Pirates Have Reportedly Had Gerrit Cole Trade Talks with Multiple Teams

While all of the recent trade rumors for Gerrit Cole have been about the New York Yankees, Jerry Crasnick reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates have actually been in discussions with multiple teams since the winter meetings.

As recently as two days ago, the rumors said that a Yankees and Pirates trade would happen, with some saying that they were very close. If this tweet by Crasnick is correct, then we likely won’t hear anything until after Christmas and it could go on longer if the Pirates get more teams seriously involved. We will have more thoughts on this shortly, along with adding any possible updates throughout the day.

UPDATE 1:35 PM: Analysis from Tim Williams…

You can take a guess where most rumors come from based on which side they benefit. The basic rumors saying a team is interested in Player A are more informative. But when a negotiation is taking place, it starts to feel like you’re hearing from one side or the other, depending on the rumor.

Most of the rumors we’ve heard to date have been out of the New York media, saying the Pirates are asking for too much. We’ve heard from the national media sources with the same information, saying the Pirates are asking for Gleyber Torres, and the Yankees won’t be trading him, along with a few other prospects.

To date, the talks have had this feel where if the Pirates want to trade Cole, they need to trade him to the Yankees, and the Yankees are being nice enough to be offering a package headlined by Clint Frazier. And that’s convenient for the Yankees. They don’t need Frazier, due to their other outfield options after the addition of Giancarlo Stanton. A trade of Frazier and others for Cole would help upgrade their team without really losing anyone of importance, which is the type of trade you want to be making.

But this latest rumor is a reminder that before all of the serious Yankees talks, there were other teams showing interest in Cole. You typically don’t see many rumors that might have come from the Pirates side, as their organization is extremely secretive. But it’s easy to think this one came from the Pirates side, just to give that reminder that it’s not “Yankees or bust” as Crasnick put it, and to battle back against the rumors coming out of New York saying they’re asking for too much.

I’ve felt that Gleyber Torres is too much for Cole, and I doubt the Pirates will get that. But it makes sense for the Pirates to play hard ball in these negotiations, rather than giving in to New York and accepting only the prospects they’re willing to give up. I’ve pointed out that if the roles were reversed, we’d be hearing criticism about how the Pirates are hoarding top prospects and unwilling to spend what is needed to get an MLB upgrade like Cole. It’s weird that we haven’t heard the same thing about the Yankees, and that these trades have been portrayed as “Yankees or bust” at this point.

I think the biggest takeaway here is that we’re getting more confirmation that the Pirates seem intent on dealing Cole, which would set them up to be sellers this offseason.

  • Latest rumor is Cole/Harrison for Andujar/Adams/Frazier….

    • michael schalke
      December 26, 2017 9:56 am

      I’d do that in a heartbeat. You then move Cutch to whoever wants him and move on. Andujar could possibly start at third mid year, Frazier takes over in left field and Adams immediately goes into the rotation. Would be a very fair trade in my opinion.

  • They will not get Gleyber . Should really hope to get Justus Sheffield as part of deal . Dodgers should have some interest in Cole you would think ??

  • Hurry up Neal, can’t wait to see the “package” of “never will bes” the Yanks unload on you!!!

  • Nice article and I’ve read a lot of the comments. I’m 70 years old and also go back to the days of yore. Modern ballplayers are a different breed of cat than Dick Groat. Regardless, Cole is the best chip that the Pirates have and they need to make a move to try to keep their head above water. If not, there will be more empty seats next year and no one wants to see that. We all want a more competitive team and right now this team doesn’t meet that requirement.

    • michael schalke
      December 24, 2017 10:34 am

      Hey Rob, I thought that I could be the oldest one on this site but happy to see that you have me by a few years. Born in Chicago and still living in the area I became a Bucco fan at age 11 after the 60′ series and Clemente became my hero. I attended many games at Wrigley and got to see Roberto, Willie and the rest of the lumber company regularly kick the Cubs asses. Nowadays I still love my Pirates and always will but have come to the realization that unless a salary cap of some sort is implemented I seriously doubt that another title will happen. I think Huntington is trying and is obviously hampered by their financial restrictions (sucks) but I’m still hopeful that lightning in a bottle can happen one more time before I croak.

