The release of the Prospect Guide always used to be a stressful time. Never mind having to complete a huge project on a deadline. Baseball transactions are year-round, and releasing a book puts a cut-off on those transactions. Inevitably, there will be a move that takes place a day after the release, which makes the book somewhat out-dated.

We’ve worked to try and counter this in previous years. Releasing the physical book after the winter meetings. Releasing the book before Spring Training. No matter what approach we take, there’s going to be an upcoming move. You just hoped it wasn’t a big move.

That’s not a concern this year. The Pirates and Yankees have heated up their talks for a Gerrit Cole trade. The rumors say the deal could happen before Christmas, and it’s a matter of when, not if a trade would take place. In previous years, I’d be holding the release of the book, waiting for a trade to go down, not knowing when or if that would happen.

But this year the book is an eBook. And because of that, we are planning on doing multiple releases. We only have two planned releases so far — this one with the original top 50, and the final book release in February. But we’re also planning on releasing an update if/when Cole is traded, and we’ll try to have other updates after any other big moves that impact the top 50.

The eBook is now available with our initial top 50, and you get that, plus any future updates, all for one price. If you’ve already pre-ordered the book, go to the email confirmation you received and download the book again to get the latest update. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book, you can get it now.

The book makes a great last-minute Christmas gift, as would a gift subscription to the site, which can both be purchased on our products page.

And now we will be keeping watch for a Gerrit Cole trade, at which point we will have the next update for the book.