This year we made a switch to having our annual Prospect Guide as an eBook. The benefit to that is we could release multiple updates of the book. The first release came back in December, with our initial Top 50 prospects. The final release will come before Spring Training, with the full book.

We were also able to do smaller updates in between, which worked out well this year, as the Pirates were expected to make some trades from their MLB roster. They did that this past week, trading Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen. They received four prospect eligible players in the deal, and all four ended up making our top 50.

That update is now available! For those of you who have already purchased the book, you can download the updated copy using the link in your confirmation email.

If you haven’t purchased the book, you can buy it for just $19.99. Your purchase includes this update and all future updates, including the full eBook when it is released. We also still have limited edition paperback copies available for pre-order, which will be released before Spring Training.

With the Pirates going through a rebuild, a book about the best prospects in the system might be the most relevant thing to read about the Pirates right now. And if you’re not a subscriber yet, then there’s really no better time to join this site. You can join us here, and for the month of January, teachers and students get a special discount.