  • Michael Sanders
    December 24, 2017 7:49 am

    Does a Cole for Bo Bichette (as the centerpiece) of the Blue Jays seem like a better fit? I think they may be even be able to package in Harrison and McCutchen as well. It would even give the Blue Jays some room to move Donaldson (which there was chatter around) as well.

    • I’m asking the Blue Jays for Vlad Jr., Give them a good chuckle.

      • Blue jays want to compete someday I’d say something around Bichete is worthy. As I said early Cole can Ulsan mean more for teams like the Twins and Blue jays

  • I just read that MLB owners will be getting 50-68 million each from the sale of Bam Tech. So, that, plus money from revenue sharing and potential future TV deals….I can’t wait the hear that we can’t raise payroll over and over due to “market size.” Baseball get richer and the gap between owners that spend to win and owners that hope for a “window” just gets bigger. I also love that Jeters first move as Marlins owner is to gift Stanton to the Yankees. Sorry, this rant was off topic, except for the Yankees expecting something at a discount….they just got the NL MVP for assuming his salary, not much more, pay up if you want a cheap pitcher!!

  • I don’t understand how an unproven commodity (a prospect) can be asking too much for a very proven commodity (two years removed from an All Star appearance and 3rd place finish for NL Cy Young, about to enter his prime, still has two years of control at a very good price) at one of the most, if not the most important position in baseball. Quite frankly, if you don’t get a teams best prospect along with other valuable pieces for Gerrit Cole, you failed in that deal. Especially if that top prospect was traded for two months of a guy who pitches at most an inning and a half every other game.

    • You don’t understand because you just plainly don’t know about baseball. Your evaluation of this hypothetical trade is based off of the value of the players literally years ago.

      Gerrit Cole also gave up 31 homers last year and his era has been around 4 the last two years. Still worth around 3 wind but not a Cy Young and recent history says he’s moving farther away from that not closer. Pitchers do not have linear progression like hitters. There much more volatile and even though he’s young he may have already had his best year.

      Torres wasn’t a top 5 prospect in all baseball 2 years either

      • Obviously you understand baseball so much better. I hope your not advising the Pirates in any capacity with your this is how the world is attitude. Change your name to Status Quo.

  • justinblain1996
    December 23, 2017 11:15 pm

    I hope the Pirates don’t rush into a deal but seeing what happen to the Orioles last week with trade candidate Zach Britton, I hope the Pirates don’t hold on too long where Cole gets injured and is untradeable

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    December 23, 2017 10:44 pm

    An unproven, although highly rated prospect, too much for a 27 year old starting pitcher with the pedigree and upside of Cole? Apparently the Yankees are unwilling to part with Torres, but they also don’t want to part with Florial or Sheffield either – and just want to trade spare parts for Cole. Frazier doesn’t excite me and I doubt he ever becomes remotely close to Cutch in production. I’d rather keep Cole and give Luplow a shot in LF, if Cutch gets traded and Marte moves to CF.

  • What about trading for just Clint Frazier (not giving up Cole)? Could we buy low on him and then trade an outfielder to fill another need?

  • I think I will quit following rainbows and play golf until April.

  • rickmontgomery
    December 23, 2017 4:45 pm

    Whether or not Cole returns to “ace” form, he will be a dependable workhorse for whatever team is fortunate enough to land him. 200+ innings, nearly 200 ko’s and more wins than losses. That’s the floor with Cole. The ceiling, as many have said, is a 20 game winner, front of the rotation ace. How is that not worth Torres? Give me a bleepin’ break.

    • 2 years and $20 million of Cole is preeettttyyy close to fair value for one of the best prospects in baseball. It’s a little unfair for the yankees, but not absurd.

      It seems like the bigger issue is that the Yankees’ goal seems to be more “we need to deal Frazier for the best cheap pitcher that we can get for Frazier” as opposed to “we need to get the best pitcher that we can get”

      • Hold on did you *actually* come up with that line by thinking from the Yankees perspective?

        I know we’re all Bucco fans but you’re one of the smart ones. You know that the Yankee perspective is far more detailed and logical than that.

