Over the last few weeks, we have been releasing our top 10 prospects at each level for the Pirates in 2017, complete with the most detailed scouting reports on each player, and bonus prospects from each team. Below are the top 10 lists for all eight teams in the system, along with links to the articles with the reports, in case you missed any of them.


Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Austin Meadows

2. Tyler Glasnow

3. Kevin Newman

4. Jordan Luplow

5. Steven Brault

6. Clay Holmes

7. Elias Diaz

8. Nick Kingham

9. Max Moroff

10. Edgar Santana


Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Cole Tucker

2. Kevin Newman

3. Kevin Kramer

4. Jordan Luplow

5. Brandon Waddell

6. JT Brubaker

7. Pablo Reyes

8. Yeudy Garcia

9. Jerrick Suiter

10. Edwin Espinal


Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Mitch Keller

2. Cole Tucker

3. Ke’Bryan Hayes

4. Taylor Hearn

5. Will Craig

6. Dario Agrazal

7. Gage Hinsz

8. Logan Hill

9. Mitchell Tolman

10. Pedro Vasquez

West Virginia

Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Luis Escobar

2. Adrian Valerio

3. Eduardo Vera

4. Oddy Nunez

5. Hunter Owen

6. James Marvel

7. Cam Vieaux

8. Geoff Hartlieb

9. Matt Anderson

10. Blake Cederlind


Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Tristan Gray

2. Deon Stafford

3. Bligh Madris

4. Ike Schlabach

5. Dylan Busby

6. Jared Oliva

7. Gavin Wallace

8. Scooter Hightower

9. Chris Sharpe

10. Joel Cesar


Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Braeden Ogle

2. Domingo Robles

3. Edison Lantigua

4. Travis MacGregor

5. Alex Manasa

6. Jason Delay

7. Hunter Stratton

8. Ben Bengtson

9. Yondry Contreras

10. Drew Fischer

GCL Pirates

Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Shane Baz

2. Lolo Sanchez

3. Calvin Mitchell

4. Mason Martin

5. Cody Bolton

6. Rodolfo Castro

7. Steven Jennings

8. Jeremias Portorreal

9. Austin Shields

10. Samuel Reyes

DSL Pirates

Full article with scouting reports on each player

1. Jean Eusebio

2. Sherten Apostel

3. Francisco Acuna

4. Samuel Inoa

5. Noe Toribio

6. Samuel Reyes

7. Oliver Garcia

8. Santiago Florez

9. Pedro Castillo

10. Luis Arrieta

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  1. Seems to be a lot of International players on that DSL Pirates top 10.

    Secondly, if Cole Tucker is your top prospect at a level, IMO, that is a very weak group.

    I would like to break each group down, but suffice it to say that I think each group is pretty weak on talent. Our of every player listed, I would not be surprised to see Luplow be the best bat of the group and Brault the best pitcher of the group………probably will be Keller, but I would not be surprised if it were Brault.

    • RE: Tucker. last time i checked, shortstops who are good at hitting and fielding are pretty dang valuable.

      he’s super young for AA and just posed a .350 OBP and didnt strike out that much. That’s really impressive for a 21 year old.

      has he just not hit quite enough for you to think he’s good?

      I personally care a lot about age with respect to level. I suppose if you dont care about that, he’d seem less impressive. if i was analyzing him by thinking of him the same way i’d view a 25 year old in AA, i’d wouldnt be impressed by him.

  2. Ok, Here may be a tough question.

    Please identify anyone, yes, anyone on this list who
    could qualify as a starter on the National League
    All-Star team (if it was selected by a vote
    of the NL managers) by 2022.

    Ok, maybe I will make it easier.
    Who could make the NL All Star team by 2022
    (again if it was voted on by the NL managers) ?

    • Good/fun question. My two votes:

      1. Will Craig (See comment thread above. Lets all meet for a game at PNC in 2022 – and if Will Craig made an all star team everybody owes me a beer – or if he hasn’t then a round for everybody on me!)

