Gerrit Cole Traded to Houston Astros for Joe Musgrove, Colin Moran, Jason Martin and Michael Feliz

After sources reported that Gerrit Cole was traded to the Houston Astros on Wednesday, it appears the trade is done today. According to multiple sources, the Pittsburgh Pirates acquired right-handed pitcher Joe Musgrove and third baseman Colin Moran from the Astros for Cole. Moran is the 5th best prospect for the Astros according to MLB Pipeline, while the 25-year-old Musgrove has two seasons of big league experience, splitting his time between starting and relief. Jon Heyman is reporting that there could be more in the deal for the Pirates, though no details yet except he believes two more names are to be announced. Heyman notes that Musgrove and Moran are believed to be the biggest pieces. More on this shortly.

Rosenthal confirms

While we wait for the final two names, here’s some info on Moran and Musgrove.

Moran had two brief trials with the Astros during each of the last two years. He was actually covered  here often during the 2013 draft coverage. Moran is likely the top option for the Pirates at third base right now. He is considered to be Major League ready after putting up a .916 OPS in 79 games at Triple-A (PCL-inflated numbers). His defense is average, with mediocre range, but good hands and a strong arm. He’s a below average runner, but his real value is in the bat, where he should get on base often and reach double digits in homers.

Ken Rosenthal just added 24-year-old relief pitcher Michael Feliz to the trade, so I’ll post more on Musgrove in a few. Feliz has pitched three seasons in the majors, posting a 5.13 ERA in 121 innings with an amazing 172 strikeouts. He’s a fastball/slider pitcher, who averaged 96.6 MPH on his fastball this past season.

Back to the players involved while we wait for the final name. Musgrove has just over a year of service time in the majors, so he looks like he could be part of the pitching staff for the next five years if all works out well. Before losing his prospect status in 2016, Baseball America had him as the 86th best prospect in baseball. He commands a low-90s fastball with movement, making it a plus pitch. He also has a slider and a changeup that are considered average pitches. He has a 4.52 ERA and a 4.31 FIP in 171 big league innings, with a 1.28 WHIP and 153 strikeouts.

Ken Rosenthal just said that Astros #15 prospect outfielder Jason Martin is the fourth player, so I’ll stop here again before adding more info.

Jason Martin is the only player they acquired who isn’t on the 40-man roster, so there is going to be some moves to make room. Pirates have a full 40-man roster right now, so either two DFA’s or another trade is coming up.

Martin is a 22-year-old lefty hitting outfielder with Double-A experience. His best tool is considered to be his running (above average), while his defense/hitting are average and both his arm and power are slightly below average.  He has split his time between left field and center field evenly during his pro career, which began back in 2013 when he was drafted out of high school in the eighth round. He had a solid season in 2017, posting an .819 OPS between High-A and Double-A, though his 39:124 BB/SO ratio leaves a little to be desired. Despite the speed, he has not been a very successful base stealer, going 74-for-128 over the years.

The Pirates have announced the deal as official: Cole for Colin Moran, Joe Musgrove, Michael Feliz and Jason Martin. Still more to come.

I missed this while trying to get everything into the article and edit it at the same time. Moran missed two months with a facial injury after a collision, so his brief MLB time was only brief due to the injury this year. He returned fine in September and got in some late at-bats with the Astros.

Tim Williams will have thoughts on the entire deal later tonight.

  • If the Yankees are still interested in JHay, would a JHay for Frazier trade be reasonable? I assume Pirates would take that – would the Yanks?

  • I am seriously getting sick and tired of these post. Neil had some bad luck with guys in the past but overall, he has done ok. I think I’ll just read the paper for my information and let the children complain because there is nothing this FO can do that will make them satisfied. 4 plus players for a guy that we would get ZERO for after the 2019 season and that’s a bad thing…. I quit

    • Garrett Cole would be a free agent in 2020. So they got four guys who project to be league average players for multiple years in exchange for two years of a starting pitcher who eats up a lot of innings and who has pitched at an elite level in the past. Now if some or all of these players turn out to be better than projected, the trade may look great but I completely understand why people hate this trade given that every commentator at nearly every news outlet, including this one says they got too little.

