Joaquin Benoit and John Jaso Become Free Agents

Major League Baseball announced on Thursday afternoon that 149 players have become free agents. The Pittsburgh Pirates have two players on that list, John Jaso and Joaquin Benoit.

As mentioned in our off-season primer, the Pirates have five days to negotiate with these players before other teams can begin negotiations. That’s mentioned more for possible free agents the Pirates could be looking at this off-season, because neither Jaso or Benoit are expected to be re-signed. Jaso even hinted late in the season at retiring, and Benoit is 40 years old and coming off of a down year, so he might be done as well.

Jaso spent two seasons with the Pirates after signing as a free agent prior to the 2016 season. He combined to hit .245/.342/.409 in 734 plate appearances over 258 games. Those hitting totals are close to his career totals, so his offensive production wasn’t far off of expectations, although he posted an .839 OPS in 2015, so they were a drop from that total. The Pirates used him often and first base and right field, where he was below average. According to Baseball-Reference, he had an 0.6 WAR with the Pirates.

The Pirates acquired Benoit at the trade deadline from the Philadelphia Phillies this year and he spent time on the disabled list and back at his home for family related matters. In his brief time with the Pirates, he allowed seven earned runs over 8.1 innings in eight appearances.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    November 3, 2017 10:09 am

    Now this is a reason to celebrate….lets hope they can cut ties with the likes of Hudson as well.

  • Everytime I think Joaquin Benoit was acquired only in my worst nightmares I read an article like this to remind he he was actually on the team at one point.

    • NH had to make a last ditch effort to show the Pirates were serious about winning a playoff spot. However, Benoit and Rodriguez was the best he was able to do, and neither proved to be anywhere near worth what they were being paid. If Rodriguez was on this list with Benoit and Jaso, it would make me happy.

      • Rodriguez at least had a track record, from the season before. We knew the injuries – it’s almost as if he were acquired for next year.

        Jaso served a purpose – keep 1B warm until Bell was ready. He served that role.

        Benoit was done before the Pirates traded for him. They should have backfilled with the younger guys, not acquire some over the hill stiff. There was just no reason for it.

  • What will we do without them? Maybe win if we would sign decent talent.

  • John Jaso will always have a special place in my heart for his on-field personality and general weirdness. I hope he enjoys his life as an actual pirate when he retires to live on a sailboat.

  • terrygordon30
    November 2, 2017 1:39 pm

    Resign them both no matter what it takes. If the are not resigned, I am never going to a San Diego Padre game again.