      2. Cole Tucker

  3. Will Craig is my favorite prospect. Two questions about him. (1) Will he get any more time at third? Or is he on first for good now? (2) Your write-up said he needs to be more aggressive instead of seeking to get on base & keep the line moving. But if he didn’t change his approach, what’s is his MLB forecast? .300 average & .400 OBP? .275/.350? I am wondering b/c if he could develop into a .300/.400 guy I would take it even if he lacked power.

    • If he and Ke’Bryan are getting promoted together, and I think they’ll both open ’18 in Altoona, I can’t see Craig taking playing time away from Hayes. So, I think he’s stuck at first base.

      As for the second question, I’m no scout and could be dead wrong…but his results and approach remind me so much of Orlando Merced…that’s the forecast/comp I would give if you put a gun to my head

      • Orlando Merced? Looking out today he is probably more likely to have a career like Chris McGuiness than Orlando Merced(or Sean Casey).

        • Yeah, Merced…just the OBP focus, low power, decent average…not saying he would have Merced’s career…but those are the types of numbers he seems to generate…albeit at the minor league level.

    • this is like the first enthusiastic post about Craig i’ve ever seen. It’s funny how people can see the same statline and have totally differing views.

      You’re right. he’s been an OBP machine and that’s the most important thing that a baseball player can do.

      a lot of people seem to act like he’s a bust and he’s anything but.

      It’d be kinda cool if he ended up being a slow leadoff guy with solid 1b defense. Take that from a late 1st rounder all day.

        • Sean Casey posted ISO’s over .200 in the only three seasons where he was actually an average or better baseball player…

      • That’s not even a Major League Baseball player in this era.

        You literally cannot find a comp for a high-OBP, no-power 1B playing today. Joe Mauer is the only guy even close to that sort of player type, and he manages to be playable by producing much more and much better contact than Craig has displayed in A-ball.

        This isn’t to say Craig is a bust, far from it, but he absolutely must learn to drive the ball. It would do him a disservice not to sit him down this winter for a come-to-jesus moment. This sort of passive offensive display will not work.

        Get into the gym and work your ass off.

        • I mean it isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for Craig but Sam Travis kind of fits that profile. Very minimal MLB time this year but he did get some and to me at least fits the profile of a high OBP low power 1B.

          Yes I know I’m stretching here I just took your claim as a challenge to find some sort of major leaguer this year who kind of fits that description.

        • we can definitely agree that he needs to add pop. There probably isn’t room for a 1b who doesnt slug at least .450 or so. Mayyyybe .400 if his OBP is approaching .400.

          I think my main idea is that i dont think they need to *force* him to be less passive in order to turn him into a middle of order guy.

          I think there’s still room in this game for a leadoff 1b who OBPs .360, slgs .440, and plays strong defense. Will that guy ever pop 4 WAR? probably not. Can that guy spend a decade posting 2.5 WAR? i think he could.

          So he definitely needs to hit the weight room and add some SLG, but i dont *necessarily* think that developing him to have a leadoff man approach is the worst thing in the world. That can be useful.

      • Its not like Will Craig has no power at all. He hit 8+13+16 home runs in college the three years he was there. That is pretty good. I thought we were just hoping power would come around – not trying to make him change his approach. (And – hoping that the power wasn’t b/c of the aluminum bats too. I remember reading something about that.)

        But even if he doesn’t add a ton of power – enough power would be fine if he had high OBP. Kevin Youkilis’ was usually between 15-20 home runs a year, but his big value was his OBP was over or near to .400.

    • Looking at the Pirates team, I would not be surprised if they sent him to the bullpen. Not full-time, but let him pitch an inning every 3 days or so, but continue to give him reps at first. Talk about some positional flexibility, having a RP/DH could be very useful in the next year or so. His arm is being wasted at 1B, and he is a good enough hitter to not let him hit.

  4. I would like to see an article on the top 10 players from last year for each league. And whether they exceeded expectations, proceeded at predicted or took a step back.

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