        • that actually stemmed from an article on MLBTR. The writer said something about Cole not being the goal as much as moving Frazier for pitching help. I dont remember how opinion-based or fact-based the statement was, but i do remember thinking “hmm that sounds reasonable and i probably believe that”

          i dont see what’s especially illogial about that line of thinking. Moving your MLB-ready prospect who you don’t have a spot for in exchange for the best pitcher you can find is perfectly logical. Obviously there’s a point where they’ll just keep Frazier instead too. They don’t want to lose a trade either.

          • I genuinely just botched what you wrote, sorry!

            Spent the better part of an hour catching up on three day’s-worth of terrible Gleybar Torres-Gerrit Cole logic and it all just rolled into interpreting yours as saying the Yankees are more interested in using Frazier for a cheap pitcher because they’re the Yankees and think they can do what they want than because Gleybar Torres is extremely valuable and plays a Major League role as early as June of this year, as opposed to Frazier who’s still highly valuable, albeit less so, and has a role which the Yankees do not currently need filled.

            My apologies!

    • A great example of not knowing what your talking about but having an opinion.

      Cole has gone less than 150 innings as often as he’s thrown over 200. Also K’d 200 once. That’d be 1 time in his career.

      This isn’t too say Torres is better, just to show that you have no idea what you’re talking about and maybe next time you’ll take literally seconds while already on the internet and Google the numbers.

      Better yet be an actual Pirates / baseball fan and know your stuff

  • In my mind Cole would do more for the Twins the next two seasons then for even the Yankees. What makes sense? Maybe look at a trade centered around Nick Gordon?

  • The Yankees’ intention seems to be “Clint Frazier and stuff in exchange for the best pitcher we can get”

    The Pirates don’t seem to be that excited by Clint Frazier, and are hopefully in the mindset of “we will probably keep him, but are giving teams a chance to overpay by 30% for Cole if they so desire.”

    I bet the only way Cole becomes a Yankee is if a 3rd team gets involved or Torres gets involved.

    i want to hear a reliable rumor of “the yankees won’t do Torres for Cole, but the Pirates are asking what they can add in order to get Torres”

    something like Cole, Harrison, and Tucker for Torres and Frazier might be a decent little compromise.

    • the Pirates could then get reaaaaallllyyyy weird.

      Moroff/Frazier share 2b. Glasnow gets one last shot in rotation.

      Deal cutch. Marte to CF. Meadows/Luplow platoon in LF.

      Dump Mercer.

      Cutch plus Mercer plus Cole plus Harrison is like 40 million to play with.

      Trade for Machado using a Clint Frazier and a few other things. He gets his wish and plays SS

      That leaves 23 mil

      Try to get luis valbuena from the Angels (or another platoony LH 3b), creating an effective platoon at 3b with Freese

      that leaves 15 mil. Get i dunno… a Lucroy and a reliever?

      • Leaves:

        LF Meadows/Luplow
        CF Marte
        RF Polanco
        3b Freese/Valbuena
        SS Machado
        2b Frazier/Moroff
        1b Bell
        C Lucroy/Cervelli

        Taillon, Glasnow, Kuhl, Williams, Nova

        Machado walks at year end, Torres takes over. Freese/Valbuena walk at year end, maybe Hayes is ready.

        Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

        i can never have that time back.

        Now i’m upset with myself.

  • just get a future starting SS or 3b with impact talent and some lottery tickets from the low minors.

  • Make ’em pay…..

  • I would hold out and shop Cutch. If I got a really good return for Cutch, I’d pull the trigger on the Frazier deal. If we trade for Frazier now we have four starting outfielders with Meadows on the way. The team would have no leverage moving Cutch.

  • Torres or pick another trade partner.

    • I get that Frazier has incredible talent/potential but those minor league stats don’t do much. Hard to look past the lack of performance.

      Love Torres and the pitchers. Torres could solve a lot of problems for the Pirates…

      • Sorry to change the thread, can i get some advise on spring training tickets and thinhs to do after the game’s. This will be our first time hoing to bradenton.

      • no not really, he just a guy . if he was a slick fielding 3baseman his hitting line could work, but a corner outfielder pass

    • Another trade partner who *also* will not give the Pirates one of the Top 5 prospects in all of baseball? How do the Pirates inherently end up any better with another team?

      All this pettiness on behalf of Pirate fans is just sad at this point.