    • They led us in to believe they were getting top prospects if not best prospects. Every outside analyst thought they getting a better return. Cole makes a WS team better, so he had more value than think..

  • The stupidity of members of this site amazes me. You can’t teach stupid. Anyone in the know, knows NH got taken.

  • Moran and Bell in the middle of the order as power hitting LH bats is a solid foundation for a productive offense.

    Musgrove acquisition makes little sense to me on surface. Seems like adding another similar type arm to what organization has an abundance of.

  • In a sense the 3 players the Pirates have to release are also players they had to give up for this trade.

    • 2.

      Cole lost his spot with the trade and Martin doesn’t have to be added to the 40 man. If you’re looking at, say, Leathersich and Vielma…I don’t think that’ll negatively impact the system.

  • justinblain1996
    January 13, 2018 10:03 pm

    I was one for rebuilding, still am. But it feels bittersweet tonight. Cole pitched in some big games for us. For me being 21, the 2013-2015 seasons were the only winning seasons I have witnessed and Cole was a big part of those seasons so it is sad but had to happen. Wish Cole the best of luck in Houston! Hope our returns work out for us in the present and the future.

  • The Astros need to pursue Jeff Locke and get A.J. Burnett as part of their coaching staff. Then they could hold the 2013 Pirates starting rotation bobblehead night. Cole, Liriano, Morton…

    • I have no problem with Burnett as helping
      out with pitchers in spring training. I don’t
      think he wants a full time job at this time.

  • Tim next time you see NH going to lunch offer him a box of raisins for $10.

  • A bunch of players that the Pirates will need upgrades on. I think a lot of fans just realized they don’t want to see anymore trades.

  • After names like Torres seemingly being deal-breakers, this seems very underwhelming at the moment. I’m kinda stoked for Cole to join a rotation with Verlander/reunite with Morton. I wonder if he agreed to the $6.75m with any say in his destination?

  • I hoped for Musgrove to be included, as he was nasty as a reliever last year. Hoped to get higher rated prospects, though.

  • Makes me wonder what the Yankees were really offering.

  • If I’m being “realistically optimistic,” I could say that this only costs us one win in 2018 and we saved $6 million:

    1. Swapping Cole for either Musgrove, Brault, or Glasnow loses us about 2 WAR.
    2. Moran/Freese platoon gets 1 WAR back
    3. It also increases our odds of having enough good bullpen arms to start the season without wasting any $ in free agency like we did last year.

    My problem is that Musgrove will likely be irrelevant by 2019 as Keller, Holmes, Brault, Glasnow, Kingham, and probably Hearns are all knocking at the door. Same can be said about the flame throwing Feliz.

    So we’re left with an average 3B and the hope that a non-top ten prospect pans out in the OF to fill in for Meadows when he is injured…

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      January 13, 2018 10:36 pm

      So, you believe the Pirates will invest that $6m into the major league roster? I wouldn’t count on that.

  • I take it this move with the acquisition of Colin Moran means that the Jung Ho Kang days are officially over. If we’re reloading, what could we get for his rights.

    • Cash from a Korean team. Nothing else.

      • Well, we could wait until he is off probation at the end of next year. He could take over for Freese in the platoon. And then if he has any value, we could trade him then.

    • Yes and no.

      If he gets his visa, I think the Pirates are pretty much stuck with him. On the plus side, they’d only owe him $3.25M to end the contract.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      January 13, 2018 10:37 pm

      Until Moran actually does something at the major league level, he is just Drew Hutchison to me – a AAAA player. He turns 26 in 2018 and is still a minor leaguer….

  • Cole would be gone in two years anyway. If he pitched great which he didn’t, then you could of expected a better return. I am sure this was the best they could get for him. Let’s see how it shakes out before jumping ship.

