching 30 starts and would’ve made another $250K for getting to 32 starts. So he may lose $750K or $250K depending on whether he’s shut down, but he’s not losing a million.

      • It’s actually the amount listed for each level, not broken down like you have it. His contract was 3/24, $2M signing bonus and the ability to make $2M (250+750+1.0M) each year. Plus he has $325K for winning the Cy Young