      The Yankees are being treated the way they’re being treated because if the central fact that Gerrit Cole is not worth Gleybar Torres and Clint Frazier is a completely logical and appropriate center piece of a larger deal.

      That’s it.

      • You are wrong. If Miller nets you Sheffield, Frazier AND 2 other prospects Cole should get you Torres plus some.

        • For me Andrew Miller is far more valuable then Cole will ever be, and that is the reason he was traded for the prospects…

          • I think it’s also important to remember that CLE was going all in for a title that year and was probably will to overpay a bit (which I’m sure the Yankees knew) to get Miller.

            • I wish we’d have done the same…of course Cleveland also spent 20 million on Encarnacion. But, ya know we can’t do that due to market size and multiple windows and one excuse after another on why we will NEVER be anything but a AAAA team for the big markets

          • Miller is a great reliever but he is not more valuable than a #2 quality starter with 2 years of cheap control. The Pirates have every reason to value Cole that way.

            • The Pirates may value him that high, but I would guess that the rest of the baseball world would find him lacking. He would range anywhere from a #1 to a #4 depending on the team. I still go with Miller having more value than Cole….that’s baseball now.

          • How many innings does Andrew Miller pitch? He would not been converted to a reliever if he was as “valuable” as Cole. You better believe they gave Miller every opportunity to be a starter as well. He just was not good enough. Again, these arguments are absurd. A top of the rotation, young starting pitcher who has already been a Cy Young candidate and made an All-Star appearance is well beyond a late inning reliever in value. When was the last time you saw a reliever win the Cy Young?

            • Gagne-Dodgers Hernandez-Detroit….

              Cole is a top of the rotation guy, because he pitches for the Pirates, otherwise a #3…

        • I don’t follow that logic at all. Torres is a consensus Top 10 prospect who will be in a major league lineup this year. Frazier and Sheffield were in A ball when that trade went down. Torres now is worth so much more than those guys were then that there’s no basis for comparison, regardless of how you feel about Cole.

          • It boils down to a very simple argument. How many MLB starts has Torres made? What are his major league stats?…..unless you have a crystal ball of some sort all you have to go on is probability, and that is a very very thin argument to stand on.

        • So, if we got to trade return it’s more valuable than Cole is but is worth less value than the trade package for Andrew Miller then we shouldn’t take it?

        • Well with an iron-clad argument like that completely bereft of any actual value analysis I can’t understand why the trade hasn’t yet been made.

          Oh right, the evil New York media.


      • You give yourself a chance to “end up better” by negotiating with other potential trade partners. That’s added leverage for the Pirates. If the Yankees are unwilling to give up Torres, shop Cole to other potential trade partners. The demand for Cole will help drive the return they get for him. The Pirates would be idiots not to seek other trade partners and try to get the best return.

        • Who is arguing that the Pirates shouldn’t seek other partners? Certainly not me.

          Now that you got your nice little strawman out of the way, list for me the actual, real prospects of Torres’ value, the teams for which their rights belong, and the leverage the Pirates would have using them as trading partners.

          I’ll wait.

      • Sadly, I think you’re correct.

        Torres/Frazier would be too much to ask…Torres, alone, would be too little and a heck of a lot riskier.

        My inclination is to sweeten the deal to get Torres+, but I’m at a loss for how that deal would match up as the Yanks don’t have too much payroll left to work with.

        Adding Harrison would be an upgrade for Torreyes, but that would put the Yankees almost the penalty phase for payroll.

        Cutch doesn’t fit for the Yankees at all…unless the Pirates want to do a three-way deal

        Rivero could make this a blockbuster and his low salary would fit the Yankees perfectly…but the Yankees have Chapman…so that’s not going to happen.

        So, yeah, setting the sights for Torres is probably a bit unrealistic. The more I look at it, Frazier and Adams seems fair enough…if the Pirates can get something else from the lower end of the Yankees top 20 prospects, all the better.

      • Not considering that outfielders are not what we need. Value and needs have to align.

  • This will end up with the same result for Cole and Pirates a repeat of last year and the non trading of McCutchen…Then sometime this next summer we will maybe get the true skinny on this off season.

    The Yankees NEED to unload 1 or 2 outfielders, but they do not NEED at this point to add another SP…

  • Remember that great old Country & Western song “The Auctioneer” by, iirc, Leroy Van Dyke.