    • Agree. Cole was good not great
      Threw hard but straight. Let’s see how things go. We have lots of good arms. I hope they push Keller we may forget Cole soon

  • Joseph Willis
    January 13, 2018 8:54 pm

    According to Heyman doesn’t soundnlike they were getting what was rumored from yankees either. Couldn’t even get andejar

  • I like the trade. The Pirates aren’t done yet. Cole was an underachiever. It’s too bad he regressed the last two years. I think too many still value him based as a #1 pick. Maybe the Pirates have another starter in their sites.

    Maybe the Pirates are going to use Musgrove as a reliever, ala the Royals. Let’s hope that Glasnow can figure himself out.


    7th inning: Kontos/Hudson
    8th inning: Musgrove
    9th inning: Rivero

    I think this gets better results than a staff with Cole. He was a turd last year. Time to move on.

    • Gotta say, that rotation looks like Taillon and a slew of back end starters…

      Oh, with the obligatory: “But if Glasnow finally figures it all out,..” thrown in for good measure.

      • Sure, but it’s no worse than a rotation with Cole. I don’t think they are finished yet, but moving in the right direction.

    • Just because they might make another trade, it doesn’t make this one good. Pirates are negotiating from a point of weakness. Roto sports and many others are saying Pirates got the short end of the stick.

    • Thank you.
      I was hoping someone would post
      a possible listing of pitchers we
      take north.

  • My biggest fear as the perception across baseball is, meh, on the Pirates end of this deal. Is that this could hurt the returns on Harrison and Cutch.

  • Moran fits in well with our popgun attack. He’s not a big HR hitter. Musgrove and Felix will probably end up in the pen. Martin is AAA depth only.

    Not an overwhelming haul that’s for sure.


    • He had 18 HRs in 350 AAA ABs last year so why does everyone call him a popgun hitter? How many HRs dod we get from 3B last year? Filled a BIG hole there

  • Musgrove is interesting. According to fangraphs he throws six pitches: a 4-seam (38%), a cutter (5%), and a sinker (10%), a Slider (27%), a Curve (10%), and a Change up (10%).
    I know they mess up tracking of fastballs at times but that is still a tremendous variety. The four seam is modern day average at about 93.5 mph.

    Now I wonder if they will have him focus on his more effective pitches. Steamers, by the way, had him projected as a 3.60 ERA bullpen arm.

  • Blow it all up, I say!!!

  • So last week Huntington was roundly criticzed for overvaluing Cole and not getting a deal done. Now it’s a salary dump and he didnt get enough. I bet some folks have made both assesments.

  • We might just have the best bullpen in all of baseball now!

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      January 13, 2018 10:39 pm

      Which would be great, if this was a contender. I’d rather they got younger, higher ceiling prospects with the potential to be more than journeymen…

  • Colin Moran from Baseball Prospectus …

    “Optimistic Projection: 50—Adequate corner dude that you’re always trying to replace as a regular
    Likely Projection: 45—Is there still a spot for fifth infielders who can’t play short?”


    • …from this year?

      Jesus. I just don’t get why some think his ceiling is high. Dude’s at best average 3B with low power, no?

      • From their December 2017 prospects list

      • I was looking at his minor league stats and I was pleased to see that he actually hit better in AA (Corpus Christi) than in the PCL launching pad. He supposedly has one of those sweet looking lefty line drive swings

      • He’s been a .300/.350/.450 hitter at every level in the minors.

        • But a “passable”, below average 3B from what I’ve heard. Lack of power and not good enough 3B defense. Doesn’t sound good enough to be a main piece.

          • He had a >900 OPS in AAA last year with solid defense. Did uou hear that from your sources?

            • I’m optimistic for the bat, but I keep reading that the range is not very good. We’ll see how the defense pans out, but I have to think he has to be penciled in as the starting 3Bman.

            • 1. PCL. Not saying he’s a bad hitter at all. But that number is inflated because it’s PCL.

              2. Solid defense? Astros fans who watched him play in the majors told me his defense is just passable.

              BP says: “The athleticism and speed are well below-average, and combined with an iffy arm, he’s stretched defensively at third.”

      • He had a .235 ISO last year coinciding with an increase in fly balls. The management team must buy that as a permanent change. Because with power, he’s a darned good hitter.

