Yesterday I was on The Only Pittsburgh Sports Podcast with D.J. Gallo and Dan Hopper. We discussed the Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole trades, along with a look at some of the younger players in the system. It was a fun podcast to record, and can be found here.

Here is the summary from the podcast page:

Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects joins us for an emergency podcast about the Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole trades to help contextualize everyone’s boiling hot death-rage at Bob Nutting and Neal Huntington. Are there ANY positives to take out of these trades? And where the [bleep] do the Pirates go from here? Tim also breaks down the new pickups, some fringe prospects, and the Pirates’ latest reclamation project, Whitey Ford.

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  1. Great job on the pod cast Tim! You were a shining star alongside Beavis and Butthead. Those 2 spent way too much time making lame Seinfeld jokes and rehashing Major League 3 to ad naseum. You stayed on point with great baseball information which was why we listen. Good stuff.

  2. I’ve been reading your work for years and years, and listening to this show made me realize I’ve never heard you speak until now.

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