  • Tim, Using the Yankees prospects being rumored, what would be a fair return for Cole. Apologies if you’ve already posted that and I’ve missed it.

    • If 2 months of chapman got Torres then why is 2 years of cole not comparable?

      • Cause we’re the lowly Pirates, how dare we ask for so much

        • mike_carlini66
          December 23, 2017 2:19 pm

          It’s the classic case of the have’s staying the have’s and the have not’s staying the have not’s. Just as Clemo83 stated, how dare we ask for such a return!

        • You are right, but what better opportunity to turn the tide in the opposite direction on that kind of mentality?

        • Tim literally said above that Cole is not Torres but then degrades his own argument with petty media bashing.

          • The thing is, Cole is a major league starter. He has not been consistent sure, but he has a high floor. And he has had significant stretches of pitching like an Ace, a top 10 pitcher in the game for short stretches. Torres, for all the hype is still a prospect. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask for Cole, who still has time to hit that ace ceiling which he has proven he can do. Potential top 10 pitcher in game with a high floor does not seeem like too much to ask for someone who has done squat at the major league level.

          • What’s petty about making an accurate observation?

      • Because Torres is pretty much MLB ready at this point and not a few years away from the big leagues and he is still producing at a high level while being one of the youngest players in AAA.

        • Oh, like Tyler Glasnow? The MLB is a different animal. A players AAA stats have no relation to MLB performance. A proven MLB pitcher like Cole wins out every time. Not to mention pitching comes with an extra layer of mental involvement making it harder to be successful at the MLB level. Bottom line again, if you are trading Gerrit Cole to someone, their best prospect better be involved.

      • Excellent question, and one that I have also had for days now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Everything that I’ve read says that he is much much more of a proven quantity now than at the Chapman trade. It is like Alen Hanson but going in the opposite direction.

      • because two wrongs don’t make a right.

        i happen to be in the camp that Cole for Torres straight up is pretty fair, but a slight win for the Pirates. Which is totally reasonable for the Pirates to gun for.

      • Because Gleyber Torres the 21 year-old is significantly more valuable than the 19 year-old version of Torres the Yankees traded for. Prospects bust all the time, and that bust possibility discounts their price. The fact that Torres has remained a stud as he has faced AA and AAA pitching means you don’t get that discount anymore.

        He also happens to be ready to contribute to a major league team in 2018, giving him more present value than the prospect who won’t be able to help for another 2 years, even if that prospect is as sure as the surest thing that ever did sure.

        • Again, look at Tyler Glasnow’s numbers. Remaining a “stud” in the minors does not guarentee major league success. TG may still have major league success we don’t know. You know what we do know though? Gerrit Cole is a top of the rotation starter with Cy Young / MVP potential we also know he is still young and not yet into his prime. The volatility of a prospect no matter how consistent through the minors he has been vastly reduces his value in any trade, especially in one such as this. I do not understand the argument that asking for Torres alone is enough. Torres is a start.

          • Torres for a minimum of 6 years of control and 3 pre-arb years vs 2 arb years for Cole

            Torres is a middle infielder and a legit SS and a Top 5 prospect in the entire major league

            Hitters are much easier to project. Top 5 prospects are much easier to project. The Glasnow argument is frankly weak. Never a top 5 guy, a pitcher and a high risk pitcher at that. Plus “he is still young and not yet into his prime” which you said about Cole to show he could still get better.

            Cole is no guarantee. It’s equally likely, probably more, that he continues to be the pitcher he has been for the past two years than an ace or Cy Young guy.

            In conclusion, what your saying doesn’t make sense when comparing the future values of the players being discussed.

            • MIdre Cummings, Andy LaRoche, Craig Hanson, and Ryan Vogelsong had 6 years of control too. Chad Hermansen was a top prospect who “could walk on water” The proven MLB commodity has more value, unless his in a bad contract.

          • First- Gerrit Cole is not really a Custom Young/MVP candidate, and hasn’t been for a couple years.
            Second- Tyler Glasnow is not a stud in the minors. His BB rate alone made him extremely susceptible to failure at the major league level.
            Third- This is to everyone……why are we stuck on Gleyber Torres? I personally , am not overly impressed with him. Sure he was 21 and in AAA, but he didn’t dominate, he simply held his own.

