Tuesday is day two of the winter mini-camp for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Yesterday’s post included a partial list of the players in attendance at the four-day event. As mentioned yesterday, more players will show up as the event goes along, possibly just checking in for a day or two before leaving. It’s a voluntary mini-camp for players on the 40-man roster, but at least 15 of them showed up on the first day.

We updated yesterday’s post throughout the day with videos. That included pitchers getting their throwing in, while the hitters took batting practice. Today will include some fielding, so expect more videos throughout the day. Tim Williams is at Pirate City covering the mini-camp and interviewing players for future articles, which you will see throughout the next month leading up to Spring Training.

UPDATE 11:05 AM: Infielders are out on the field and they are positioned as follows:

1B: Josh Bell, Eric Wood

2B: Adam Frazier, Erich Weiss

SS: Kevin Newman, Kevin Kramer

3B: Max Moroff

VIDEO: #Pirates taking infield practice. Max Moroff at third base.

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Here’s Josh Bell and Eric Wood going through drills at first base

VIDEO: Josh Bell and Eric Wood doing first base drills. #Pirates

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Here’s some photos today from Tim Williams. Added one each for all of the new players acquired this off-season.You can click on any of the photos to embiggen. Among the players at the camp who weren’t mentioned either yesterday or today, are Alex McRae, Christian Kelley and Casey Sadler.

Bo Schultz (facing the camera)
Todd Cunningham
Nick Burdi
John Stilson (left) and Nik Turley
Jordan Milbrath
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