Marlins Reportedly Fire Jim Benedict and Marc DelPiano

The Miami Marlins have reportedly fired Marc DelPiano and Jim Benedict, who were both formerly with the Pirates, and signed away by the Marlins for high-profile roles. DelPiano was signed to be the vice president of player development, while Benedict was signed to be the vice president of pitching development.

Because both moves happened after the 2015 season, the Pirates got compensation. The Marlins signed DelPiano first, which isn’t an uncommon move. It is uncommon for a team to take two high-level people away from one organization. So when the Marlins wanted Benedict, the Pirates worked out a trade to get Trevor Williams in return.

Benedict and DelPiano were both assistant general managers with the Pirates. Both played big roles in advanced scouting for the MLB team, scouting the upcoming opponents a series or two before the Pirates would play that team. DelPiano contributed in a big way with free agent scouting, recommending Russell Martin, among others.

But the most known was Benedict, who played a big role with young pitchers and reclamation projects, and was part of the system that led to the Pirates having so much success from 2013-2015.

It’s not surprising to me that he didn’t have the same success with the Marlins. Everything I’ve heard about that organization sounds dysfunctional. Benedict had success with the Pirates because the scouting, development, and coaching departments were all working on the same page towards a common goal. You can’t just take a coach and expect the same results without the scouting or development.

I think Benedict and DelPiano would be great additions for the Pirates to try and bring back. I also think it would be difficult in either case, as the Pirates have already replaced them with internal options. For example, since Benedict left, the Pirates have promoted Scott Mitchell and Justin Meccage to higher roles. It would be tough to bring Benedict back in a role above them after watching him leave two years earlier.

At the same time, you want to have as much talent in the organization as possible, so if the Pirates can find a way to get Benedict and/or DelPiano back, it would be a good addition.

  • I hope the pirates hire him back. Pitching hasn’t been as good since he left.

  • Give them a “Project Manager” title and get it done!

  • Fitting either of these guys back into the fold, as Tim says, would be difficult, but it’d be nice to try and create something, especially for Benedict, who was doing wonders with Searage on young Pirate pitchers.

  • If Jim Benedict knows (or can figure out) what’s wrong with Tyler Glasnow, and how to fix it, he’s worth almost any amount of money.

  • Gone to Texas, with Banny.

  • Mis…take

  • They left for what was supposed to be a better opportunity. It didn’t work out. They will not return to the Pirates as there is no place for them now. They will hook up with another organisation and be just fine.

  • I’d be surprised if there’s not some texts and calls from Pittsburgh. Too often Neal is bunched together with Nutting, but whether it’s been Neal or Frank…. someone has done a terrific job hiring and seeing some really good upper management come through Pittsburgh over the last 10+ years.

  • I say we pull the old Travis Snider for Steven Brault / Stephen Tarpley and then bring Snider back on the cheap type of deal.

  • So now we’ll see how smart Derek Jeter is after all – can’t see how he’ll find a better person. Bring them both back, agreed. As tough as it is to be a Pirates fan, must be worse to be a Marlins fan – even their successes totally sucked

    • They have recent WS championships I think I would rather be in there shoes than ours. At least they have new ownership and the best player on the planet

      • The “best player” who they are talking about trading in a salary dump. BTW, on his worst day, Mike Trout is better than Giancarlo Stanton.

  • Bring them both back, and still have Trevor Williams. That Marlin organization is sure going to go through a lot of changes with the new ownership. Let the fire sale begin.

  • Bring them both back.

  • That certainly would be interesting if he came back to the Pirates.