            • Wow what a terrible argument

              • It’s not an arguement, so much as it is facts.

                • actually nearly everything in your statement was wrong. Not quite sure who Custom Young is, but supposing you mean Cy- he (cole) is a “candidate” preseason every year because of his stuff and because he’s been a finalist in the past. Glasnow has been one of the most overpowering pitchers in AA and AAA history in 2015-2017. His walk rate really has NOTHING to do with that, just shows his control is bad. I’ve never heard of any pitcher losing “stud” status because he walks people…..maybe you have? Torres- well…..every scout in the baseball playing world disagrees, and you do something…..highly unrelated for a living I’d guess, so who cares what players you are, or are not impressed with. That being said he (gleyber) plays a premium position where even a highly “average” future shortstop like Newman was a top 50 prospect in baseball in preseason 2017. Don’t rank him against an outfielder.

            • Also, didn’t he have TJ surgery in June? Couldn’t that be a factor in what The Pirates are asking in a trade. And what if he doesn’t pass a physical?

      • Since then he has gone to destroyed AA and the AFL and did extremely well in AAA before TJ surgery. He is a different prospect now, oh and yes he is a yankee, so extra hype not that he needs it m

        • He also just had TJ surgery which increases his risk and reduces his value. I would be disappointed if the Pirates didn’t get more for Cole. You could argue that the lousy defense cost him a boat load of runs and that his upside would suggest a big two years for the Yanks. Plus if he were to leave they will get a 1st rd pick in addition. Yes The bucs should hold out there is more out there than just a one and one trade for a prospect coming off a major surgery

          • Could you argue lousy defense made him give up 31 bombs?

            Couldn’t you say that Torres’ upside would suggest a big 6 years for the Pirates.

            As far as the TJ, since he is in the minors his value is essentially what he is projected by the industry and the experts. Well the industry has him rated as one of the best 5 prospects in all baseball. They rated him with full knowledge of his TJ.

            So that doesn’t diminish his value at all. If the injury had done any damage to his value then it has already been reflected in his current rating

          • Well said, and spot on accurate. I agree with you completely.

          • Pitchers have a very high recovery rate from TJ surgery, and TJ is not considered a big deal with position players, and especially since it is his non-throwing arm. His TJ is a non-factor.

      • Because 2 months of Chapman was worth more to the Cubs than Torres was. Let us also remember that at the time of that trade, Torres was not even a top 50 prospect. Now Torres is a consensus top 5 prospect, and Gerrit Cole has been injured, and/or not very good for 2 years in a row.

  • That’s how you get leverage. Was hoping to hear this. Everything else has made it sound like the Yankees have upper hand because the poor Pirates have to bear the risk of Cole getting injured. But it is interesting that no other teams or players named, could be Pirates just floating the idea publicly for sake of negotiations. Either way, I’m all for it. We have the elite player, we have the upper hand in trade talks. You want our guy, you meet our demand or someone else will.

    • They have gone this far with trade discussions for Cole that in my opinion they have to move him. Cutch handled the trade rumors last year rather well, but I don’t think Cole will handle being a Pirate in 2018 if he is not traded. Also who knows how his salary arbitration will play out in January. If the Bucs had to go to a hearing to settle the salary this could be the straw which broke the camels back.

      • Trade rumors are part of being a professional athlete. If they are sensitive to the point that trade rumors have to be fulfilled or they can’t play for the team that they are with, then they need to find another occupation. I don’t know how old you are, but I can remember Pirate great of the 70’s, Al Oliver, being mentioned during several off seasons as going to the Royals for Amos Otis. That is just one trade rumor scenario in countless that I can recall from back then. I never heard anything about the player’s feelings being hurt, or that the player won’t be able to play for the team that he is with if he is not traded. What we heard last off season about Cutch’s supposed fragile feelings/ego, and now this offseason about Cole’s, is pure b.s. in my opinion. It’s part of the landscape that goes with making multimillions of guaranteed money. Suck it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • First off I am old enough that Dick Groat was my favorite player in the early 1960’s. I agree players should have thick skins to handle trade rumors,that is part of being a professional athlete. Personally I am not sure how thick Cole’s skin is? There are times when he is on the mound, and you can see he is rattled. We have seen Searage come out to settle him down on several occasions. I personally don’t think he will have a great attitude if he is on the roster opening day.