        • I agree.

          The arms might be nice, but, even if they hit their ceilings, you’ve traded a good SP for two solid relievers…

          I think, it will inevitably be the bat of Moran this trade will be judged by. If his adjustments carry through to the majors, he has the potential to make this a winner for the Pirates.

        • Nobody wants to accept that he is a good ready for MLB hitter. But he is.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD
      January 13, 2018 10:40 pm

      He’s almost 26 – and still a minor leaguer…

  • Pirates got some decent players with this trade, but no high upside players. I doubt they will get any high upside players when they deal McCutchen and Harrison. The only player left who could bring a top quality prospect is Rivera and I doubt the Pirates trade him this year.

  • Another 75 wins for 2018 and 19. FML

  • I wonder why they waited an extra 3 days to complete this deal? I can’t believe that Houston balked at including anyone on this list.

    I just don’t understand the return, no potential star, includes 2 players with big league experience. Are they rebuilding or trying to reload? If they are reloading, they just traded away their top starter. If they are rebuilding they should have traded for potential stars that are further away from the big leagues and would have been ready in 2 years or more.

    I think they should have waited until July, I think that they could have got more.

  • I’m sort of ambivalent. I look at Cole’s lack of production the last 2years, and McCutchen’s and it is easy to see why we slid backwards. Our two stars did not perform to expectation. We still value them as stars, but if they produced as such, we would have won more. This return is good, not great, we will have 3 players from it on our 25 man roster to start the year so it will be easy to see if we generated some value right off the bat. If Moran wins the starting 3B job and performs well, if Musgrove can slot into the 4th or 5th starter role, and if Feliz can keep his ERA in line with his FIP, then we come out as winners in this trade.

    Having Moran to play 3B has me thinking that we will definitely move Harrison and allow for Moroff or Frazier to win 2B.

  • How many open spots on the 40 man before this?

  • There’s a lot commentary group think on the importance of getting high rated prospects. Young controllable assets are also very valuable.

    I saw the a Baseball America guy shitting on the Pirates here. Have to understand that prospect hype is their business, when teams trade for guys not on their list. It’s bad for business.

    I’d be curious to see what their response to the rivero trade was.

  • Flood gates have opened….

  • Feliz’s FIP last season was 3.78. He yielded a .385 BABIP. There is no way his ERA doesn’t come down this year just from regression. Even if he’s hittable when guys don’t whiff, that BABIP is way too high. Make any decent adjustment to fix his high BB/9 or HR/9, and he’ll be a very solid reliever.

  • Not impressed ! Pirated are back to making trades for. quantity instead of quality !

  • I know there are a couple of options but who do you
    see moving up into the rotation? What do you think will
    be the Pirates rotation on June 1? How about August 2?

    • Who cares? Yhis a move for 2019

      • Ok, so what you are saying, next summer
        more food network, less trips to Pitttsburgh,
        more golf on the weekend. and see you in ’19?

        • It always was….. yhis is a year to watch the kids play in indy and altoona.

          • Oh, ok, love the game in Altoona.
            Nothing like the Saturday night games
            there in July. Great baseball, lots of
            fun. Accommodating ushers. And
            where else is there a roller coaster in
            right field?

            Indy… Love it. One of my favorite cities to visit
            Great venue to watch baseball.
            The environment alone helps players
            get ready for MLB. Going back some
            years, I’ve been there for a double
            header in June and picked up the paper
            the next day to see attendance was better
            than some MLB games.

            • I actually prefer driving down to watch the draft picks play in Bradenton 2 years later than watching the MLB team. I can get lots of autographs, better weather, less traffic, and seats 20 ft from home plate cost $10 each. So… away all the players for good young talent, I’d like to see them play and watch them develop- its fun

            • I have a bradenton hat signed by Meadows and McGuire a couple years ago. I thought it was cool to get both #1 draft picks to sign a hat- would have been more cool if we didn’t trade Ryan and if Ryan didn’t turn out to be a terd.

