The 2018 Prospect Guide is Now Available!

The release of the Prospect Guide always used to be a stressful time. Never mind having to complete a huge project on a deadline. Baseball transactions are year-round, and releasing a book puts a cut-off on those transactions. Inevitably, there will be a move that takes place a day after the release, which makes the book somewhat out-dated.

We’ve worked to try and counter this in previous years. Releasing the physical book after the winter meetings. Releasing the book before Spring Training. No matter what approach we take, there’s going to be an upcoming move. You just hoped it wasn’t a big move.

That’s not a concern this year. The Pirates and Yankees have heated up their talks for a Gerrit Cole trade. The rumors say the deal could happen before Christmas, and it’s a matter of when, not if a trade would take place. In previous years, I’d be holding the release of the book, waiting for a trade to go down, not knowing when or if that would happen.

But this year the book is an eBook. And because of that, we are planning on doing multiple releases. We only have two planned releases so far — this one with the original top 50, and the final book release in February. But we’re also planning on releasing an update if/when Cole is traded, and we’ll try to have other updates after any other big moves that impact the top 50.

The eBook is now available with our initial top 50, and you get that, plus any future updates, all for one price. If you’ve already pre-ordered the book, go to the email confirmation you received and download the book again to get the latest update. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book, you can get it now.

The book makes a great last-minute Christmas gift, as would a gift subscription to the site, which can both be purchased on our products page.

And now we will be keeping watch for a Gerrit Cole trade, at which point we will have the next update for the book.

  • Wait, it’s only $19.99? I assumed it would be much higher. Ordering now…

    If you haven’t already, I’d suggest getting some social media or email news out there that says “only $19.99”.

    Merry Christmas to all who are involved with Pirates Prospects and all Pirates fans out there!!!

  • Tim … I tore into the book and just noticed in the ‘risk’ explanations something I hadn’t noticed before that confuses me

    Safe and Low – refer to risk in reaching ceiling
    Med, High & Extreme – refer to reaching majors

    Is that an industry standard? Because it seems like they all should refer to risk of reaching the grade that you assigned them.

    • That’s not really what they mean. They mean the chance of them reaching their grade, which wouldn’t be their ceiling is most cases. For someone to have the same ceiling as their grade, they would need to have the same number across the board for their floor, ceiling and most likely role.

      You could say someone like Jack Leathersich would fall in that group because he’s already been a LOOGY type and he has a lot of experience for someone still classified as a prospect, but there’s no upside left due to his age and stuff. It would be fairly safe for him to end up where he already is. But if a pitcher in the GCL had the same ceiling of a LOOGY, he’s going to be rated extreme.

      It also has to do with proximity to the majors and you weigh injury factors in as well. You won’t get an extreme rating for someone in Triple-A, just like you won’t get a safe rating for someone in the GCL.

      The book’s explanation is just in line with that. For someone to be safe, there is little doubt that they will make the majors, so you don’t need to point that out, which is why he said ceiling instead. In most cases, they already did make the majors. Same thing can be said for low, but once you get to a medium risk, they either didn’t make the majors, or they still have work to do to get to their ceiling.

  • Not to stem enthusiasm from the book but I’m getting frustrated that the media is pushing apparently that Cole isn’t worth Yankees prospects x or y or z and maybe… yknow where is the value pushback? All comments are on Coles worst year ever, HR issues, etc.
    Like Machado I think PBC brass should pull Cole off the market and wait for him to get hot as he can and then revisit some interest in his services.
    Just saying I think he’s a way better pitching option than most. I see this as a return of the Jason Schmidt trade where he blossomed into studville and we got Armando Rios and Ryan Vogelsong.
    NH know your history and don’t make the same mistake.

    • Frazier for the yankees is a salary dump. they should add additional prospects for us taking him. Can he play 3rd base for Pirates?

      • Clint Frazier. Not Todd. Todd is a free agent. One that would look good in black and gold, IMO.

  • Is there a link to the book? I have an Order number: Order #131218.

    The link in the email from 10/19 (pre-order) doesn’t work, and all of the links in the story want me to buy it again

    I was headed downstairs for a bike ride and was looking forward to perusing it. 🙁

  • Just bought and downloaded. Tim, John and everyone else who had a hand in assembling the book: well done!