          • Then Cole needs to grow up, or go get a regular 9-5 job like the rest of us. Regardless of whether he is in black and gold, Yankee pinstripes, or whatever in 2018, through arbitration, he is probably going to be making, I’m guessing, six or seven million $$ for 2018. HE NEEDS TO GO OUT AND DO HIS JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            And isn’t it already bad enough that Neal Huntington’s hands are tied behind his back because of the limited budget that Bob Nutting has provided him with? Now, according to all of these reports about the modern day ballplayer’s having fragile egos to the point that they cannot handle trade talk rumors, he is somehow supposed to do his job as general manager, but do so in a completely clandestine manner where nothing leaks out to the media because if it does, well, the player just won’t have a good attitude and his feelings will be hurt and thus won’t any longer be able to play for the Pirates if the rumored trade does not come to fruition.
            I guess Neal Huntington should now just jettison Cole, and Cutch, and J-Hay to whatever team that will take those players, and for a pennies on the dollar return, similar to the Aramis Ramirez trade to the Cubs back in the day because after all, now that the trade talk rumors have leaked out, if the desired return does not happen, well, Cole, Cutch, and J-Hay simply won’t be able to play for the Pirates because their feelings have been hurt.
            PLEASE, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Exactly, I can remember there were rumors the Pirates were going to trade either Bobby Bonilla or Barry Bonds to the Yankees. In particular, I remember reading the Bonds trade rumor articles.

        • well said

        • If players are starting to debate the moral validity of the term “owner”, then I think we live in much different times. Players make more (as they should), have more control over their profession (as they should), have more control over where they want to play (as they should), believe they have the ability to bring about social change, as long as said change is in line with their personal values (debateable, they are entertainers but are still citizens however, players should not be regarded as having more power than an average citizen) etc. With increased perception of presumed power, especially when you delve into the social aspect, you are going to have more guys who are paid to play a sport believing they deserve to be treated according to a certain standard which is most certainly higher than you or I. So yea, naturally more emotional guys like Cole could and probably will have a very negative and personal reaction to this situation. I don’t think it is a coincidence that his play dropped over the past two years since his contract debacle.

          • I’ll reiterate what I said above. He is going to probably make six or seven million $$ for 2018 through arbitration. He needs to go out and play to the best of his ability, whether in black and gold, Yankee pinstripes, or whatever. If he can’t do that, then let him go get a 9-5 job. Then he’ll really have a reason to complain about something.

            • Does anyone have a 9-5 job anymore?

              • I think that you know what I mean, but if not, my hours, M-F, are 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. I’ll be happy to trade places with Cole, although my velocity won’t be as good as his. But, I promise if you pay me $7 million dollars in 2018, I won’t ever complain about having a bruised ego or hurt feelings.

                • I was actually being serious, I thought everyone was on a much earlier schedule now. I work 7-3:30, just assumed that was the norm.

      • And remember, Cole is leaving the Pirates in two years. It isn’t as if he has ever expected to stay in a Pirate uniform any longer than necessary.

        Trade him back to the west coast. That is where he wants to be.

      • He’s a professional, it comes with the territory. He understands the rules of the game and the Pirates place in MLB.

        Most importantly, he realizes his personal fortunes rise and fall with his performance. He is a FA in two years, be it in Pittsburgh, NY, or somewhere else, his payday is predicated on him pitching well until then!

    • I hope that it unfolds that way. As John pointed out in the article, Neal H. is either asking for too much, or is not willing to part with his top prospects in return for crap. Dave Littlefield endured the same criticism. I hope that some other team comes in and makes Neal an offer that he cannot refuse, and we can collectively thumb our noses at the Yankees.

    • I am sick of hearing of the sensitivities of the modern ball player. Trade rumors are part of the job and if they can’t handle it then that’s a major weakness on their part.

    • Brewers have been in discussions, Tom Haudricort has reported this. He also said it would be very difficult to get a deal done. Then the Brewers signed Gallardo.

  • Good to hear. Cast a wide net, Neal.