  • I’ve said it before, Cole will NEVER NEVER (to the tenth power) ever by “The Man!” The guy you hand the ball to in the one game do or die situation! He’ll be a good to very good Major League Starter and he’s a Boras client, so he would be gone next year anyway! Bye bye

  • I will say it’s a little misleading when we will see articles saying we’re only getting their 5 and 15 prospects. I understand Musgrove isn’t a prospect in the baseball sense, but now that I’m reading on him I’m not as put off on the trade as I was at first.

  • So now I’ve calmed down and this is what I hate about this trade. I hate that we didn’t get a high upside player.

    Passan’s tweet is 100% what I feel:

    “The biggest criticism of the Pirates, as multiple evaluators have said, is they had a hugely valuable asset in Gerrit Cole and didn’t get a potential star. Musgrove and Feliz are good. Moran is fine. When low-revenue teams shed frontline talent, it’s imperative to get some back.”

    • This I could see. Solid role-players are great, but you’ve gotta have top-tier talent to win. On the other side of the coin, it’s hard to call Cole a “hugely valuable asset”.

      If this trade were for the same return and Rivero had been sent to Houston, I’d say the Pirates got fleeced.

  • Reviewing Astro fans comments on Twitter. Most think Houston got the better of the deal, but also most think Moran and Musgrove will be legit MLBers. Moran’s stock would be much higher if not for a poor 2016, after which he made some swing adjustments to hit more balls in the air.

    • I saw the spike in FB last year; it’s good to know there’s a coinciding swing adjustment. That gives me more confidence that the power is real.

    • I think both sides will do well. Cole, in my opinion, was never going to reach his potential as a Pirate. He needs to be somewhere without the pressure of being “the guy”. Someday he might grow into that role but he wasn’t going to do it in Pittsburgh. I could see him doing really well in Houston and I can see the guys we got be contributors to a WC contending team in 2018.

    • Pirates will cure him of his
      ability to hit home runs.

  • It’s sad to say this franchise needs to trade it’s top pitcher to fill a void of position player with a minor leaguer as opposed to spending a little money on a FA, they could have competed this year.

  • This really is the prototypical NH trade, isn’t it? I don’t mean that as a compliment.

    In any case, I do look forward to the P2 reports from spring training on the new guys.

    • Yeah just like the Rivero trade right? Cmon let it play out.

      • You don’t win or lose MLB trades in the middle of January. Lottery tickets, that’s what Moran, Musgrove, Martin and Feliz are. If only one of them turns out to be a big winner, it’s all good. Having picked up four different guys, the odds are actually in our favor that at least one of them pans out really well. We’ll know in 2 years when Cole leaves the Astros for sunny California whether this trade panned out for the Pirates.

  • If Moran’s power is real–and given the increase in FB% last year from his career rates, it might well be–he’ll have the bat to be a solid Major League regular. He’s hit for average throughout his minor league career, with solid BB% and K% to go along with it. If the power is real, the bat is legit, and we have our answer for the next several years at 3B.

    Musgrove pitched to consistently very good results in the minors, and while he doesn’t have the raw talent Cole has, nor certainly the upside, his 2017 looked not dissimilar from Cole’s. If he finds a way to cut down on the long balls, even if he’s otherwise the exact same pitcher, he’ll be at worst a solid #4, and a fringe 2/3 isn’t out of the question. There’s definitely something to work with there.

    I like Feliz a lot, though. He seems like the perfect project for Searage. And if Ray finds the right adjustment, we could be looking at back-to-back Nightmares to send out in the late innings.

    I would have preferred the rumored package from the Yankees because I’m higher on Frazier than most, but this looks like a solid return to me.

  • I think it’s time to dump everyone. This was a bad trade; we’ve had some bad breaks (Kang); we’ve had some poor development (Polanco); and we’ve had some drop -offs in performances (Cole, Cutch)…

    It’s just time.

  • How many now wish the Pirates would have traded Glasnow a couple of years ago? Nothing is exact. Cole has potential but the Pirates only had him for a maximum of 2 years and he definitely took a step backward in 2017.

