Baseball America released their list of the top 100 prospects on Monday morning and they have two Pittsburgh Pirates. Just this morning, Keith Law released his list of the top 51-100 prospects in the game (top 50 comes out tomorrow) and he had three Pirates listed, so there are some differences of opinion in their lists. BA will end up having at least half as many top 100 prospects as Law for the Pirates, since it’s safe to assume Mitch Keller will be in his top 50.

As for today’s rankings by BA, Mitch Keller is ranked 12th overall, while Austin Meadows is ranked 44th. Meadows was 70th on the list for Law. Keller will be somewhere in Law’s top 50 tomorrow, so we can do a comparison then.

There were no reasons given yet on the rankings by BA or reports to go along with it, so it’s hard to expand on their rankings. I will say that their 2017 mid-season list had Keller 15th, which was up from 18th in the preseason list. Meadows went from fourth preseason, to 22nd mid-season, to 44th now. Kevin Newman was 50th preseason, 88th mid-season and unranked now. Those three were the only Pirates on the mid-season list.

BA also has the tools for each of the top 100 prospects. The article is for subscribers. The basic recap is that both Keller and Meadows are at least average in every category and Keller peaks out at 70 for fastball.

BA should have some more lists out, such as the just missed list and the top prospects by position. As I said in the Winter Leagues article this morning, expect a lot of prospect news this week and next. MLB Pipeline will also continue their best by position this week, followed up by their top 100 on Saturday night. That will be live on MLB Network.

BA has a chat for the top 100 going on at 11AM. If it includes any Pirates questions, I’ll post them here later.

UPDATE: Chat is still going after 4 1/2 hours and no Pirates questions, so nothing to report other than Lolo Sanchez being mentioned as a possible top 100 prospect at this time next year.

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