Site Updates: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Lock in Our Current Rates Before Prices Go Up

A few weeks ago, I announced that our prices will be changing, and that change is coming this week. We waited a few weeks to give notice, and to allow you to lock in at our current rates, especially if your subscription is about to renew in the upcoming weeks or months.

The price of an Annual plan will go from $29.99 to $34.99.

The price of a Top Prospect plan will go from $79.99 to $89.99 for three years.

We have also done away with monthly plans. Anyone who was previously on a monthly plan will need to sign up for an Annual or Top Prospect plan when their current subscription expires.

You can still lock in the current rates and extend your subscription for as long as you want.

If you wish to purchase a one year extension at the current prices, you can do that here.

A three-year extension at the current prices can be purchased here.

The 2018 Prospect Guide

This year the 2018 Prospect Guide will have a bit of a different release. It will primarily be an eBook, and will have two updates. The first update is going to be the week before Christmas, containing our initial top 50 prospect list.

The second update will be before Spring Training, with the full book release. You can pre-order the eBook here, and get all of the updates the moment they are available.

We’re also selling a limited amount of paperback versions of the book. Those will be released when the full book is released before Spring Training, and can be pre-ordered here.

Upcoming Articles

This week we will wrap up our AFL coverage, with the season ending this weekend. I’ll have features on JT Brubaker, Mitchell Tolman, and Brandon Waddell, starting today. We will also have an AFL season recap of all seven players on Sunday.

I’ve got a few bonus player features running early next week, before Thanksgiving.

After the Thanksgiving break, I have plans for my annual “depth” series, looking ahead at the 2018 rosters for Indianapolis, Altoona, Bradenton, and West Virginia. This is always a good look to see what kind of depth the Pirates have at each position, but also to get an idea of which prospects might be blocked, and where people might start off next year. It’s also an important process for putting the Prospect Guide together.

John Dreker has been running features during the offseason on players that haven’t received as much coverage during the year, outside of mentions in the Prospect Watch or Top Performers sections. We currently have features lined up running into December, and possibly through the end of December, depending on how much news comes out, and how that impacts the schedule.

There’s no shortage of content on the site, even during the offseason.