    • I’ve been wanting the pirates to trade Glasnow for forever. Never thought he would busy as bad as he has but I thought we could have gotten way more value especially to help a run.

  • Side thought….

    Did the Pirates get Musgrove to replace Cole….or Nova?

    It’s going to be very interesting to see what’s set in motion.

    • Did you see Musgroves stats after a move to the pen last year? He was lights out. Maybe making the bullpen worth that number 5 rank we got.

  • TurnerWardHitsTheWall
    January 13, 2018 7:38 pm

    Seems like a reasonable trade to me.

  • This is actually more than I was expecting, so, well done NH.

  • This is the Neil Walker trade on a larger level. Stop insisting on MLB talent and just get good prospects for once, cripes. This was our ace in the hole, I hope it ends up being enough. I hope Moran has figured it out, and it wasn’t just PCL stats.

  • Why is this a bad trade? Moran is a good player at a position we have noone…..and is mlb ready…. thats a big piece to me

  • I’ve cooled down some-but at the end of this I at least wanted someone who I could “dream on” through a crappy season. This in isolation is going “safer” and not wanting to risk getting nothing. Lower risk means lower return though, and thus we substituted quantity for quality . I like each piece in isolation but I can’t ignore what it took to get them.

    • Martin not going to matter ever!

    • Cole… a 4+era 2nd/3rd starter with inconsistent mlb career with a penchant for the long ball- was not Bringing back top 10 talent. Just not happening.

  • You all insisted on a trade and now the bitching begins.

  • Tracy Painter
    January 13, 2018 7:20 pm


    I think our 5th best prospect (before his rookie year), did pretty well in 2017.

    I’ll take that kind of production from this number 5 prospect.

  • This trade does nothing for the Pirates. With names like Tucker, Whitley and Fisher being mentioned, we end up with these 4 guys.

    • To be fair, we were mentioning those names, i doubt they were ever on the table

    • Just note that fans were mentioning those names, and it’s doubtful that any of those players were actually on the table. I agree with the sentiment of quality of quantity, though.

      This trade is somewhat reminiscent of the Bay trade, but hopefully it will turn out much better.

    • Whitley was never going to be an option.

  • I’m not over the moon about it but it does address some holes I suppose. Gives us a third baseman plus a pitcher with some potential upside. Martin seems interesting. We didn’t get a great return but helps both teams. I don’t love it but don’t hate it. I does suggest still trying to win now and in the future.

    • My thoughts exactly.. I’m not blown away but it’s not bad either. Musgrove is interesting but I’d rather they got more position players and let the young arms get a shot

    • It’s definitely interesting.

      We’ve got some new blood, see how it plays, and, perhaps by mid-season, have a more realistic grasp on whether the trade was good or not.

  • I like that Moran bats lefty and plays third. We’ll see if the power is real or just a product of the PCL. If his AAA numbers can translate to the majors, the Pirates just filled their biggest fillable hole.

    Musgrove? Meh, kinda confused about him. Is he a starter or reliever? Do the Pirates really need him with a ton of arms at AAA?

    Feliz? Could be very interesting…maybe a Rivero…maybe a Caminero.

    Martin? Hmmmm….I see he’s a corner OF guy…that’s a bit disappointing for a guy south of 6 feet and under 200 lbs.

    • Ryan_Vogels__t
      January 13, 2018 7:44 pm

      Martin should be seen as organizational depth, imho

      • Probably right…by the scouting report, I see they are trying to convert him to CF. If he can make the move, that definitely improves his stock.

        I’ve gotta think that’s where the Pirates are going to play him…

    • I think the Yankees we’re trying to cram Clint Frazier down NHs throat without regard to what he needed. Maybe Moran will work out. The Pirates may be able to get a lefty hitting 2b and they’re better because Musgrove figures to be close to ’17 Cole maybe moving to NL helps him. Hopefully one of the wild card guys works out.

  • It’s almost like NH said screw Cashman. You won’t give me Torres so I’ll block your World Series bid by helping your chief competition.

