Pirates Activate Wade LeBlanc and Joaquin Benoit from Disabled List

The Pittsburgh Pirates activated both lefty reliever Wade LeBlanc and right-handed reliever Joaquin Benoit from the disabled list today on the first day of expanded rosters. As mentioned here earlier this morning, they aren’t expected to call up anyone from Indianapolis today.

Some of the September additions will just come from players like Francisco Cervelli, Adam Frazier and George Kontos coming off the disabled list, while it appears that they are letting the players in Indianapolis stay with the team through the playoffs. Edgar Santana could be the lone exception, but he isn’t eligible to be added to the active roster until tomorrow. He was sent down to Indianapolis on August 23rd and must spend ten full days with the team before being recalled.

  • I like having Jaso around still, because he strikes me as the sort of guy who can be like an extra coach in the dugout (and when he retires in a few years, I expect him to become an actual coach), but that’s what he should be doing, not playing. He’s a good resource, I think, especially for Bell, with whom there are a lot of parallels (converted to first base and had to learn kind of on the fly, similar approaches at the plate, dreadlocks), but he can serve that role without starting. Let Osuna and Luplow have those starts and at bats.

    Stewart can stay on the roster until Cervelli’s healthy, but he should be backing up Diaz. Diaz is a better player. It’s that simple.

  • incomprehensible! They waive a decent reliever and then activate these 2 who are awful. Team now clearly working toward last place finish. Huntington, Hurdle, Cooney and Nutting all need to disappear. Just disgraceful. These moves stink so badly they can be smelled all the way over here in Australia!

  • John Jaso has to play if he is going to get the MVP. MVPs do not sit out September.

  • Decisions like this justifiably cause fans to wonder if the front office knows what it’s doing. We just activated 2 pitchers who no team wants even at minimum wage for what possible reason? What a bizarre mess the season has been and continues to be.

  • We cleared up all those innings so we could get Benoit the ball. I am so excited to see what he can do!

  • Well, the good news for all of us, is that both Stewie Mendoza and John “Hat in Hand” Jaso are both in the lineup tonight. Looks like Reds take 2 out of 3.

    • Utterly pathetic

    • R we playing to stay out of last place or playing for last place. Management talking out of both sides of their mouth. I thought our GM said after letting Nicosia go they were making room fo younger players and then they start Jaso and Stewart.

      • Possibly a disconnect between the front office and the field? Check the contracts of Jaso and Stewart – any incentive clauses as was the case with Vogelsong and Rodriguez last year?

    • If they are playing Stewart and Jaso instead of Diaz and Osuna then Hurdle should be fired before the first note of the national anthem!

      • The guy is not going to change his MO. As they say in Zootopia, “it’s in his dunna”.

        Is it his fault? If it is his fault, then whoever pulls his strings is not doing their job either.

    • Hahahaha! Jaso and Stewart RBIs. Maybe Clint knows something we don’t know. (bucco99, this is not aimed at you).

  • I can’t see a reason why Benoit should throw a pitch for the rest of year unless he’s the only guy available. Why bother giving him a roster spot?

    • Couldn’t agree more. Makes no sense by Benoit and LeBlanc are currently on the roster. Let the young guys go at it.

  • Are we trying to get to the #1 pick for next year?

    • playing jaso and stewart does help that cause.

      it all makes sense now!

    • Andt that’s why they let Nicasio go to the Phillies. The BMTIB is hoping he helps the Phillies win enough games in September to pass the Pirates.

  • If the Bucs were willing to give Wade LeBlanc away for nothing, why not just DFA him? I know they have to pay the rest of this salary, but with rosters expanded, there isn’t really a replacement cost, is there?