I’ve had a few questions over the weekend about the Pirates Prospects app not working, which means it’s a good time for another reminder and update about the status of the app.

The app is currently undergoing a rebuild, due to a lot of problems with the previous app. As part of that process, the old app was disabled over the weekend. You can still access the mobile version of the site on all devices, along with the desktop version.

If you can’t access the site on the mobile or desktop versions, it means your subscription has expired. One of the big flaws with the old app was that iPhone users whose accounts had expired were still getting access to the site via the app. The site wouldn’t work for them on the desktop or mobile versions, but the app would still allow access. We removed the app from the Apple store a few months ago, but unless you deleted it from your phone or got a new phone, you still would have had access up until this point.

If your access to the site has expired, you can sign up for a new plan here.

We’re hoping to get the new version of the app running at some point in the next month or two. There are a few other changes that need to take place before that happens, such as an update to the subscription software, and an update to the site software and theme.

Pay It Forward

A few weeks ago we announced the Pay It Forward campaign for Pirates Prospects. The program allows you to purchase a gift subscription for a teacher during the month of September. We also have an ongoing program to offer gift subscriptions to college students. We currently have people on the waiting list for both teachers and students, hoping for a gift subscription.

If you would like to Pay It Forward and buy a subscription for a teacher or a student, you can do so on the products page.

If you are a teacher or a student and want to be added to the waiting list, e-mail tim@piratesprospects.com with the subject of either “Teacher Waiting List” or “Student Waiting List”.

Playoffs and September Coverage

The 2017 season is winding down, and the Pirates don’t have much to play for from a standings angle. However, Indianapolis and Altoona are currently in the playoffs, and we will be providing live playoff coverage for both teams. In the majors, Alan Saunders will be looking at what each player is focused on during the final months, while providing coverage of all the young players making the jump or adjustments in the big leagues.

Once the minor league season is over, we will start recapping the individual team seasons, with top ten prospect lists for each team. We will also have our yearly awards, along with some season-ending analysis. We will do the same thing with analysis of the big league team next month, along with a look forward at what the team needs at each position.

As far as live coverage, the Fall Instructional League begins next week (weather permitting, as Hurricane Irma has already cancelled the Florida State League championship). I will also be covering the Arizona Fall League later in the offseason, giving a look at that loaded team that will be going out to Phoenix.

Shortly after that, the offseason will be in full swing, and we’ll have plenty of analysis on the big league roster moves. We will also be providing daily updates of the fall and winter leagues all along the way.

The season is pretty much over for the Pirates, but we never stop our coverage, with articles everyday during the offseason. If you aren’t a subscriber already, you can join us here for all of the live coverage.