  • Time will tell obviously but I like what I’ve found on YouTube. Moran looks good and bats left – platoon with Freese. Musgrove is a tall, lanky dude with a good consistent delivery and good junk. Feliz throws darts – 98 mph and could be a nice set up for Rivero. Cole lost me (although I think he has tremendous potential) when I saw him in the dugout getting in the face of Hurdle. He won’t be able to hurt us much in Houston.

  • Not a bad return. Two maybe three guys on the 25 man roster. Moran is a professional hitter who has shown some recent power. Feliz is the kind of guy who thrives under Searage. Can’t ignore those K rates. Gives them some upper level OF depth. They had none. Not blown away but some solid guys on a winning team. Cole simply was not going to bring a huge return.

  • I like it. This has the potential to work out well for us in 2019 and beyond.

  • Must be nice to trade spare parts for a team’s second best pitcher. Highly disappointed.

    • A crappy team’s second best pitcher…

      • With incredible upside who has also proven successful in the pennant chase.

        • He had a good run a couple of seasons ago…if Cole was even close to that pitcher now, it’d be a different story.

          However, I do think he will do well. I saw last season’s HR #’s as an aberration. I think they’ll drop this season…couple that with playing a team with a lot of offense, and I think it’s reasonable to assume Cole will have a nice rebound.

        • You could say the same about many former first rounders.

  • I feel like we got guys who can make a difference at the major league level but unable to help with star power. Unfortunately yielding a bunch of guys at the major league level is how you get teams that are projected for 75-81 wins…

  • I guess NH blinked – again. I expected Fisher and Moran at minimum. Why do we need Musgrove with so many pitchers backing up in AAA.

    • I’d rather have musgrove vs fisher but I didn’t want either. I wanted Florial or Whitley or Ian Happ ICGAF how many others get tacked on

      • I like Happ, Floral and Whitley better as well. Don’t need another pitcher when the front office has been drafting and developing them forever. Needed bats.

        • I’d give Glasnow the whole year to make or break rather then someone who looks really average we already have Brault and Kingham and Brault at least is lefty. Moran better not have a reverse platoon stat.

    • Looking forward to Tim’s analysis…I think this was a very good trade.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    January 13, 2018 6:57 pm

    Astros fans have to be thrilled and their GM has to be privately chuckling to himself

  • …and Jason Martin…

    So, in a few years, the Pirates outfield could have Jason and Mason Martin?

  • If the trade ends up being a bad trade then it is just a bad trade. This is not a salary dump before everybody gets on that train.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    January 13, 2018 6:55 pm

    Terrible trade….Astros spare parts….NH has to go.

  • Yep. So glad we brought back nh to orchestrate this rebuild. Absolutely pathetic.

    • You have no idea how this trade will work out. Colin Moran very well could thrive in Pittsburgh. Certainly fills a huge hole as a power hitting 3B who is better vs RH Pitching.

      Musgrove likely won’t replace Cole’s value to rotation, but as a former top 100 prospect, he’s got a reasonable shot to be a solid #3 behind JT and Keller for a couple seasons at least.

      • We need elite talent but guys who “might” be average regulars

        • As I said, Moran fills big hole. As team stands now, I’d say offense has improved more than Pitching has declined.

        • Everyone is assuming Cole actually demanded elite talent when evaluating the trade. They had 3+ teams interested in him and this is what they got. What does that tell you?

      • BuccosFanStuckinMD
        January 13, 2018 10:43 pm

        Moran has done nothing at the major league level, and he’s going on 26….why do you think he is suddenly going to be a successful power hotter at the ML level?

        • .235 ISO after he changed his swing to get more lift makes me excited about what he can do for Pirates. He had a .900 OPS with 18 HR’s in less than 90 games last season before suffering a fluke injury off a foul ball.

          I choose to believe he will bring this type of bat to Pittsburgh. You can choose to believe whatever you want.

  • A major league ready starter, a potential dominant set up man, and a young, left-handed power hitting starting third baseman for a number 2 starter with an ERA above 4 and a gift for the gopher ball. It sounds like a reasonable return to me.

  • Great trade for the Bucs, we weren’t trading away Nolan Ryan

    • this made me laugh. that’s a really good point.

