The 2018 Prospect Guide will be a bit different this year. As previously announced, the Prospect Guide will be in eBook form, allowing us to release the book in multiple parts.

The first part of that release will be later this month, and it will include our initial top 50 prospect list, along with recaps from the 2017 season. If you’ve purchased the book in the past, it will basically be the first half of the book, up until the end of the top 50 section. The difference this year is that the top 50 section will be the first draft, and will have some changes by the time the full book is released. Those changes will be based on player movement, and new information found in the two months between book releases.

We’re currently planning on releasing the first part of the book on Friday, December 22nd. And because it’s an eBook, that means we can realistically include moves made the day before, and maybe even a move that day, if necessary, before publishing.

I’d say we have the early top 50 finished right now, but the reality is that this process goes through many changes, almost on a daily basis. We’ll keep tinkering with the list, probably up until the point of release. Right now we have a pretty strong framework, with a lot of the important factors in place (like the tiers).

You can pre-order your copy of the eBook on the products page. We are also releasing a limited amount of paperback books, which will be released with the full book in February. You can pre-order one of those as well, to make sure you get your copy. Top Prospect subscribers get a discount on both the eBook and the paperback versions. If you’re not a Top Prospect subscriber, you can upgrade your membership here.

Upcoming Coverage

The winter meetings are next week, which hopefully means that we will have some news to cover throughout the week, along with rumors. We typically don’t schedule anything to run during that time, allowing the winter meeting news to fill up the space.

We’ve got a few player features to run before and after the meetings, and we’ll be providing some book updates in the weeks leading up to that release.

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