Winter Leagues: Jung-Ho Kang Hits His First Winter Home Run

Monday was a slow day in winter ball with just two games scheduled over the three leagues currently active. There was still big news though, as Jung-Ho Kang hit his first home run of the winter. He came into the game 2-for-21 with nine strikeouts in his first six games. The home run came in the seventh inning of a scoreless game and the opposing pitcher was Cole Sulser, who is the older brother of Beau Sulser, the tenth round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates this year. Kang was hit by a pitch, struck out and lined out to shortstop in his other three plate appearances on Monday.

Here’s the home run video from the Twitter page of the Dominican league.

The only other Pirate player to see action was Edwin Espinal, who made his third start. He went 0-for-1 with two walks before leaving for a pinch-runner in the eighth inning. Espinal is 2-for-7 in those games.

  • That might have barely made it out in PNC by LF foul pole. It’s a start, John what was the exit velo 😉

    • Don’t have an exact number on exit velocity, but it was over the legal limit

      It’s 335 down the line at that park, ten feet more than right down the LF line at PNC

  • With Kang, in order of importance….hoping that…:

    1. …he stops being an idiot and matures.
    2. …he is still capable of playing at the level the Pirates were accustomed to.
    3. …he gets his visa issues resolved.

  • Not really concerned about Kang’s stats in Winter ball. His first spring training he had horrible stats. And he still has to obtain a Visa. Wonder if the cut off to getting a Visa is the first day of the Winter meetings.