    • Patrick Kelly
      January 13, 2018 6:52 pm

      Top 30 pitcher should return more than this.

    • I agree. Strarting 3B, two nice arms, and an outfield prospect for Cole? Thanks!

      • OFer is not 4th or 5th outfield option, not a starter. Read the scouting report.

      • Don’t mean to rain on the parade but Martin isn’t really a prospect. Have seen multiple reports that at very best he becomes a bench outfielder. And why do so many people like Feliz? He has an ERA above five.

        • Because his profile is not dissimilar from Rivero’s before we got him. Electric swing-and-miss stuff but a control problem. Those guys are risks, but if you get them around the zone, they turn into shutdown bullpen arms.

          • Should not be acquiring risks for Cole and his imense upside.

            • Moran is and Musgrove aren’t really risks, not any more than any prospect or young Major Leaguer, anyway. Feliz is the third piece in the deal, and yeah he’s a risk, but the upside of him is right-handed Rivero, with a downside of cost-controlled reasonably effective middle reliever.

              • Musgrove’s upside is a 4-5 starter, which we have plenty of in the upper minors; Moran had one above average year in AAA, albeit with a small sample size. Moran and Feliz are big risks, whereas you know what you are getting with Musgrove. Team needed to acquire a building block and failed to do so, IMO.

                • Moran’s had more than one above average year. His 2016 season was an outlier, and otherwise posted wRC+ of 127, 110, 136, and 133 in his other four seasons. He’s been an above-average hitter his entire career. He just took another step last season by adding power.

        • 13k’s per 9 inning. relievers can have high era with a few bad outings.

    • or a pitcher from 27 yankees, burn.

    • Actually, Nolan Ryan wasn’t Nolan Ryan when the Mets traded him.

  • so Musgrove and Feliz are kinda fun. Moran isn’t that fun, but he might be a fun little platoon partner with Freese.

  • Do not know anything about these guys and I am awaiting a PP analysis. But that is why I subscribe.

  • Jason Martin is last piece. Number 15 prospect. Young outfielder. Seems ok

  • so far feliz seems like the best piece. strikes out everybody. little control issues. could be another rivero

  • Patrick Kelly
    January 13, 2018 6:43 pm

    So this is now pretty clearly a salary dump with this garbage return. As a long time NH homer, this is pretty unacceptable.

  • Underwhelming to say the least. Neal really is getting fleeced everywhere.

  • And some guy named feliz who wasn’t in there top 25. Good grief

  • Michael Feliz is also in the deal.

  • I feel like this would be a good trade if it was Nova, not Cole! Disappointed

  • I mean I like them individually- but not as centerpiece status…

  • Supposedly, there’s also a 2018 WS ring in Huntington’s size coming back in the trade.

  • Wow…I’m hoping for maybe another top ten prospect at least. This is insane.

  • Patrick Kelly
    January 13, 2018 6:38 pm

    Very disappointing return if there isn’t another major piece to drop in. If not, just a dreadful trade.

  • WHAT THE @$&# HUNTINGON??????

  • my dixie wrecked
    January 13, 2018 6:36 pm

    ugh. not what I was hoping for.

  • Someone tell me why I should be okay with this trade? Musgrove and Moran as the main pieces sound TERRIBLE.

  • This has to have more developing as that is EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING

    • Why?

    • After all of the players have been named this is still extremely disappointing. NH may have found successful pitchers (Liriano et al) to give to Searage to return to their old form, but I don’t see any track record of taking pitchers who have never succeeded (Hutchison) and making them successes.

      • We get a ready for the MLB 3B / 1st rounder / >900OPS in AAA. We get former top prospect w MLB experience who can slot into the rotation now. We get a young Rivero clone. Oh. And a solid young CF prospect (Yes he is)

        If Bucs trade for a couple 21 year old hotshots in A+ yinz would be supes excited but thats just Musgrove and Moran two years ago. Good trade.

      • Rivero?

    • Cole had a 4+ ERA last year and has been inconsistent at best. He wasn’t the big unit.