The Glendale Desert Dogs came into Thursday’s game in third place in their division, trailing by four games with seven games left in the season. They were taking on second place Surprise today, with Logan Hill and Kevin Kramer in the lineup. Brandon Waddell would come into the game later, as Glendale won 6-2.

Kramer batted second on Thursday and walked in the first inning. In the second inning, he walked and scored a run. Kramer lined out to left field in the fourth inning, then struck out in the sixth. He struck out again in the eighth, leaving him 0-for-3 with two walks and a run scored. His average dropped to .196 due to his current 2-for-27 slump, which includes 12 strikeouts. Kramer had five chances in the field and handled all of them cleanly. He has not made an error in 14 games at shortstop this fall.

Logan Hill was batting seventh and playing right field. He flew out to center field in the second inning, then hit an RBI double in the third. It was his third double of the fall. He would later come around to score. Hill struck out swinging in the fifth inning, then grounded out in the seventh inning. He flew out to center field in the ninth, leaving him 1-for-5 on the day.

Brandon Waddell came into the game in the bottom of the eighth inning. The story of his fall season has been the incredible amount of strikes he has been throwing, but he didn’t have it in this game. Waddell, who had one walk in his first 12 innings this fall, loaded the bases with no outs on a walk, hit-by-pitch and another walk. While the control was off, he cleaned up his own mess by getting a strikeout and a double play for a scoreless inning. Waddell threw 26 pitches in this game, with 12 going for strikes. He now has a 1.38 ERA in 13 innings.

** Mitch Keller will start tomorrow’s game, his first start since pitching two innings in the Fall-Stars game on Saturday night.

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  1. The pirate hitters are playing against high end talent from around the majors and they are not showing a high compete level. Lets forget the excuses of past injuries, or guessing right as to what pitch will be thrown, it is pure and simple, they are being overmatched by the competition. If this is the best hitters the pirates have then they have no hitters at all. Why be excited about Kramer? Does he deserve the hype for having a few good weeks in double A before getting hurt? To me he has proven nothing yet. Hill has power but nothing else, so why is he potentially great? I just don’t get it.

  2. Really weird stretch of baseball for Kevin Kramer.

    Between his last month of regular season play before injury and his AFL work he’s now up to 174 PA with a 27% K-rate and .210 average.

    • I’m starting to have my concerns about him. With his style, I considered him as a better fielder than Mercer, half the power, and an average about 25 pts. higher…now I’m 22.6% convinced he has topped out.

      • Better defender at what position?

        I wouldn’t be worried about the bat. Kramer isn’t anything close to a natural power hitter. This is new. This isn’t him. He’s an all-fields contact type who made a swing and approach tweak to get more balls in the air.

        And it worked! It’s just that we’re also now clearly seeing unintended consequences that he’ll have to overcome. I don’t think there’s any reason to believe he’s lost his natural contact ability, and the zone judgement seems to have come back strong in the AFL with an absurd walk rate. More than likely he’s just over-adjusted the swing and he’ll correct that back to where his natural ability lies.

        • Never mind.

          You know those moments where you say something that is absolutely, ridiculously stupid?

          This was one of them.

          For some reason, everytime I read something about Kramer in this article…including the comments…my brain was telling me it said Newman.

          Damn Kevins!

          I will go lick my wounds now and won’t come out for, at least, an hour.

          • Bro, remember who you’re talking to; you gotta come with a much hotter take than that to feel bad enough for a mea culpa! 😉

            • Now you know my take on Newman…I think he’s a better defender than Mercer and I pictured him a Freddy Sanchez type…spray hitter, little power…but hitting about .285ish.

              Now I’m starting to get a bit concerned that he might’ve topped out and really not have the bat for the major leagues.

              As for Kramer, I like him, but the years are starting to pile up. If he gets off to a hot start (Luplow-style) and can run his way to the majors, I’m very happy. But he’s on the cusp of being a surprise impact player and ML filler.

              We shall see.

      • He’s also at small enough of a sample in the AFL that he could just be seeing more lefties than normal, who he’s never been able to hit.

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