Jordan Luplow is the Pirates Prospects 2017 Minor League Player of the Year

One year ago at this time, Jordan Luplow was finishing a season in High-A. He struggled a bit during the first two months of the year, but finished strong in the second half, getting him set up for a promotion to Double-A at the start of the 2017 season.

A year later, Luplow finds himself in the majors. There was no slow start this time around, as he hit for a .287/.368/.535 line in 288 plate appearances, before getting a quick promotion to Indianapolis. Luplow continued putting up those numbers in Triple-A, with a .325/.401/.513 line in 182 plate appearances.

The combination between the two levels led to Luplow being the Pirates Prospects 2017 Minor League Player of the Year.

In total, Luplow combined to put up a .302/.381/.527 line in 470 plate appearances, along with 23 homers. He led the minor league system in homers, despite being promoted to the majors at the end of the year. He also had the highest OPS of anyone with more than 300 plate appearances, excluding all of the short-season players.

The Pirates took notice with this performance, promoting Luplow to the majors, and giving him some priority playing time during the month of September. He’s in the same lineup now as Josh Bell, who won this award the previous three years. At this point, Luplow could be putting himself in position to stick in the majors next year, meaning we probably won’t see a repeat of this award.

Below you will find our Minor League Players of the Year for each level in the farm system, our previous overall award winners, and the 2017 monthly awards.

Previous Pirates Prospects Minor League Players of the Year

2016 – Josh Bell

2015 – Josh Bell

2014 – Josh Bell

2013 – Andrew Lambo

2012 – Gregory Polanco

2011 – Starling Marte

2017 Pirates Prospects Minor League Players of the Year By Level

Indianapolis – Chris Bostick, UTIL (.294/.362/.418, 7 HR, 549 PA)

Altoona – Pablo Reyes, 2B (.274/.356/.410, 10 HR, 483 PA)

Bradenton – Mitchell Tolman, 2B (.267/.360/.399, 10 HR, 505 PA)

West Virginia – Albert Baur, 1B (.298/.367/.439, 8 HR, 442 PA)

Morgantown – Tristan Gray, 2B (.269/.329/.486, 7 HR, 234 PA)

Bristol – Edison Lantigua, OF (.307/.411/.477, 4 HR, 207 PA)

GCL Pirates – Mason Martin, 1B (.307/.457/.630, 11 HR, 166 PA)

2017 Pirates Prospects Player of the Month Awards


Overall – Kevin Kramer

Indianapolis – Chris Bostick

Altoona – Kevin Kramer

Bradenton – Logan Hill

West Virginia – Ty Moore


Overall – Max Moroff

Indianapolis – Max Moroff

Altoona – Jordan Luplow

Bradenton – Cole Tucker

West Virginia – Clark Eagan


Overall – Will Craig

Indianapolis – Eric Wood

Altoona – Jordan Luplow

Bradenton – Will Craig

West Virginia – Hunter Owen


Overall – Jordan George

Indianapolis – Jordan Luplow

Altoona – Pablo Reyes

Bradenton – Jordan George

West Virginia – Clark Eagan

Morgantown – Bligh Madris

Bristol – Edison Lantigua

GCL Pirates – Mason Martin


Overall – Jacob Stallings

Indianapolis – Jacob Stallings

Altoona – Cole Tucker

Bradenton – Ty Moore

West Virginia – Albert Baur

Morgantown – Lucas Tancas

Bristol – Ben Bengtson

GCL Pirates – Rodolfo Castro

  • Just for fun, I looked up the Minor League Players of the Year as selected by Baseball America and USA Today. Here they are:

    2011: BA: Mike Trout; USA Today: Paul Goldschmidt
    2012: BA: Wil Myers; USA Today: Wil Myers
    2013: BA: Byron Buxton; USA Today: Xander Bogaerts
    2014: BA: Kris Bryant; USA Today: Kris Bryant
    2015: BA: Blake Snell; USA Today: Blake Snell
    2016: BA: Yoan Moncada; USA Today: Alex Bregman
    2017: BA: Ronald Acuna (OF Braves); USA Today: TBD

    Feel free to comment.

  • Question about our awful offense: Is it an organizational philosophy, or a batting coach issue, or does the organization lack the ability to scout good young hitters? It seems every other team in our division finds good young hitters but us. I personally would rather watch 9-8 or 8-7 games then turn the TV on and it be 0-0 in the 7th and know we are going to lose.

    • It’s a great question. I have no idea what the correct answer is. I wish somebody would figure it out though.

      • Here we are again struggling to get a run off of a guy throwing in the mid-80’s! It is disgusting!

  • 2014 Draft uber-alles unite!

    Worthy selection as PoY.

  • Small sample size, blah, blah, blah…but since he started getting regular starts on 9/2, Jordan’s hit .289 with an .829 OPS.

    Just a tad better than the .000/.077 he notched when he was being used primarily as a replacement.

    Now let’s make sure he, Frazier, Osuna, and Moroff get as many PAs as possible for remainder of the season while Jaso, Freese, S-Rod, and an OF or two play out the season on the bench.

    • I very much agree with that. This losing we’re doing presently while completely forgetting about Moroff and Osuna makes it hard to watch anymore. How at this point can you be playing Jaso, Stewart and S-Rod?

      • Oh Hurdle isn’t completely forgetting about Osuna…he’s just taking away at-bats from Bell in order to get the former into the lineup.

        Tonight’s game will be the tenth time in the last 11 starts against a LH starter where Bell has been benched for Osuna.

        Hell of a way to develop the best bat in the system.

  • Early but I see a lot of hope for Luplow at MLB level even with slow start. I just hope his swing doesn’t get Bransoned.

  • I think Luplow has a reverse platoon split be nice if he played 3b

  • Great year for Luplow and well deserved. The PIrates farm system took a considerable hit in 2017 but Luplow was a clear positive.

    • By considerable hit, what do you mean?

      • Probably that a lot of players graduated to MLB and are no longer prospects.

      • Baseball America has this system ranked 7th coming into this year. I’m thinking next year it’s no higher than 12 at best and could be as low as 16 or 17. Probably comes in somewhere close to 15th best farm system.

        Keller had a great year and will almost certainly be bumped up from 65 HIGH to 65 Medium and be our #1 prospect. But Meadows will definitely take a hit and drop from 60 Medium I’m guessing. Baz will have a high ceiling but a lot of risk. After that…pretty big drop. Tucker might be upgraded somewhat.

        But no getting around the fact that Meadows and Newman had very poor years. And let’s not talk about Will Craig

        • I see it as a combination of players graduating to the majors and the lack of much real impact talent behind them. But I agree that the system will take a hit in its rankings.

          • No doubt that is part of it. I’m guessing Bell and Glasnow are off the list next year. Problem is they have yet to really make an impact at MLB level. Hopefully that changes next year in a big way.

  • it’s going to be fun seeing him and Polanco combine for a .850 OPS and 5 WAR in a platoon next year

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