Montana DuRapau Suspended 50 Games

According to Adam Berry from, right-handed pitcher Montana DuRapau has been suspended 50 games due to his second positive test for a drug of abuse. As we mentioned here last week, DuRapau was given an invitation to Major League Spring Training this year. No word on whether he will still be an invite, but the suspension wouldn’t affect his spring status. It would begin on Opening Day of the minor league season and carry through until May 30th (or longer if any games are postponed before that point).

DuRapau finished the 2017 season in Indianapolis, where he had 3.24 ERA in 15 appearances, with 23 strikeouts and an 0.78 WHIP in 16.2 innings. The 25-year-old reliever was a 32nd round draft pick in 2014. He worked his way up to Altoona in just his first full season after the draft, then remained at the level until this past July when he received his promotion to Triple-A.

While he wasn’t going into Spring Training with a chance to make the Pirates, it was an impressive jump for someone who was a late round pick and had been used as a bullpen extra during the last two years of Spring Training. That’s a role that usually signals a roster filler because those pitchers can go days without pitching, then fill any role when they are used, which is not something that prospects do during Spring Training.

So in that sense, this suspension is a real setback because he just broke out from an undesirable role to getting a chance to show his stuff in big league camp. The missed time also won’t help, as Indianapolis looks to have a crowded bullpen this season and he could get passed on the depth chart. DuRapau will be down at Pirate City in Extended Spring Training games during his suspension.

  • BallHeadWonder
    January 21, 2018 1:13 pm

    Breaks my HEART!!! This is a person I have followed since Day 1 and to hear this is just awful news!! I was pulling for him to be that exception to the norm. A 32nd rd pick to make the majors!! Now we need the grace and mercy of the Lord to redeem him and bring him back like only He can!! Good luck Montana, I am still pulling for you!!

  • How come I can never read his name without thinking of Nurse Nan?

    • How come I can never read his name without thinking of Miley Cyrus?

    • Soapdish…great movie. I haven’t seen it in a long time. Took me a while to think where I had heard the name Nurse Nan before.

  • Put down the crack pipe. Sad.

  • way to go, dumbass

    • And the Sammy (Khalifa) award for dumbass of the year goes to…Montana Durapau. Presenting the award are last year’s co-winners Starling Marte and Jung Ho Kang.

  • or……the reason why he’s been able to rise up is DUE to the usage and he’d still be struggling in bradenton otherwise…….either is possible. In his case, he really had nothing to lose.

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD
    January 19, 2018 10:04 pm

    Wow, I wouldn’t have expected that from him….disappointing obviously.

  • I think of the lyrics to the song “Montana” by Zappa. Frank was also on some drugs of abuse when he wrote that song.

  • With so many who would kill for his opportunity, he throws it away. What a fool.

    • Could be the only way he got the opportunity was juice. Dump him move on. Hutchison ready b

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  • Jung Ho coming back! Hopefully.

  • Rats! Opiods?

  • Greg Gagne

  • Dumb. But also dumb is that weed (im assuming it’s weed) is still illegal. Does 50 games mean he’s been caught before? Or is 50 standard for first offense?

    • ” due to his second positive test for a drug of abuse”

    • Drug of abuse covers a lot of things, not just marijuana. You hope his drug of abuse is marijuana (if you had the choice of major mistakes), but it could be much worse

      • Probably is because the heavier array of drugs leave the system usually within 4-7 days, whereas grass stays in the system for 21 days.

        • You could make an argument that it’s more likely to be something else then because they players have no clue when the random drug tests will come. They get a phone call that says meet me here at this time and they have to go. They could get tested days apart too due to the random nature of it. If you’re going to make a bad decision anyway, wouldn’t you want lesser odds of it costing you? It seems like whatever stays in your system the longest would be the least likely thing you do.

          Of course, I’m trying to interject common sense into a situation that obviously lacked it, so I could be wrong. I’m just not going to assume it’s marijuana he got caught doing.

      • With a name like “Montana DuRapau”, it HAS to be weed.

  • Another sad baseball story of opportunity wasted.