Two weeks ago when Baseball America posted their list of the top 100 prospects, the Pittsburgh Pirates had just two players on the list. Mitch Keller was ranked 12th, while Austin Meadows was 44th. It ended up being the lowest total among all of the top 100’s we covered this winter, with the rest having 3-5 Pirates.

On Saturday, BA posted their list of the players who didn’t make the top 100, but received votes from at least one writer. The Pirates had nine players listed, which is the most non-top 100 players receiving votes for any team in baseball. The San Diego Padres finished second with eight. BA also had a special category for players who just missed the top 100 and Ke’Bryan Hayes was in that group.

Five BA writers each submitted their list of the top 150 prospects when they started putting together the site’s top 100 list. Most of these players weren’t actually considered for the top 100, but at least one person considered them among the next best 50. They didn’t break down the list, so we don’t know how many (if any) of these players received top 100 votes. It’s very likely that Hayes received at least 2-3, while Shane Baz wasn’t far behind the right-handed pitchers who made the top 100 when BA put together their best prospects by positions, so he probably got 1-2 top 100 votes as well.

Here’s the complete list of players who received at least one vote:

Ke’Bryan Hayes – just missed group

Cole Tucker

Jordan Luplow

Lolo Sanchez

Kevin Newman

Luis Escobar

Mason Martin

Shane Baz

Bryan Reynolds

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    • Y’know, Lee. I’ve been thinking that all along. The Bucs have a “middling” minor league system now by most reports since they’ve graduated their top guys… Still, theer’s a good bushel basket of guys ready to emerge. If half of the guys we’re watching on this site break out, I think the GM ought to get his due even from those who dislike him.


      • I could see the system being top 10 next year. Newman and Meadows are the only top prospects that might graduate. While some of the group below AA could jump in to top 100.

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