Seattle Mariners Claim Pitcher Sam Moll from Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Rumor was there was a Moll in the system and Mariners got what they needed…investigation on going.

  • Ok, remember, I am new to this.
    How did this happen.
    Did the Pirates claim him then try to run him through waivers
    to take him off the 40 man roster, but still be able to send
    him outright to Indy?

    Can someone explain?

  • It’s funny how people get mad when the Bucs make a trivial 40th man acquisition and also get mad when they lose that player.

  • Watching the golf tournament today (Tiger Woods return) and it looks like Ricky Fowler is wearing a blue Pittsburgh Pirate hat. Gives me someone to root for…

  • As a conspiracy theorist, my take is that Moll is part of a soon to occur trade where the Pirates trade international dollars to the Mariners for more than they would have received without Moll.

  • For those of you wondering (and I know that’s all of you), I’m pretty sure Brady Dragmire is currently with the Nationals AAA affiliate. At the very least, that’s the last entry on his transaction history.

  • This is going to be this week’s most commented-on article. Mark my words.

    • Guys I feel bad. I think there’s something of a topic to discuss hidden in there but that deliver was too epic to resist.

      Don’t leave us, Jack S.

      • Ok well I’ll ask a question to get a little more info and maybe start a discussion.
        So Disney bought a big stake in BAMteck. They bought this from all 30 MLB owners. Which supposedly put something like $85 mil in each owners pocket correct? Was this all paid in a lump sum or are they getting an annuity? Like does every owner now actually have $85 mil burning a hole in their pocket? I mean it was the owners side investment, so I guess it’s theirs to do what they want with. So is it then split up with minority owners? If so do they all then keep a certain percent and invest the rest into the organization? If so do you spend it all at once or spread it out to slightly increase payroll?.
        Ok, I guess that was more than one question.

    • Update: There are more comments here than on the Cutch being pursued by the Giants article. Good work, everyone!

  • Anyone notice the shoutout in the Trib article on the Pirates getting sued after Gayo swindled a former prospect?

    Nice plug, gents!

  • Disney/Bamtech paid MLB owner/family partnership $86mil. Their minority interest now owns Disney movie library plus in few weeks maybe 21st fox. The minority investment value going forward might equal value before sale.
    Compare Indians salary vs Pirates 2017 $29mil plus. and 2015/2016 attendance diff
    +800,000 = to 16 mil less revenue/ a difference of $45mil Revenue/Expenses- Are the Indians losing $45mi?. Nuttings s/b locked out of PNC Park.offices

  • justinblain1996
    November 30, 2017 2:16 pm

    Wouldn’t it have made sense to non tender him tomorrow then resign him to a minor league deal?

  • Where have you gone Brady Dragmire? Moll is this year’s Dragmire (so far).

  • John can you say more here? Why was he available to Seattle? Thanks.

    • Because Neal felt he could sneak him through waivers without being claimed so he didn’t have to use a position on the 40-man roster for him. Moll was destined for AAA so no big loss but this is just an example of incompetence from Neal Huntington again. Trying to be too cute. Nicasio part II.

      • I am not saying NH is competent, but losing Sam Moll like this isn’t a problem. This kind of thing happens every year. Last year it was Dragmire. Years before it was a catcher named Brian Jerlomann. No need to make a mountain out of a Moll hill.

        • This is common practice; NH trying to develop depth in AAA. Nothing more, nothing less. Hardly comparable to the Nicasio fiasco.

        • I got so tied up in trying to remember Brian Jerlomann that I missed that simply godlike pun at the end of the post until just now.

      • What would have been the point of spending a 40-man spot on him, though, really? Was he honestly worth it? Teams do this sort of thing all the time, which is how the Brady Dragmires of the world come to be.

        It’s standard baseball operating procedure. I mean, this is pretty much how Moll came to the Pirates in the first place, after all.

        • I guess I was under the impression that when you claim someone from waivers you are required to add them to the 40 man roster. Must have missed something somewhere along the line.

          • Maybe they claimed and immediately DFA’d him if that’s the case?

          • They claimed him, then put him on waivers immediately to try to open up a 40-man roster spot. If he cleared, they would have been able to keep him at Indianapolis. It’s not that they didn’t want him, it’s that they wanted him without worrying about a roster spot. It happens often during the off-season. If you can sneak them through to Indianapolis, then it adds depth to your system.

            • I’m so good at guessing!

              • It’s possible that the Mariners do the same thing and the Pirates can claim him right back and try to get him through waivers again. If not, they just go for someone else to fill the same role. Those 40th guys on the 40-man roster can get moved around a lot.

            • Why u are worried about a Huntington transaction that happens 10 times a year and never gets any fruit from it and their’s is an organization that is nothing but criminal and not one journalist or organization will try to refute it and the acquisition of seven springs(Casino Royale) Hidden Valley and other exhaustive newspapers from the Big time exhaustive Odgen Newspapers Debt Rid McClatchy and the former two Mayors are the heroes for Pittsburgh

              • Now in English, please….

                • I think it has something to do with Nutting and his non-Pirate investments such as a casino at 7 Springs, newspapers, Mayors, etc. Probably meaning too much attention elsewhere to be effective as an MLB Owner.

                  • I’m impressed…can you come into my classroom if you come down for spring training and show the students your FBI translation skills? lol

            • Thanks John.

      • Blaming him for screwing up on Nicasio is valid. Comparing this transaction to that one is ridiculous.

        You just sound like an irrational hater.

      • I am one of NHs biggest critics but this is nothing. In fact its odd that the Mariners would pick him up because I believe they had priority over the Pirates the first time around (though maybe its different after the season then during the season)

        • I thought the exact same thing…and if it is the way we are thinking, that would mean he almost made it through 2 times.

      • As for an example of incompetence and incoherence, this posts wins. This is a ‘who cares’ transaction unless you are a relative of Moll.

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        November 30, 2017 9:32 pm

        He should have been fired for the Nicasio fiasco… very embarrassing, made the entire organization look like buffoons, and was pure incompetence…