Pittsburgh Pirates Sign the Younger Brother of Prospect Sherten Apostel

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed 17-year-old first baseman Shendrik Apostel, who is the younger brother of prospect Sherten Apostel. The younger Apostel is a big kid, who has had some success in international competition, including the 2012 Little League World Series. At the time of the LLWS, when he was 12 years old, he already stood 6’2″, 189 pounds and showed off easy power. He has grown to 6’5″ and filled out (225 lb range), with a strong frame for a player his age and raw power as his main tool. Shendrik bats and throws right-handed.

I talked to one of the DSL Pirate players who recently saw him play and he backed up the scouting reports, saying “He is very strong. Easy power.”

Shendrik has been at the Dominican academy this summer and will take part in the Dominican Fall Instructional League there next month, which has approximately the same start/end time as the Arizona Fall League. Then he should open up next season in the DSL, where he will compete for time at first base with Ronaldo Paulino and Matthew Mercedes, two players who can also play third base. Sherten Apostel played third base in the DSL this season and put up big numbers, including a .917 OPS, finishing second in the league with nine homers and 56 walks. He is currently in Bradenton for the Fall Instructional League and will begin 2018 in the U.S., opening up third base for the DSL Pirates next year.

Until this signing, the Pirates had just one player in the system recently from Curacao (Sherten Apostel obviously). It’s a country that has produced 15 Major League players, including Yurendell de Caster, who came up through the farm system for the Pirates and played in Pittsburgh during the 2006 season. With the recent breakout performance of Sherten Apostel, it’s not a bad gamble to sign his younger brother, who has a nice track record of success and some huge power potential in his bat.

The Pirates have turned into a family friendly organization in the last year, signing the younger brother of Pablo Reyes, then drafting the younger brother of West Virginia pitcher Mike Wallace. Samuel Reyes pitched well for the GCL Pirates, while Gavin Wallace had a nice season pitching for Morgantown. They already had Gift Ngoepe and his brother Victor, a shortstop in the GCL who has some defensive potential and speed.

None of these signings seem to be based solely on the success of their brother rather than their own merits, but it is a lot of sibling combos. At least on the international side, it may have helped the Pirates get the younger brothers by already having the older ones signed.

  • Where is the international tracker?

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    September 29, 2017 9:39 pm

    What did he sign for? I don’t see that mentioned?

  • it’s nice to see huntington continue to acquire players with power potential

  • Didn’t they have brothers from Australia too?

    • Nope. In fact, they don’t even have any players signed out of Australia anymore. They have Robbie Glendinning and Sam Street, who were born in Australia, but both went through school in the U.S. and were draft picks.

      You might be thinking of Sam Kennelly, who had three brothers who played pro ball. None of them ever played for the Pirates though, and Sam was released back in January.

  • Does Barry Bonds have a son?

  • Family friendly, continuing in the tradition of Gene and George Freese, Johnny and Eddie O’Brien, oh yeah, and Paul and Lloyd Waner.

  • So ending 20 years of losing is one thing, but does Huntington have some kind of messiah complex with signing up these Apostels?

  • Everyone’s favorite sausage slugger, Randall Simon, was also from Curaçao.

    • Yeah, it’s not the best list of players from the country, but it’s mostly newer players so the quality of play is getting better in the country. I only mentioned de Caster because he was developed in the system, while Simon was already in the majors for about five seasons before the Pirates got him.

      • What is the status of Del Santos? There were 2, same last name, felt like one was an OF and other 3B….highly regarded couple years ago…have they fallen by wayside or still prospects….just curious

        • I believe you mean Michael and Julio de la Cruz? Neither has developed as a prospect. Michael had a lot of issues after his big season in the DSL, both on and off the field. Julio is an odd one recently. If they had MVP awards for Extended Spring Training, from what I’ve been told, he would be the frontrunner for the award in each of the last two years. Once the games count though, he has done nothing. Wouldn’t surprise me if neither is around when next year starts

      • I thought we got de Caster in the minor league portion of the rule V.

        • Yes, in 2000, took five full seasons to get him to the majors, so that counts as developing him. I worded it that way on purpose “came up through the system” instead of saying they signed him out of Curacao.

    • Oddly Curacao received it’s baseball indoctrination from its former colonial country The Netherlands. Baseball is very big in The Netherlands especially in the south of the country. I worked in country and they have a very active youth baseball organization.